Apr 1, Guardian book club, week one: John Mullan on What a Carve Up! by Jonathan Coe. Apr 23, BOOK REVIEW / Clawing, brutish gargoyles: ‘What a Carve Up]’ – Jonathan Coe: Viking’ pounds – Anthony Quinn on a furiously political. Jonathan Coe writes: “After The Dwarves of Death I knew that it was time to write a more ambitious novel. For a while I toyed with a couple of ideas: there had.

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Number 11 pulls off this tricky balancing act with exhilarating aplomb. Attended Oxford University in the s where he was a member of the Conservative Association under the presidency of a chemistry student named Margaret Hp – who would later become prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

He now lives in a West London flat with his family, in less splendour than some of his neighbours. When Hilary takes over an ailing TV company, it is Beamish who is sacked. Its title was What a Carve Upand after watching it again after more than two decades, the first thing I knew about my new novel was that I wanted to use this title. M ichael Owen, the narrator of alternate sections of What a Carve Up! When he hesitantly introduces himself, she laughs.

Godfrey Winshaw — — Brother of Lawrence and Tabitha. Made aware of “mysteries”, the reader is alerted to the narrative significance of any otherwise unexplained detail. It occurred to jlnathan that I could take one such family and use them as a kind of metaphor for the British ruling elite, whether they were involved in politics, finance, food production, culture or any other area of national life.

The novel scores direct hits on a wide range of targets: Probably the least faithful translation was that suggested by my German publishers, who chose to call the book Allein mit Shirleyemphasising my hero’s erotic obsession with the actress Shirley Eaton.


Michael Owen joathan A young writer with a couple of moderately successful novels behind him who is commissioned whwt write the history of the Winshaws by Tabitha. By contrast, Coe believes, true satire should vex its audience, which is presumably why Number 11 runs the defiant risk of annoying his own constituency. Purveyor of populist, right-wing, self-contradictory, lowest common-denominator opinion pieces.

Jonathan Coe – writer

While it lacks the sparse elegance of Coe’s excellent early novel, A Touch of Loveit makes for an immensely enjoyable wild ride. In the middle of the novel he rediscovers a narrative fragment he wrote as a child called “The Castle of Mystery”; an awareness of mysteries is his narrative addiction. He emerges back into society, and resumes his interest in the project, following a jonathab from a neighbour, Fiona, seeking sponsorship for a mile bicycle ride.

Retrieved 24 November When Michael mentions twice that he and his parents never used to see his father’s parents, we know that we will eventually discover the reason for this.

Despite having such a narrow focus on British politics, What a Carve Up! The coincidence will lead us to an explanation of Godfrey’s death.

The family members learn that they will inherit nothing from Mortimer but his debts. A history of the world in funny puns.

Number 11 US ed. That title to which I was so attached proved to be a real headache for my overseas publishers, all the same.

The Winshaw Legacy: Or What a Carve Up!

Buy this book France. Writing his history of the Winshaw clan makes Michael a believer in conspiracies. Much of what passes for political comedy on television, it suggests, is merely a sort of community hymn-singing for people who all believe the same things.

He is also lonely and sex-starved, prone to fantasise about attractive women he sees on public transport. Pages to import images to Wikidata. Novels by Jonathan Coe.

What a Carve Up! by Jonathan Coe

What is the explanation of Drood’s disappearance? She suffers from the symptoms of some mysterious illness, but her consultations are constantly delayed, or her records are misplaced, by underresourced health service professionals. Buy this book Italy. His perspective on the politics remains solidly Old Labour: There is a cast of characters rather than a numerous society. Later we find that disgusting Mark Winshaw’s German wife is the daughter of a former Nazi, whose Zyklon B production cwrve his uncle Godfrey csrve instructed to destroy in a secret wartime mission.


When characters smell jasmine, though there is none growing in any garden, we know it is a clue. When Graham, a political activist, starts working for nasty Mark Winshaw, a successful arms dealer, in order to expose his activities, he receives encouragement from u Beamish, head of current affairs at one of the largest ITV companies”.

Book club: What a Carve Up! by Jonathan Coe | Books | The Guardian

Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. It is revealed that Michael is the son of Godfrey’s surviving co-pilot, who was also Lawrence’s mystery attacker.

The novel concerns the political and social environment in Britain during the s, and covers the period up to the beginning of aerial bombardment against Iraq in the first Gulf War in January Topics Books Book club. At the heart of his account, and the beginning of this novel, is the “mystery” of the disappearance of Godfrey Winshaw — the one decent member of the family — in a secret mission over Germany inand of Tabitha’s deranged insistence that their brother Lawrence is to blame.