TOKYO — Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan announced on China and South Korea that object to any signs of Japan’s remilitarization. In retrospect, Japan’s rewritten constitution under the auspices of the allied . Japan’s remilitarization will have a major shift in the geopolitical. Japan may be picking up the pace on its long and steady path toward normalizing its military. The Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper reported Aug.

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East Asia Japan mulls sending navy vessels to Chinese fleet review 26 Dec Article 9 of the Constitution PDF.

Japan’s Remilitarization: Implications in East Asia – Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS)

The Constitutionality of the U. In other words, people are not cognizant of the international pressures to upgrade security capability in the wake of the emerging threats. The Japanese Communist Party considers the JSDF unconstitutional and has called for reorganization of Japanese defense policy to feature an armed militia. Post-election polls showed parties in favour of amending the US-drafted charter carried nearly 80 per cent of the seats in the lower house election. Undoubtedly, the organizational structure of National Security of Japan is similar to the American model; however, the main function of this council may yield different results, as it is expected to only improve the coordination and cooperation of Japan with its ally and other states9.

The Opportunities for and Challenges to Asean. The interpretation of agreement backed by the Abe administration on article nine may allow Japan to exercise the right to use force in case of a threat or use of force by any state. Through cookies, certain personal data is collected and may be stored temporarily.


Japan’s Remilitarization: Implications in East Asia

Soundararajan Nagapushpa Devendra Dr. In JulyJapan’s government approved a reinterpretation of this article. The source of the pacifist clause is disputed. Militarization and Demilitarization in Contemporary Japan. Therefore, expansionism was the common mean to achieve a significant place in the international arena. Instructions to recover your password have been sent to. Earlier this year, Abe announced plans to revise the pacifism inherent in Article 9.

The cause of this reaction from the public is grounded in the fears of being embroiled in the battles of America across the world.

According to the official stance, the latest revision was a change in order to respond to increasing Chinese threat5. Even in early twentieth century, the social foundation of Japan continued to be dominated by the influence of two main classes: Never before have Japanese politicians been so vocally in favour of military reform.

However, the LDP’s longtime coalition partner Komeito have long opposed to change context of Article 9. Japan has actively built U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution – Wikipedia

In simple words, Japan fears that closer relations of the United States and China will affect their alliance with America. In simple words, the role of international community is correlated with the national interests of the Japanese state. The critics of Abe government outrightly reject the claims, as Japanese security is guaranteed by the USA. Xi and Trump are remaking the world.


Japan in the wake of World War II. The US, on the other hand, is not a threat to China. China expressed a negative view of this reinterpretation, while the US, Philippines japzn, Vietnamand Indonesia reacted positively.

This can be deemed as one of the various causes of tense relations with China. In response, critics of this bill dread the involvement of Japan when it comes to the rivalry of the United States with China in the Middle East. Scholars dealing in Japanese studies have repeatedly pointed out that since the end of Cold War, the developments in remiliitarization region such as North Korean efforts to develop nuclear weapons and Chinese misadventures have alarmed the Japanese state.

Sunday, 05 November,9: Japzn the regional context, Japan feels threatened because China is modernizing at a fast pace, Chinese attention to the upgrading military capability and assertive foreign policy are among the few of defining variables.

Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution

We remember the widespread reach of the Japanese military and its colonial grip on Asia. Additional Cookies This website uses the following additional cookies: Abe to maximise security. He made constitutional amendment a central point of his jxpan, in a first for a Japanese election.

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