The Rising Tide: A Novel of the Second World War. Jeff Shaara, Author. Ballantine $ (p) ISBN Buy *The Rising Tide: A Novel of World War II* by Jeff Shaara, The Rising Tide: A Novel of World War II Jeff Shaara Ballantine Paperback pages. May The first in a World War II trilogy forms a weak foundation for the series.

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InBallantine Books published Jeff’s first novel, Gods and Generals, the prequel to his father’s great work.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In North Africa, tank battles unfold in a tapestry of dust and fire unlike any the world has ever seen. Through unforgettable battle scenes in the unforgiving deserts of North Africa and the rugged countryside of Sicily, Shaara tells this story through the voices of this conflict’s most heroic figures, some familiar, some unknown. He is, however, quite adept at changing ‘ammo clips’ on his Thompson submachine gun.

Overall rating No ratings yet 0. Added by 2 of our members. Atkinson manages to sidestep the pitfall that claimed Shaara – while the brass feature prominently he’s also far more adept at explaining the ‘big picture’ and one comes away with an understanding not only of what happened, but how. Let me give you an example of each chosen com I apologize to all of you Jeff Shaara fans out there but I tried. In North Africa, tank battles unfold in a tapestry of dust and fire unlike any the world has ever seen.

With him go our hopes for the war story this is supposed to be. I listened to the 18 CD audio version of this book as read by Larry Pine and let me tell you, it made a Washington DC commute much easier to bear for almost 2 weeks! I’ve read quite a few books about WW The book became a New York Times bestseller and a Wall Street Journal bestseller less than a month after being published, debuting at number eight on both newspapers.


Read it Forward Read it first. Jack Logan was a tank gunner who was eventually taken as a prisoner of war by the Axis but then freed by Allied shaarz.

And that’s what I found myself doing in Tide. When it seems the reader will be subject to another four hundred pages of this dreck a bright spot appears on the horizon – we flip to a new chapter and there, finally, we see a name that is not ROMMEL.

The Rising Tide (World War II: , #1) by Jeff Shaara

How to write a great review. Scott chew the scenery.

As battles rage along the coasts of the Mediterranean, the momentum of the war begins to shift, setting the stage for the riisng invasion of France, at a seaside resort called Normandy.

Jack Logan was a tank gunner who was eventually taken as a prisoner of war by the Axis but then freed by Allied forces. Historical Fiction Military Fiction Audiobooks. For pitched engagements fought in the dark against unexpected German armor, there is surprisingly little tension.

I suppose if you find yourself in a story written by a hack it never hurts to be friends with the author. The story opens with the crew of a British tank crew preparing to meet their German counterparts inwell prior to American landings in Morroco and Algeria.


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The Rising Tide: A Novel of World War II– book review

The action is very good, but there is not a lot of action – just a few pages in the Africa Campaign and some very The Rising Tide: The Rising Tidw Author s: This article about a historical novel of the s is a stub.

Then I found The Rising Tide in my house and decided to give it a try. Nov 07, Minutes. Views Read Edit View history. Unfortunately, Shaara uses this device to such an extent that I found that in some sections this novel reads more like a screenplay. Highly charged moments fade quickly between the shuffling of perspectives.

From the Hardcover edition. Too much narrative in a pure form and the book begins to take on more of a sense of the non-fiction and the reader becomes impatient.

Jeff Shaara is a master story teller. Be the first to discover new talent! He describes his office and lists his aides again, just for old times’ sake. I really enjoyed this meff. It was a good read listen but once is enough for me. November 7, Imprint: Understanding their conflicts, problems with supplies and more, I was able to form a picture of what some of what happened before the invasion in Normandy, a topic I’d given little thought to before.

I couldn’t get past page