Jacques Mabit. Track: Shamanism and Its Potential for Modern Man. Ayahuasca use in the new-age context. Over the last years, ayahuasca has come to. Jacques Mabit, M.D., is Founder and Executive President of the Takiwasi Center for Drug Addict Rehabilitation and Research on Traditional Medicines in. Our first visit to Takiwasi, the center for the treatment of addiction that utilizes the methods of Amazonian shamanism along with Western psychotherapy, and its.

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These precautions can be extended to the prescription of major psychotropic drugs lithium, neurolep- tics, etc. The participants are requested to fill out a medical form in order to exclude medical contraindications and, if neces- sary, complementary medical tests are required.

It has been noticed that after such an experience the child loses major interest in this jadques and no long- er asks to attend. The product ayahuasca cannot be artificially isolated because that is not what occurs in real life. Jacques is a lonely voice in that prospect: But this ayahuasca revelation was so strong, it mzbit more real than ordinary reality. The only danger that should be avoided is the co-occurence of vomiting efforts and loss of consciousness, be- cause the person could inhale his own vomit.

When ayahuasca defeats certain resistances, the subject vomits not mabbit the ayahuasca, but also the corresponding blockades. This assumes that the ayahuasca sessions are integrated in a coherent and structured therapeutic context where other tools, besides the induction of altered states of consciousness, are utilized. Jacaues means inefficient treatment for eventual problems to be solved, and dangerous potential outcomes, spiritually, psychologically and even physically. If the person is not known he is given a moderate dose to evaluate the first effects with the possibility of taking a second dose during the jacues.

The House that Sings: May menstruating women actually cause harm to others by merely participating in an ayahuasca ceremony?

The most difficult cases are managed only with energetic techniques and the use of other plants. In your opinion, does the amount that a person generally should drink in- crease or decrease with time? Drug consumption, in the same way as ayahuasca, opens the energetic body, it makes it porous or permeable to the energetic-spiritual influ- ences, but, jacqus a well-conducted therapeutic session with ayahuasca, it does this in contexts that are very pejorative and dangerous on an energetic level sexual promis- cuity, confused intentions, lack of an effective ritual, lack of guidance, etc.


He changed to a more pacific character, a good student, and mabitt uncontrolled rage crises ceased. Jaques sum- mary, it must be considered that the personality disturbances do not represent an ide- al indication for ayahuasca consumption. About I attended Dr. Here he conducted research on environmental, cultural, and social factors in the design of an appropriate health care strategy in the central Andean plains, for which he received a research doctorate from the University of Medicine in Nantes in Ayahuasca exercises an unspecified activation of the natural processes of mental reparation and therefore it can play an essential role in facilitating approaches in psychotherapy.

The ritualized session of ayahuasca opens the energetic body and sensitizes it in such a manner that the expulsion of negative energies can be facilitated and positive energies can be incorporated. What do you jaacques wrong contexts for jacquess use of ayahuasca and which would be the ideal public regulation of its use?

We even had two cases of insulin-dependant diabetic patients who controlled themselves and who experienced their ayahuasca sessions in a completely normal way.

The Center pro- vides a unique structure within which international perspectives on the use of ayahuasca blend and react with a rigorous protocol of ritual consciousness alteration.

This description of Jacques Mabit’s work was prepared when Jacques Mabit was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in In general, the participants of the workshops are very disciplined and motivated to obey the regulations.

Internationally, he is engaged in patient and staff exchanges with institutions in Europe and in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. Children less than 10 years of age have sufficient access, via their environment, to their inner world and to the imagination for them not to be interested in drinking ayahuasca.

The dose must be adjusted javques age and psycho-physical constitution. Takiwasi writes about itself to be a non-profit organisation….

Jacques Mabit

Conventional medication is not used except in rare emergenciesand physical detoxification mabif accomplished through the use of medicinal plants.

We hope that the answers to questions like this and many others will be found through this interview and the glimpse that it provides into the larger universe of ayahuasca use and health issues. The addiction to drugs, alcohol, or medications are an exceptional symptom as they associate different levels psychosomatic and spiritual and they respond to the erratic search for altered states of consciousness, through an induction which is now controlled and guided, that allows a re-education of that search.

First of all I think that solitary use, with no accompaniment, is not recommended even though I do not believe in prohibition which is ineffective a prohibition never stopped people from consuming what they wantedamoral why not prohibit alcohol and tobacco which are far more dangerous? He then feels overwhelmed with anguish by something jacqurs cannot handle.


Have you already dealt with a case like this? Can the elderly drink ayahuasca? Another jzcques was put on investigat- ing the intriguing hybridization of Western psychotherapy and Amazonian traditional medicine that the Takiwasi Center employs to treat drug abuse.

Therefore we generally consider this problem as almost nonexistent if the regular precautions in the selection of patients are taken. As we previously pointed out, the conventional nosology must be revised to in- clude the energetic-spiritual dimension of the patient. Can menstruating women drink ayahuasca? The preliminary results are highly encouraging and are generating wide interest in his work mbit Latin America.

Jacques Mabit – Roaming the Mind

An elementary sincerity in the in- dividual search is a basic requirement. This can lead to projections, confusions or an alienating fascination. Obviously, little can be expected from ayahuasca regarding the fixing of purely mechanical problems, although it would not hurt either. Among them we mainly find the Camalonga Strychnus spp.

Among other mechanisms, ayahuasca triggers the structures of the base of the brain paleo-cortex that rule the basic and not suggesti- ble functions of the body for its subsistence and which escape from both the rational mind neo-cortex and the psycho-affective dimensions meso-cortex.

The use of ayahuasca must be avoided in cases of dissociative psychic processes where delirious elements psychosis are manifest. Besides their general purifying effect, each plant or preparation fo- calizes its effect on certain organs, corporal regions or physiologic systems, e. Also, in accordance with Peruvian law, authorization for jaacques internment must be requested from the judicial authority for minors in this case a family judge.

Conventional therapeutic protocols are lengthy, costly and inefficient. Due to its purgative characteristics, giving ayahuasca to people that could be mabti by the vomiting efforts esophagus fissure, gastric ulcer, early pregnancy, etc.

Takiwasi fights this, as I do as a therapist, and as Jacques does. Ayahuasca temporarily mablt the rational functions the epicritic and arouses the non-rational functions maibt melodic ; therefore it opens the subject to trans- rational dimensions that must not be confused with a manner of irrational, chaotic and senseless thinking.