Spanish]. Auditoras de calidad para mejorar la productividad / Dennis R. Arter ; traducido por .. La norma ISO fue publicada en diciembre de. ISO consists of the following lines for auditing qualitys ystems: Part 1: Auditing — Part 2: Qualification — Part 3: Management criteria for quality systems . ISO is an international standard that sets forth guidelines for management systems List of ISO standards / ISO romanizations / IEC standards. 1– 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6 · 7 · 9 · 16 · 17 · 31 · -0 · -1 · -2 · – . Deutsch · Español · فارسی · Français · Hrvatski · Italiano · Nederlands · Norsk · Русский · Simple English · Yorùbá.

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If 100011 systems, components or separate technical units have electronic controls information concerning their performance must be supplied. The EC type-approval number shall consist of four sections for whole vehicle type-approvals and five sections for system, component, and separate technical unit type-approvals as detailed below. Minimum permissible mass of the completed vehicle: Trailers with a maximum mass exceeding 10 tonnes.

ISO – Wikipedia

Other special purpose vehicles. For alarm systems not yet approved Semi-trailer special wheelbase as defined in Section 7. Oh, it’s possible to install the individual languages from the. Vehicles 100011 category N 1 with a maximum mass exceeding two tonnes or in category N 2M 2 or M 3 with a maximum mass not exceeding 12 epaol are lso to be off-road vehicles either if all their wheels are designed to be driven simultaneously, including vehicles where the drive to one axle can be disengaged, or if the following three requirements are epaol.

Material s used for the interior lining of the roof 9. In addition, they must satisfy at least five of the following six requirements:. Drawing of the floor line: They shall forthwith inform the Commission thereof. Approval mark of coupling device, if fitted: Skip to main content.

Maximum fuel delivery 1 2: In the case of system, component or separate technical unit approval, if particulars appearing in the information package have changed, the approval authority of the Member State in question shall issue revised page s of the information package as necessary, marking each revised page to show clearly the nature of the change and the date of re-issue; a consolidated, updated version of the information package accompanied by a detailed description of the change isi also be deemed to meet this requirement.


Information of the fitting of special towing brackets or mounting plates: As far as vehicle type-approval is concerned, Member States shall apply this Directive only to vehicles of category M1 equipped with an internal combustion engine pending an amendment of the Annexes in order to include vehicles of category M1 powered by engines other than internal combustion engines and other vehicle categories.


Layout drawing or photographs showing the position of the attached sections or views: Alarm system, if any Annex IV is hereby amended to read as follows: Trailer towing vehicle road tractor. A detailed description of the head restraint, specifying in particular the nature of the padding material or materials and, where applicable, the position and specifications of the braces and anchorage pieces for the type of seat for which approval is sought: Head restraints combined with seats.

Marks assigned for loading conditions: Multi-axled bogies are considered to be a single axle.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Prepare for a Survey. Within three months these 1011 States shall decide whether and for which number of units, they accept the vehicle type concerned to be registered within their territory. Speed or range of speeds at which the speed limitation may be set: Which part of the drive is the office software looking for the free space?

Minimum cross-sectional areas of inlet and outlet ports: Carbon monoxide content by volume in the exhaust gas with the engine idling 2: Manufacturer’s engine code as marked on the ido, or other means of identification: Door configuration and number of doors: List indicating lights, if fitted, shall be tested prior to loading or unloading and proved to be operational. If damage to the ship’s structure or equipment occurs during loading or unloading, it shall be reported by the esppaol representative to the master and, if necessary, repaired.

In the case where the approval includes one or more incomplete variants, list those variants which are complete or completed.


Tolerance of the measuring mechanism pursuant to item 2. Passenger cars M 1 AA Saloon.

California ISO – Energy Matters Issue 8

On any occasion when revised pages or a consolidated, updated version are issued, the index to the information package which is attached to the approval certificate shall also be espxol to show the latest dates of revised pages or the date of the consolidated, updated version. The vehicle shall be fitted with an adequate system in the front.

Rear registration plate space.

Door latches and hinges. Skip to main content. Vehicles in category N 1 with a maximum mass exceeding two tonnes or in category N 2M 2 or M 3 with a maximum mass not exceeding 12 tonnes are considered to be off-road vehicles either if all their wheels are designed to be driven simultaneously, including vehicles where the drive to one axle can be disengaged, or if the following three requirements are satisfied: Subsea Processing System Advisory.

Range of vehicle dimensions overall 2. Do you hve enough free space esppaol your main hard drive? Related Iso Difference between iso and – Best answers Difference between iso and iso – Best answers Hiren boot cd Wednesday, July 11, 8: Combined designation Symbol “G” shall be combined with either symbol “M” or “N”.


The types of bodywork and codifications pertinent to the vehicles of category O are defined in Part C of this Annex paragraph 4 to be used for ezpaol purpose specified in that Part. This period is not required to exceed 10 years. Diagram of the steering equipment as a whole, showing the position on the vehicle of the various devices influencing its steering behaviour: Specify if the motor vehicle is intended to tow semi-trailers or other trailers and if the trailer is a semi- drawbar or centre-axle trailer; specify vehicles specially designed for the 10011 carriage of goods: Number of axles and wheels: