dan Tamadun Melayu UKM Bil. 25 2 kali C .. China Information: A Journal on Contemporary China Studies X A Journal of Chinese Linguistics A. SENARAI NAMA JURNAL BERWASIT ANTARABANGSA DAN Forum: A China Studies Journal. Institute of China. Studies .. Sari, Jurnal Alam dan Tamadun. Items 51 – 75 of 75 Jurnal Peradaban merupakan jurnal inter disiplin terbitan tahunan yang ilmu tentang antara-peradaban/antara-tamadun, falsafah, bahasa.

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Abstract The history of human civilization depicts that the growth and downfall of a civilization is interrelated to the power and solidarity of its language. The journal aims to provide a forum for communications amongst LIS professionals especially within the Asia Pacific region, to introduce new concepts, methodologies, systems and technology.

Hurnal original articles that are not under consideration by other publishers are welcome. Chinx submit letters to the editor by e-mail to: It publishes scholarly articles, interviews, reviews, and other valuable and lively interventions. Institutions and Economies Institutions and Economies is a peer reviewed journal published by Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya.

H Electronic Printed Electronic.

Journal of China and International Relations

Letters that comment on an article previously published in are particularly encouraged, and the authors will be given the opportunity to respond.

The people of the Peninsular of Malaya started interacting using various languages like Malay, Chinese and Tamil. Labuan Faculty of International Finance. It was not long thereafter that this journal began to gain interest by the international research community. This journal is blind refereed.

We invite submissions of original articles from the entire scope of Asian performing and fine arts fields. There is kurnal strict formatting requirement during initial submission. Forbes Electronic Printed Electronic. Ia menerbitkan makalah dan kajian ilmiah berkaitan Akidah dan Pemikiran Islam jrunal bidang kalam, falsafah, tasawwuf, perbandingan agama, mantik dan pemikiran Islam di Alam Melayu dalam bahasa Melayu, Inggeris dan Arab. Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.


V Electronic Printed Electronic. Kekal Abadi was first published in March as Volume 1, number 1 and was published quarterly until volume 16 Init was decided that a change in the journal name had to be made in order to reflect the international participations and the international contributions tamaeun this journal. The migration of the Indian and Chinese community to the Malay Archipelago had led to the strengthening of the Malay language and its civilization. Special issues are also welcome but interested special issue editors must submit a proposal to the Deputy Editors for consideration.

It provides a platform for scholars, experts, researchers, practitioners, and students to publish original research, review papers, and other scholarly works. All research papers must include literature, theoretical framework and methods.

Faculty of Sustainable Agriculture. SinceJurnal Syariah has increased its publication to thrice a year. Jurnal Peradaban Jurnal Peradaban merupakan jurnal inter disiplin terbitan tahunan yang berwasit oleh Pusat Dialog Peradaban, Universiti Malaya, yang menyiarkan makalah yang berfokus kepada dimensi peradaban.

Faculty of Psychology and Education. However, we have never deviated from our primary aim, which is to facilitate the exchange of ideas, techniques and information among all members of the medical health practitioners and scientists alike. The journal covers a broad spectrum of business and accounting areas and its sub-areas. We made a conscious decision to publish electronically and started this with Volume 30, number1 It welcomes manuscripts written in English. National Geographic Electronic Printed Electronic.

Centre for the Promotion of Knowledge and Language.

e-Journal – Official Website Universiti Malaysia Sabah Library

Historians of ancient civilization, elucidate that language plays a crucial role in fostering relations between the speaker and others. Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation. Jurnal Syariah Jurnal Syariah is a multidisciplinary academic journal published semiannually by the Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Malaya since Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage.


Contributions preferable in English tamarun not exceed words for the full paper, words for review essay and words for a book review. IOJEL accepts manuscripts in any mode of inquiry e. From onwards only the electronic version has been made available https: University of Malaya Press Publication Frequency: Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition. One time 1 per year Language: Jurnal Peradaban merupakan jurnal inter disiplin terbitan tahunan yang berwasit oleh Pusat Dialog Peradaban, Universiti Malaya, yang menyiarkan makalah yang berfokus kepada dimensi peradaban.

Z Electronic Printed Electronic.

Its aim is to publish scholarly business research on issues which are relevant to Malaysia and the Asian region, especially those providing practical implications to promote better business decision gamadun and public policy formulation. Over the next few years, this journal grew in function and rapidly became popular amongst the local universities.

It particularly welcomes theoretically-informed articles on the literary and other cultural productions of these regions. It is published in English and is issued annually in the month of December in online format with hard copy on demand.

Interaksi budaya India & Cina ke atas pengukuhan bahasa dalam Tamadun Melayu

Golf M Publication Sdn Bhd. Faculty of Computing and Informatics. From Volume 31the Library only publishes an electronic copy of Kekal Abadi which can tamadunn acccessed from this web page. Printed Wanita World Politics.

The Journal started with one issue per year, but now it is published biannually from onward in June and December.