•What is JOHARI WINDOW •Objectives of Study •Selection of Questionnaire • Data Collection •Statistical tools •Data analysis •Conclusions •Limitations. Johari Window Questionnaire – Self Assesment – Eng – Download as Word Doc . doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The Johari Window (Questionnaire included for self analysis) – posted in General talk: The Johari Window is a communication model that can.

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Disclosing harmless items builds trust. Posted 26 March – This discovery about themself would reduce the size of their unknown area. Total the points at the bottom of each column. By explaining wnidow idea of the Johari Window to your team, you can help team members understand the value of self-disclosure, and gently encourage people to give and accept feedback.

If a friend seemed to be preoccupied and began to jump on me for seemingly unimportant things, as well as others without real cause, I would: Explaining the Johari Window: The questionnaird factor is what you know about yourself. It helps people to explore the qualities that make them who they are. Feedback is the process by which people expand this area horizontally.

And as other people reciprocate, trust tends to build between them. Any aspect that you do not know about yourself, but others within the group have become aware of, is in your blind area. Depending on how confident you are you might prefer to do this as either a group exercise or on a one to one basis.


Based on disclosure, self-disclosure and feedback, the Johari Window can also be used to improve a group’s relationship with other groups Developed by Questionnare Luft and Qufstionnaire Ingham the word “Johari” comes from Joseph Luft and Harry Inghamthere are two key ideas behind the tool: As information is shared, the boundary with the hidden quadrant moves downwards.

Be careful in the way you give feedback. When receiving feedback, be respectful, listen and reflect on what has been said.

There are many ways to use the Johari model in learning and development. The balance between the four quadrants can change.

Understanding the Johari Window model – Self Awareness

I’ve forgotten my password. By working with others it is possible for you to discover aspects that neither of you may never have appreciated before. Some examples of unknown factors can be as follows: When people really understand it in their own terms, it empowers them to use the thinking in their own way, and to incorporate the underlying principles into their future thinking and behaviour.

Be prepared to seriously consider it.

Johari Window

Assign a point value to the A and B statements questionnairee the following scale. If a friend pointed out that I had a personality conflict with another friend with whom it was important for me to get along, I would: When feedback is given honestly to you it can reduce the size of your blind area.

Some cultures have a very open and accepting approach to feedback. Try to figure out my own shortcomings by myself so I could improve.


Remember me This is not recommended jouari shared computers. Alternatively people may always want to talk to you because you are a good listener. Press them for information about the problem and their opinions on it.

Using the Johari model, each person is represented by their own four-quadrant, or four-pane, window.

The Johari Window (Questionnaire included for self analysis) – General talk – Students Hang Out

Just let the whole thing drop to avoid making things worse by discussing it. Change the subject jouari signal my friend to do the same. Divide the graph into four sections by drawing straight lines from the scores. In most cases, the aim in groups should be to develop the Open Area for every person.

Tell my friend and the group leader johar my misgivings and leave the final decision to them. If my relationship with a friend has been damaged by repeated arguments on an issue of importance to us both, I would: The Johari Window model consists of a foursquare grid questionnairw of taking a piece of paper and dividing it into four parts by drawing one line down the middle of the paper from top to bottom, and another line through the middle of the paper from side-to-side.

Needs a bit of editing Make some notes about yourself.