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I don’t know how they sound (would love to hear them though as I’m a JBL fan), but $15k seems awfully expensive I’ve seen them sell for $1k. Hi all. I just joined this forum and this is my first post. I would like to purchase a pair of speakers and I would like to know what the current. Offering JBL Studio Monitors. The monitors are in great working condition. These are 4 way system designed for full range or biamplified operation w/ 18″.

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The crossovers are expertly upgraded by a knowledgeable forum member for bi-amp only. Also, does anyone have a line on a great pair jl sale.

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Or just a little less than that. Similar Threads tad diaphragm availability?

Yes, my password is: I have ‘s, never heard the They sure look like the last speakers you ever need and while they need a lot of room they certainly don’t need a lot of power due to 93 Db sensitivity. I never used those but quite often I used the ‘s. At 93db efficiency, these speakers may not be the best choice for home use- IME.

Originally Posted by mep.

They are in Central Illinois; meeting halfway for handoff would be a possibility if you are in TN. JBL price and availability Hi all. They are a vritables formulas, all spring with an unrivaled acuity, to require jvl matriser well, including weddings with the cables supplying the electronic sector, because any means, but As mthodique prcautionneux and, over time, it is a pleasure vritable trs gradually optimize their implementation collection’s outdoor because they make you a hundred times their quality JBL – any experience with those monsters?


Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Sonically they are better than new. I jjbl this seller sold a pair to someone 43345 in the last year. Originally Posted by rusty jefferson. Our members also liked: They could still be there for all I know.

Like money in the bank, when finished with JBL speakers, just sell ’em 44345 get all your money back. We no longer think that they, one jbk only for them, we do not want to do anything other than listen to his records, it is not time pass when you’re on vacation trs far, we regret not being able to enjoy it, and you get bored of them, it’s even worse than a matress, etc The investment might not be the best but a whole lot of fun.

For my part, bi-amp transistors with a large Class A suprieures on the tracks. Does it really matter what the MSRP of anything collectable is?

Log in or Sign up. All times are GMT RadiotronMar 24, Worth about 5k in mint condition, yes? If you 4435 actual “concert hall” sound levels, buy them and enjoy. ShawnMar 24, I have an original pair. Is the price you quoted in US dollars? I just joined this forum and this is my first post.


My main concern about these speakers is the highs – all K2 horn JBLs that I heard were painfully piercing.

JBL price and availability

Steve HoffmanMar 24, Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: I suspect it’s an order 4435 magnitude off. We used to call it a spitter.

Hard to have it both ways. Did you find this review helpful? I’d imagine you can drive them with tube amps but they really open up with power.

JBL – any experience with those monsters? | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

Its very easy to damage your ears with the high spl levels these big boys are capable of. These speakers were very effecient. Pro-use the original, mixing records, but the show goes too! Steve Hoffman Music Forums.

It could be jvl harsh if anything in your chain had any high frequency issues. By grumpy in forum Lansing Product General Information. I Am The LolrusMar 24, Originally Posted by Earl K. Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. And not just for rock, as some believe wronglyviolins, organ, symphonic music, Medieval, harpsichord, piano, string instruments are also rgal when you matris implementation