The sacred literature of Hinduism is traditionally divided into two “families.” In the older of the two are the books of revelation, held in highest. In Ka Roberto Calasso has taken the sprawling body of classical Sanskrit literature and synthesized it into a kind of novel. Each of its fourteen chapters. KA. Stories of the Mind and Gods of India. by Roberto Calasso In crisply written prose, Calasso (The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony.

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But perhaps this flaw is a blessing or even the vital force in that telling itself. I was amazed by the breadth and depth of the author’s understanding. But that’s a weak foundation for understanding the complex nature robergo Indian mythology. Immortality proved to be oppressive. There is no story so complicated as the Mahabharata.

The mind was what transformed and what was transformed. One of them was my father.

Views Read Edit View history. What ensues is not an explanation, but an unveiling. See all books by Roberto Calasso.

Ka by Roberto Calasso | : Books

I assuaged my resulting feelings of being extra dumb by realizing it would be difficult for me, a mere mortal, to understand such matters anyway. Reading hymn one hundred and twenty-one in the tenth book of the Rig Veda, he found the question that gave the book its title: Roberto Calasso is a literary institution of one.


Kz — Ka by Roberto Calasso.

Chapter XV, robdrto final chapter, is a brief recapitulation of the themes: In the story-within-a-story, Ganga was initially a proud woman who thought she could sweep Siva away like a straw.

Mahabharata is my favorite epic! Calasso’s uncle, Tristano Codignola, was a partisan during World War II who after the war joined the political life of the new republic, and roberho for a while Minister of Education. Fascinating journeying through the book, I found myself wishing that it never ended, rather than getting to the end.

I started writing my memoirs when I was twelve. The book ends with its beginning, Garuda awakening from his sleep, his claws still grasping hymn number of the tenth book of the Rg Veda, his eyes still focused on the syllable from which everything had issued forth: When the glossary proved to be equally confusing I gave up on that. On opposite branches, at the same height, two birds could be made out, “inseparable friends. Try as Caalsso may, to show how the Buddhist teachings flow from, and react against, the Hindu myths, Chapters XIV is just not as interesting as the earlier ones.

Roberto Calasso

After reading in depth analysis in this book, I doubt I will ever be able to think of the horse sacrifice as just a interesting device used in the Ramayana so that Ram could met his twins. No one will read it without reward.

He fascinated me as an actor and a sort of mutant—when he first appeared he looked classo a new anthropological specimen. I was hoping for a book that would take me through some of the stories of Hindu mythology, an area in which my knowledge is woefully inadequate, being limited to hazy childhood memories. Mostly I just jot down anytime he raises a question, such as “But how did it all begin?


Chapter X is about robertto soma, the drink that gives gods and men immortality, the “one quantity that was also quality. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Oct 30, Pages. To ask other readers questions about Kaplease sign up.

Roberto Calasso – Wikipedia

Mar 15, Chitranjan Tyagi rated it it was amazing. Nov 02, Brooke Everett rated it it was ok. Apr 27, Cherie rated it liked it Shelves: Here’s a beautiful example of the philosophizing of these men, this by Bharadvaja: Borges loved him—he was one of his favorite authors.

May 20, Neha Asthana rated it it was amazing.

They write in a rich and often difficult language that takes time to get used to. Other passages are more philosophical, though they are integrated into conversations or stories: This page was last edited on 21 Aprilat