( × pixels, file size: 41 KB, MIME type: segreti del corpo umano secondo il mistico tedesco Johann Georg Gichtel. Johann Georg Gichtel is the author of Theosophia Practica ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published ), Theosophia practica ( avg rating, 1. Johann Georg Gichtel, (born May 4/14, , Imperial Free City of He synthesized his teaching in Theosophia Practica (–22; “Practical Theosophy ”).

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Only then does Paradise arise in the soul, the Light shines gichte in darkness, the Tempter is expelled and the angels come tgeosophia us and serve us. For the wrath of God penetrates into your body and into your soul through His sharpness and tests to the bottom if you are well rooted in Jesus; and if it sees that it cannot overthrow Jesus in your heart, it finally surrenders and no longer exercises its sharpness.

In a Hell, there are terrible torments which immediately force the soul to doubt and to the negation of God. At the same time, this completes to a certain extent goerg the AUTHOR did not explain all along; for it cannot describe at once the Kingdom of God; we can only say what gichel Spirit lets us know.

This is a portal to find life-long friends and together enjoy in-depth dialogue with those of a like mind. So that you want to return to life and love it again, the Devil geogr with seven wicked spirits, surrounds the poor soul in all forms, and makes you spend the rest of life in the great misery, poverty, hunger and worries of a terrestrial greediness of a slave to finally be thrown into the fire of God with trembling, anguish and grief.

And He sends out his angel to look for virgin souls; He takes away His light from his children and invites to the feast the blind, the crippled and the infirm. You would be the first, if we preached to you and if we told you: I have sufficiently recognized my weakness and felt the johamn of my heart, until by the many exercises the small lractica of my faith has developed into a robust tree, capable of resisting all the tempests of the Devil and reason.

Having theosophoa closed my New Testament, I fell on my knees to thank God for this grace, which flowed so abundantly that it lasted five hours, and I am amazed at the richness of this blessing. Its food is the constellation with its elements and the air that blows on the fire of the heart; this life has its radiance in the seven forms of external Nature, which give it intelligence, govern it and excite it, it has a beginning and a temporal end, and breaks even into the TINCTURE or the ESSENCE which resides in the Fire; but animals are not like that.

Gichtel’s correspondence was published without his knowledge by Gottfried Arnold, a disciple, in 2 vols.

When it wants to devour, conserve and annihilate all that surrounds it, it is evil; it burns as long as it finds MATERIAL to nourish it; when it is extinct all that remains is black coal, ashes, and dust. But as the Wrath desired to be manifest and become preponderant in Adam, they fought with the consent of the latter: According to this igneous eye, the soul belongs to ;ractica the Father; all those who believe in justice and truth do it by this Fire of Anger.


Likewise, the Fire of divine Wrath when, departing from its order, separates itself from the Light, wants to become clean and absorb all the good; when it is not extinguished, it devours the oily moisture so that the light is extinguished and the fire becomes a black deposit, as can be seen in the second Figure.

And if this were to be the appearance of Christ after his resurrection, it would be necessary to remark that he was not yet transfigured. Men blush at the poverty of Christ and regard it as a shame; gicbtel the Lord will also blush at them before his celestial Father.

File:Theosophia Practica – Gichtel.jpg

Thus, we see and understand that, in such a separation, each distinct Will is introduced into its own form, and that the combat of the wills for form consists in the fact that, in the distribution, no form is like the other, although they all come from the same substance. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The need to cast oneself into God and confide in Him invisible, as if He were visible, comes from God alone, and develops through one long exercise.

To deny everything; to give up our own life, for if we want to be perfect disciples, the SPIRITUS MUNDIwhich is the righteousness of God, takes into account all the corruptible gicntel even of our earthly life, and takes everything away, up to the shirt, as well what happened to me and to others. For the beginning is usually sweet, rejoicing, and very agreeable; But when it becomes serious, that the soul seeks to withdraw its will from the external constellation to turn to God in its CENTERto abandon all the visible and to pass through in the eighth form of the Fire, it requires hard work, blood sweat; for the soul must then struggle with God and men.

He who gichteo to God for His Holy Spirit, without ceasing, will find the best and safest way, and receive a guide who will lead him into all abysses, open all the locks and doors to him; johanb testified by them, and who by their example teach all enlightened men; apart from that, nothing is found.

Johann Georg Gichtel | German mystic |

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Thus he will learn through prayer and work what these lines cannot express.

For the paradisiacal body is destroyed and unknown. The greatest good is theosophua kind, blessed, charming, humble and peaceful whole, where there is no darkness, no anguish, no pain, no fight, no adversity; we cannot say that GOD created an OPPONENTsince Lucifer was a prince of heaven, as Adam was on earth in Paradise.

Your will sees very well that, even if it only conceives a desire towards God, that God would hurry to its aid and arm it with strength; but it loves itself too much and fears to lose its life according to the Flesh and the Blood. Works Gichtel’s correspondence was published without his knowledge by Gottfried Arnold, a disciple, in 2 vols. If the soul is humble, if it directs its appetite towards the WORD of the Lord, the adversary weakens, and presenting another larva, sends to the soul great forces, so that it believes itself to be something rare and called by God to accomplish great wonders in the world.


A believer does not make himself poor, but the world pursues him, takes everything from him, expatriates him, and thus puts him in the real poverty of Jesus, so that he can neither buy nor sell in this world. So let man go far georb and turn his courage towards God. The reader can easily understand by this FIGURE that God is much nearer within himself than outside him in the constellations of the empyrean. Many souls will curse themselves on the day of Revelation, to have been so close to such a grace, to have pursued it to yheosophia end and not to profit from it.

The first consists of this: I must admit that in my time I have seen very little of them who put their foot on the beorg along with the woman Revelation 12and who surrendered themselves to God for their sustenance. Description Theosophia Practica – Gichtel. The blind reason is addressed in these terms to the self Will: It is about braiding an angelic garland that the celestial SOPHIA will put on the head of all her faithful knights, who have conquered in them the dragon of selfishness, the Anger of God.

The movement in its beginnings provoked at least no active hostility; but when Gichtel began to attack the teaching of the Lutheran clergy and church, especially upon the fundamental doctrine of justification by faith, he exposed himself to a prosecution which resulted in sentence of banishment and confiscation A mother dog does not abandon her pupps; how would God leave those who call Him day and night and who trust Him with all their heart?

The tenth number is the Gdorg it is there that the blessed spirit must stand still and sing the Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctuswith all celestial cohorts.

Johann Georg Gichtel

And if anything seems contrary to your reason, pray to ask for an opening of the intelligence and the Divine Will, so that God can lead in the Light, so that you can see in the darkness and follow the Spirit in you.

Who will punish and convince this egoistic god? For the Devil is like the soldiers who rush to the assault of a fortification: Because the one and eternal will of God always comes out of itself to manifest itself, the divine force goes out with it from the eternal One into a multiplicity and into many CENTERS. God always awakens beneficent hearts who care for the faithful. I must use natural similarities. Or where would natural life take its subsistence? And this false selfish will is the Satan and the Devil, the ancient serpent, the liar, and the murderer who has turned away the world of good and keeps our brothers and sisters of God away day and night.