Get the guaranteed best price on Unpowered Stage Monitors like the JBL MRXM 12″ 2-Way Multi-Purpose Loudspeaker at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price. JBL MRXM Live Monitor. The MRXM should be a top consideration for anyone in need of a fully professional, full range wedge/utility. The JBL MRXM 12″ Speaker/Monitor is a premium utility monitor speaker with a JBL H 12″ differential driver woofer and a H ” annular polymer.

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For monitors in smaller rooms IE people W per box seems like overkill. I understand the whole clean power, not square wave the amps, etc.

Jbl Professional

Thanks for the advice, Rob. Robert, You should provide at least enough power to cover the long term rating for the box.

The MRX is a decent box, but my bet is you won’t be happy if you under power them. Like every job, it had it’s ups and downs. Robert Chafe on November 08, When you’re reading a topic, and the word “Danley” comes up Edgar Hernandez Newbie Offline Posts: Scott Stephens Newbie Offline Posts: You need enough power to generate enough spl to suit your needs without clipping. It could be watts or watts or watts. No clipping, no danger.


Recommended power for JBL MRXM

Duane Massey Technician, musician, stubborn old guy Houston, Texas. Gets loud enough for me.

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD. At watts per box, your max SPL is about db, vs, db at the peak rating of watts. I usually like to have about 10db of headroom available to me above what I expect my demands mex512m going to be, so I don’t risk ever running out of gas. In this situation, that would mean that the artist would be expecting to get db in his monitors. In a seat venue, that’s going to present a heck of a lot of stage noise, so you’ve got another problem to focus your attention on.

November 08, Thanks for the advice, Rob If you’re trying to save some money, I would aim for watts then. Typical logic is to aim for 1.

Logged When you’re reading a topic, and the word “Danley” comes up Thanks for the advice, Rob I’ve used XTis with good results. Nice sounded box after you make a few cuts on the EQ, not as loud as the m but I sometimes think it actually puts out a touch more low end. We’ve had our ‘s for about 4 years and they have proven themselves a great investment. IF, you can call sound stuff an mrx512n. November 09, November 10, I love when people say things like this.


YEAH-so let’s give the people who need to hear the best-and the most clearly the mrc512m thing we can get away with. Not raggin’ on you-but this is a common situation. Do you have enough power? How loud does it need to be? How loud is the back line? What level of performance are the musicians used to?


How far away are the monitors? How big is the area to be covered? Is this outside or inside? Without a lot more details-there is no way to mrx512n.