iText will never compress an XMP metadata stream; all other content streams are compressed by default. Compressing and decompressing existing files. iTextSharp is AGPL-licensed, so you must release source code of your solution or Pdf can reduce size of compressed and uncompressed PDFs to different. C# and itextsharp PDF compression When I take the file and open it in Acrobat X, I can get the compression down to just Existing Members.

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Some pdfs do not contain any images, nor any unused objects – size reduction is not possible in that case even if the pdf is MB. You can use the GetPageContent method to get the content stream of a page, and the SetPageContent method to put it back. UnsedObjects and form fields: Let’s work to help developers, not make them feel stupid. I mean if you want to reduce the size of your pdf we could also tell you to cut of pages until your pdf has the right size. To get an idea whats possible try the following two options in adobe acrobat: Carlos Arturo Bernal Carvajal.

Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Encrypting a PDF document iText 5. This website intents to provide free and high quality tutorials, examples, exercises and solutions, questions and answers of programming and scripting languages: PDF is mostly images then probably not much compression will occur since those will probably already be compressed images unless they are.

A minimal “Hello World” file could increase in file size when you use “full compression”. There’s actually a third parameter that you can pass to SetPageContent to set your specific compression level if you want. The CompressionLevel is actually what you normally think of as compression, a number from 0 to 9 or -1 to mean default which currently equals six I think.


PDF compression won’t help you in this case, but if you pass such a “bad” PDF through iTextSharp’s PdfSmartCopythen PdfSmartCopy will detect the redundant objects and reorganize the file so that objects that are repeated over and over again in the file for instance: I investigated deep enough about compression of PDF files, mainly images inside it, and completed with lightweight library, which could be used as a parent for your particular compression cases.

The following code helps you compress an existing PDF document.

cimpress SetMargins 0, 0, 0, 0 ; iTextSharp. This setting doesn’t “trickle down”, however. What I have tried: Essentially, I have a list of folders that contain many PDF files ranging from 1MB to 10MB in size, and the cokpress of these folders keeps growing every day, so to save disk space I would like to be able to read in a PDF file once it has been processed, compress it, then save it to the designated folder location.

how to optimize pdf using c# programming. – CodeProject

Suppose your PDF contains confidential information that should only be seen by a limited number of people. Post as a guest Name.

On Tue, Jul 8, at 9: Treat my content as plain text, not as HTML. NET library you can use in your programs to ocr and compress existing PDF files or create new ones from scanned images.

PDF and compression (iText 5)

Monday, September 14, 8: Reduce PDF file size. I work at a photobook internet company and we generate the print PDF’s using iText, but the output can be huge, rxisting mb, so we use Ghostscript to compress the resulting file. How can I achieve this using iTextSharp in C. Tuesday, July 8, at Community Websites Community Support.

C# and itextsharp PDF compression

Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Wednesday, September 16, 2: Don’t tell someone to read the manual. This property is actually part of the PdfStream class which many classes ultimately derive from. Show message ; Process. After executing the code the pdf file generated with size of KB. If a question is poorly phrased then either ask for clarification, ignore it, or edit the question and fix the problem.


J-man 3 Purchasing a library wouldn’t be a problem. In iTextSharp, you can use the CompressionLevel property of the PdfWriter class to set the compression level of stream objects that are written to the FileStream. Compression of stream objects mainly images could help you to decrease overall PDF size.

ITextSharp allows you to navigate over PDF pages and edit objects inside it along with many other features. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. You need to be certain that there are unused things in your pdf. There is a great answer I read on stackoverflow from Chris Haas: If you find any error, please report it then we will take actions to correct it as soon as possible.

Length, new FileInfo compressedFile. So these two calls actually do the same thing. Let’s work to help developers, not existjng them feel stupid. Provide an answer or move on to the next question. PDF and compression iText 5.

Compression levels The next example uses different techniques to change the compression settings of a newly created PDF document.

It is updated on a regular basis, cimpress on how many new questions appear on StackOverflow. Even i read this way but not sure it will work, above one i have tried.

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