Get the exact PROPOSAL TEMPLATE that I used to win clients like AT&T, Legal Zoom and Hitachi #proposal #marketing. Digital Agency Advisor. Download Slides – Text “proposal” 15 MINUTES. WAS BUILDING A MASTER TEMPLATE. Do You Want to See the EXACT MARKETING PROPOSAL TEMPLATE that Won Clients Happy holidays from and our entire agency tribe.

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He is a digital-preneur, and an author with over 12 years of running a successful digital agency until he sold it in Well thanks Tim and if they want to know any more about it just go to milestoneMRK. So maybe the first milestone is then just to reply or indicate interest that they wanted to chat with you.

I was treating everybody as they wanted to get to the same end goal. Oh tiny little changes, I love that. It all started kinda how you said in the intro.

The Proposal Strategy Got Jason Swenk Top Corporate Clients

Only 9 out of agencies that I did studies on actually do a cover letter. It could be anything. Jason Swenk ran a successful digital marketing agency for over 12 years before selling it to focus on sharing propossl information to help others take their businesses to the next level.

So we would categorize our services from creative, marketing, technology and whatever other kind of buckets that we have, so it was easy to follow. Don’t Miss Out Subscribe today to receive weekly updates on new releases, upgrades, templates, split testing tips, and more. Well listen, I think I mentioned to you when we were talking before that I found you through a Facebook ad that talked about creating proposals that close business.


Nice, and when you say agencies, what do you mean?

Head over to LeadPagesWebinar. Jason, welcome to The Marketing Agents podcast. Eastern time and you can reserve your spot at LeadPagesWebinar.

How to Write an Irresistible Business Proposal – Jason Swenk

There was just so much information and so much to tekplate through, I really struggled with it. And this is where you just tell them why you exist. So we would do it based on two tables. Templatr 8 is never send the proposal to a client, not until you walk them through it. Is there anything about this that we missed that you think people need to know to implement this.

I ran an agency for 12 years, but after I sold my agency I was kinda lost. We have a cover letter and then we have a cover page. Nice, I like it. So then the next milestone would be to watch the video then after they watch the video the next one would be for them to apply to chat with you. So I know that a lot of people that listen to this show are either running their own agency or are independent contractors doing some consultant work, so proposals are just part of your day to day business.

Jason Swenk runs a media company for service based entrepreneurs to assist them with marketing. So what I was doing is I was doing what everybody else is doing is putting people in a funnel.

And then they had to separate it. So let me explain. So I use them temppate then I use plus this to indicate how long people watch my videos. So you want to put that towards the end of the proposal, which is why I put it in 6.

So let me kind of dive deeper so you guys can actually go do this.


Just think about until I move this person to the next milestone my whole goal is to just keep pushing this one part. Through his online website, he helps entrepreneurs and small businesses convert more of their proposals into sales. I met with a very, very small company a long time ago called Berkshire Hathaway. So I wanted to build campaigns that I could bolt on together and give everybody a custom experience that allowed them to get to the end goal of what they wanted.

One is a playbook and another is generate leads right?

This Agency Marketing Proposal Strategy Got Jason Swenk Clients Like AT&T, Legal Zoom, and Hitachi

And then step 3, this is one of the most important steps and most people leave this off or get this wrong. And If I needed to add anything, I would add that to the template. And then step 4 is where you get into listing your services and your tenplate. The biggest thing is think of the contingencies and then break up your campaigns into separate milestones.

And then the last thing is bolt on all your campaigns together. And I started etmplate at what happened and how can I change this. Now, you have to have a lot of text on your proposal because this is going to protect you later on, but anywhere that you can add an image to break that up adds extra value to it.

What would you recommend us doing?

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