Traficant’s one-minute speeches, by James Traficant I yield back the need to pass the Tauzin-Traficant 15 percent flat retail sales tax. And when she said that Jim Traficant committed no crimes, then they demeaned her. But through the process they told her, to ensure her safety. Ther real Speech. title, and description were not created by C-SPAN. Traficant Speech March 17th User-Created Clip October 25,

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Ladies and gentlemen, you heard on the news, the first national news story that I was involved in, a murder scheme by contract. It made national headline news. The woman was a friend of mine. She was so distraught, she called me every name in the book by phone.

I didn’t know what she was talking about. Traficsnt when she said that Jim Traficant committed no crimes, then they demeaned her.

But through the process they told her, to ensure her safety, to go public. Now, if you are a juror and you have heard about a Jim Traficant, if that isn’t poisoning a voir direwhat is? Now, I am an old sheriff. Finally a man with a conscience, Henry Nimitz, sees me at a restaurant and comes up and says, “Jim, I teaficant to apologize.

They were going to indict me, take away my business, ruin my life. My attorney said, why do you have to spend a half a million dollars? Tell them what they want to hear. I did, and I feel like a coward. But what he failed to recognize, I had a friend with me by the name of John Innella. I immediately went back to my office and did an affidavit with John Innella. Then the next day, as an old sheriff, I called Mr. Nimitz’ girlfriend, who admitted that Mr. Nimitz called and admitted what he said to Jim Traficant.

Now, I am going to get right to the point. I want you to imagine there is a small army of patriots, and they are facing a gigantic army armed to trafcant teeth. He goes and gets the red vest.

James Traficant

He gave a banshee cry. He ran out into battle and was destroyed. His assistant come up and he called his attendant. He said, “Go to the tent and get me those dark brown pants. Tonight I have dark pants on.

Am I scared to death? I will go to jail before I will resign and admit to something I didn’t do. Now, I want to go case by case. Forget all these witnesses. The judge’s husband is a senior partner in the law firm that trafkcant one of the key witnesses in my case, and that is part of now legal action relative to 28 U. In addition, that person, Traficaht, I am not going to mention names, admitted giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to politicians, I might add, mostly Democrats.

Because we were at a public meeting, he said he waited until everybody left, and then we walked out together, we got in his car, and he gave me the money. One of the tgaficant handling my appeal is a bright young black attorney by the name of Attorney Percy Squire, Chief Clerk to the Chief Judge of the Northern District of Ohio, and I called him as a character witness.


I came late to that event where you were trying to put a quarter percent sales tax trafivant, so you could leverage funds, jm I walked you out and saw you get in the green truck,” that another witness said he picked me up in a green truck, because his had a cap on, and we had built prefab siding for a hunting hut. We went and got my truck and went and put the hut up.

That is one count. Richard Detore is a patriot.

Traficant Speech March 17th | User Clip |

I didn’t subpoena Detore because his attorney said, “Don’t subpoena Richard, subpoena me. I felt sorry for him. Before I was indicted, before Detore was indicted, I have a tape where he says everything on that tape that he told the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct. If I didn’t have two kids, I would blow my brains out. Now, let’s look at a few affidavits. Dealing with David Sugar, just yesterday caught up with him. They said it was a half mile, Jack, across the State line, and they might now pull me into jail for being out of my district.

With one of my staffers close by to listen, Sugar admitted that he told Harry Manganaro that after the second FBI visit, because he had backdated some invoices, if he did not lie against Jim Traficant he would not only be indicted, his daughter, his wife and his son would be indicted.

I have a tape of Harry Manganaro. He wasn’t allowed to testify, nor was the tape admitted at trial. Now, in addition to that, a man by the name of Joe Sable told another one of my constituents three days ago, “I feel so bad for Jim. And David Sugar said to me, “Jim, I would love to help you. By the way, Nimitz’ attorney, who I taped his girlfriend, his attorney said he admits to meeting Traficant, but did nothing illegal.

Now, let’s talk about Tony Bucci. His fourth plea agreement, his brother in Cuba, tarficant the country on a fugitive warrant, they sentenced him to 6 weeks arrest, and here is what he said.

Now, not all of you know me personally, but if you think someone owned me, you would throw me the hell out of here. Witnesses testified that I asked him for jackhammers jkm we had an old bank barn.

The Bankruptcy of the United States; James Traficant’s Speech | Adask’s law

I never owned the farm. But spefh old bank barn didn’t have enough height for horses, Ralph. I asked him to let me use their jackhammers. He said, “It is an insurance problem. I will send some people out. You will get too close to that old bank barn and you will drop it in. And that is what happened, folks. And the whole corner of that barn, Cynthia, fell down. Harry Manganaro came out and helped me prop it up.


Callahan made a hell of a point. They didn’t allow a witness to testify, they wouldn’t allow a vendetta defense. She voir dired nine of my witnesses outside the presence of the jury, didn’t allow them to testify. Allowed none of my tapes. All of my tapes are exculpatory.

Even on those who took the 5th Amendment, she didn’t allow them. Bucci lied through his teeth. His sister-in-law told me that there were three brothers and a brother that lived across the street from the farm and he was my friend. And she said he was sick, they took him to Florida, where he had his leg amputated; brought him back, stole the money from the family, and sleeh children did not even attend the funeral.

She submitted an affidavit and testified. Now, they said the prosecutor said, “Traficant is touchy-feely. Why didn’t they fake body injury? I have a device, Mr.

Hefley, that I could tape you right now, your conversation in the midst of all of this, and you wouldn’t know you are being taped. Now not one wiretap, with the number one target in the United States of the Department of Justice prosecutors. My phone wasn’t tapped. They didn’t want to get an admission. They didn’t want to get Traficant saying listen, go to it, that grand jury, do this.

Now, a brother-in-law testifies. He said his brother-in-law told him that he was taped by someone that he had bribed a county engineer, hundreds of millions of dollars. You know what is amazing about this one? She didn’t even allow the brother-in-law, who was subject to jeopardy, being sentenced in another case, to testify.

And guess what I did? I used the government’s own picture because he said I did this, Ellen, in a barn. Couldn’t identify the barn.

The jury even threw that one out. I have an affidavit or a tape on every one of these counts. Now, Sandy Ferrante testified that she personally saw me repay over a period of years money to staffers that I borrowed from them. And that just run out, and now they are going to put me in jail for 12 years, take everything that my wife and I owned, and I never owned that farm. I will go to jail, but I will be damned if I will be pressured by a government that pressured these witnesses to death to get a conviction on a target, the number one target in the country.

Trafixant Kirsham, who was an FBI-paid special agent, she would not let him testify, said, “If you get us anything on Traficant, we will build a monument to you. Don’t mention his name. We are going to get him. She said, “Jim, he didn’t throw me to the ground.