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Sign In – Register. Contributors to this section include: The visiting person leaves messages on this computer for other visitors, plays games while visiting, sends and receives files, and all that.

This section attempts to list all BBS programs for the Atari. For most programs listed, a link is provided to the corresponding section at http: Handles up to users up to baud. Sungenis From his blog at http: This came out of necessity, since most Atari BBS programs at the time especially FoReM and its bastard children didn’t fully support the modem that I used or the XM that followed afterward.

The system had become extremely complex. Each room now had its own access level thus keeping people of lower level from getting in EVEN if they knew the room name. Each room was assigned a RWRT or Read WRiTe statuswhich determined who could enter messages in it, and whether or not public or private messages, or both were to be allowed.


BBCS was known for its great flexibility.

vfrReader Reference

The sysop was offered easy customization by the use of menus. Unfortunately, it also suffered from a reputation for stability problems.

R-Time 8 is fully supported. When multiple message areas were added the name was oklacak to FoReM 26M.

Bill Dorsey wrote most of the Assembler routines where is he now? It is in the public domain and can import and export messages from the Atari PRO! FXEP is available at: Was it running A. It is called “Nite-Lite” because the computer monitor casts an eerie glow about the room.

He names it “Nite-Lite”. Nite-Lite BBS puts in a second line. MichTron boards eventually take the place of all of the Atari Nite-Lite boards. The BBS would only have problems for the most part if this string became corrupted. OASIS is very crash-resistant and comes with a “dial out” screen so that the Sysop can use the BBS as a terminal program to call and fetch files oklajcak having to bring the BBS down and reload a terminal program.


An excellent message system, and a complex file system. It consists of “file libraries” with suites of “file types”. There is quite a bit of overhead involved in performing a download which may be a good thing, as it discourages file hogs. R-Time 8 clock cartridge supported. Glenda Stocks writes at http: I felt that I had the superior BBS software because I had programmed in the ability to run external programs, including online games and user surveys.


Jeff Williams “Alf” writes: I don’t know when exactly it showed up, version 3. Compared to something like Forem MPP at the time, it was kind of amazing.

Ralph Walden sold it to Glenda Stocks, who chopped it up into modules and sold it as ver 4. PRO was out by then, and was a much more complete offering imo. Glenda wrote some modules for 4. Eventually she gave up and sold me the source. I looked it over and realized it was a mess and nothing was going to happen with it.

I worked on a version 5 for a while, juluus never made much progress. It expects to be running under a SpartaDOS environment. This BBS program uses a “modem clock string” rather than an R-Time 8 cartridge in order to retrieve the current time. This version is designed to function on the Internet and Multiplexer, though neither is required. Targeted at the serious, big-system Internet SysOp.