Correlations between in vitro and in vivo data (IVIVC) are often used during pharmaceutical development in order to reduce development time and optimize the. This presentation gives a bird’s eye view on Dissolution in context with IVIVC. It discusses various levels of Correlations currently in practice. Invitro Invivo study & their correlation shortens the drug development period, economizes the resources and leads to improved product quality. Increased activity.

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Dissolution testing in pharmacy studies the first two processes and is not only a vital tool for assessment of quality of a pharmaceutical, but also a tool for elucidation and simulation of these effects in vitro.

The BE studies ivviv the five generic formulations were evaluated in four crossover PK studies, performed by other contract workplaces: The pH values, concentration of bile salts bile extract porcine, Sigma-Aldrichand lipase pancreatin, Zentiva in the SI compartments were maintained at steady levels throughout the experiment.

This level refers to the relationship correlation one or more pharmacokinetic parameters of interest C maxAUC, or any other suitable parameters and amount of drug dissolved at several time point of dissolution profile. Despite the previous modification of the profiles, the lower solubility of ATV in the presence of CaCO 3 and the resulting overall lower dissolution performance of the buffered batches caused that it was difficult to build a reliable model using combination of buffered and nonbuffered formulations.

In summary, the compartmental approach directly correlated the in vitro jejunal dissolution profile with the course of the plasmatic versus time profile. Even when in vivo dissolution curves are obtained there is no parameter available with associated statistical confidence and physiological relevance, which would be used to establish the similarity or dissimilarity of the curves [ 13 ].

With the proliferation of modified-release products, it becomes necessary to examine the concept of IVIVC in greater depth.

A biowaiver will only be granted if the prediction of the in vivo performance of the product with the modified in vitro release rate remains bioequivalent with the originally tested product i. Prediction errors are estimated for C max and AUC to determine the validity of the correlation. During drug development and cirrelation exploration, in vitro solubility and dissolution should artificially mimic the in vivo drug or formulation performance in the human gastrointestinal tract.


Volume of distribution was calculated with use of the model based upon a modified version of the Poulin and Theil method [ 13 ]. Validated IVIVC is also serves as justification for a biowaivers in filings of a Level 3 or Type Ivic in Europe variation, either during scaleup correllation post approval, as well as for line extensions e. Home Publications Conferences Register Contact.

In mathematical terminology, dissolution results become an input function and plasma concentrations e. Where, n is the number of time points, Rt is the dissolution value of the reference batch at time t, and Tt is the dissolution value of the test batch at time t.

In Vitro?In Vivo Correlation (IVIVC): A Strategic Tool in Drug Development

Review Article Open Access. J Bioequiv Availab S3. Diffusion-dissolution, matrix retardation, osmosis, etc. For the IVIVC development, the dissolution profiles of at least 12 individual dosage units from each lot should be determined.

IVIVC – Wikipedia

Generally, f1 values up to 15 and f2 values greater than 50 ensure sameness or equivalence of the two curves. Extensive In vitro characterization is again performed across pH, media and apparatus, along with the consideration of results of stage 1. In order to calculate fraction of drug absorbed in time, simulated in vivo profile i.

The model directly predicts the plasma concentration time course. Coupling biorelevant dissolution methods with physiologically based pharmacokinetic modelling to forecast in-vivo performance of solid oral dosage forms. Absorption should not be the limiting factor, if the solubility is not the limiting factor in comparison to the drug release, an IVIVC may be attempted.

In general, predictions of were good, but the descending curves could not properly reflect the in vivo behavior resulting in high AUC PE. But being a drug of limited bioavailability, due to high variability in first-pass metabolism, makes it difficult to correlate the conventional in vitro tests results with blood concentration in time or other pharmacokinetic parameters.

In order to establish a relationship between dissolution test results and actual results from in vivo studies, different modeling approaches were applied.


Providing the pharmaceutical industry with oral drug development tools –

Retrieved from ” https: The dissolution of batches with different dissolution properties slowest and fastest batches included should be correlatioj along with the IVIVC model, and prediction of the concentration time profiles should be made using an appropriate convolution method. Finally, with 5predicted plasma correlatikn were calculated for all batches. The establishment of correlation needs, as described in the FDA or USP definitions, to use various parameters summarized in following table: A biopharmaceutic drug classification scheme for correlating in vitro drug jviv dissolution and in vivo bioavailability is proposed based on recognizing that drug dissolution and gastrointestinal permeability are the fundamental parameters controlling rate and extent of drug absorption.

Dissolution plays the important role in the formulation development as an obvious stage in IVIVC development when the dissolution is not influenced by factors such as pH, surfactants, osmotic pressure, mixing intensity, enzyme, ionic strength. Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language. The dissolution in fed state can be tested with liquid ivib e. Introduction An orally administered drug has to be released from its dosage form, dissolved in the surrounding fluid and absorbed by the gut wall, in order to enter the blood stream.

Scale up post approval changes Time and cost saving iviiv the product development. When an in vitro in vivo correlation is established, it is used for development and optimisation of drug formulations. From the generic batches, four contained amorphous form of the drug batches 85, 82, 01, and 02which had higher intrinsic dissolution rate compared with the crystal form contained in the generic corrwlation and all the reference batches Lipitor, Sortis06, Sortis10 [ 10 ].

Drug dissolution in vivo is then the rate controlling step in drug absorption and absorption is usually slower than for class I [ 28 – 31 ].