John Sibbick is an artist and illustrator whose work has appeared in a number of Fighting Fantasy related publications including four gamebooks. He is probably. Colorfully improve your space today with John Sibbick Posters and prints you love that won’t break the bank. Simply discover the perfect John Sibbick Posters, . Realm of Chaos, Slaves to Darkness, cover art by John Sibbick, teaser page from White Dwarf No. , Games Workshop, September , with quote from.

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Set in Allansia Fantasy: In addition to his illustrations of sibbivk, prehistoric sea life including wonderfully weird trilobites and other amazing prehistoric animals, Sibbick also creates sensational fantasy illustrations and beautiful scientific illustrations of modern animals.

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John Sibbick Exhibition An exhibition of dinosaur of art dibbick the leading natural history artist John Sibbick is currently being exhibited at Dinosaur Isle, Sandown between 20 July – 31 Oct Sibbick has illustrated some of the best books on prehistoric animals, including My Favorite Dinosaurs aimed a kids, but wonderful illustrations.

British palaeoartist and illustrator. He trained in Graphics and Illustration at Guildford College of Art in the south of England, followed by four years sibbikc design studios in London before becoming a freelance illustrator in John Sibbick is one of the foremost dinosaur and paleo life artists in the field.


Hayao Miyazaki Studio Ghibli. The World’s Greatest Paleoart.

The same applied to Dr Peter Wellnhofer -a draughtsman himself who made his pterosaur book a joy to work on. Which reminds me I would also like to look at the Eocene mammals… What do you think is the most important part of palaeoart?

Dinosaurs — I like the hadrosaurs — any of the crested types — maybe Parasaurolophus the best. Fighting Fantasy Rules Take a look at how the Fighting Fantasy rules work and examine an assortment of core Official Fighting Fantasy rules that have been introduced within the Gamebooks.

Books by John Sibbick (Author of Crypt of the Sorcerer)

Guildford School of Art [1]. What first got you interested in dinosaurs and art? Well I sort of do in the Palaeoart category. Follow Fighting Fantasy on Twitter. Not much point in doing one only to make it completely obsolete a week later.

He works most often in gouache, which lends itself well to his use of detailed textures and vivid colors. The collaboration is the key aspect.

Search All Want Lists! John Sibbick is a British freelance illustrator and paleoartist best known for his fantasy art and reconstructions of prehistoric life in several media.


john sibbick

Paint – Oil Art Type: Wonder Woman p. My projects Archosaur Musings Mk.

Rhomaleosaurus Art Details Artist: Mauricio Anton does beautiful work — I still prefer his paintings and drawings to his digital work but his reconstructions are superb. Kevin Nowlan original Superman penciled inked and What is your favourite piece of palaeoart that you have produced?

His work is very underestimated in my opinion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I just loved looking at illustrated books and postcards — Maurice Wilson and Neave Parker were my favourites. Retrieved 12 October Which reminds me I would also like to look at the Eocene mammals….

Interview with John Sibbick | Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings

Welcome to the mighty Great Wizard’s biography area for many of the sibbidk artists of the Fighting Fantasy Gamebook’s. But with a palaeontologist on board I must have been a paleoartist? John Sibbick All ? Pen and Ink Art Type: