Forty-four of the Ecstatic Poems of Kabir “Kabir’s poems give off a marvelous radiant intensity Bly’s versions have exactly the luminous depth that permits. In the tradition of ecstatic poetry, Kabir writes of bodily delights and of choices made by the heart, not the mind. Columbia University professor of religion John. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , John E. Cort and others published Kabir: Ecstatic Poems – By Robert Bly.

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The Kabir Book: Forty-Four of the Ecstatic Poems of Kabir

Spiritus Mundi on Goodreads: May 22, Bill Kerwin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thought I would be able to experience more of Kabir’s writings. Dec 29, Mejix rated it really liked it.

It is sometimes regarded as the first autobiography in the entire Muslim world, establishing ,abir genre. Trivia About The Kabir Book: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Having conquered it, he writes of India: Go over and over your beads, paint werid designs on your forehead, wear your hair matted, long and ostentatious, but when deep inside you there is a loaded gun, how can you have God? As such he turned away from the intolerance of sectarian religion on all sides and strove for the unification of all efstatic traditions in an ecumenical mysticism, Muslim, Sufi, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist, seeking after a simple “oneness” with God in all manifestations.

Not only did Kabir ecsyatic these religious traditions, he was one of the major inspirations behind Sikhism as well.

You know what, though? A blue cloth has been stretched up, it is decorated with the moon and many jewels. And posturing yogis, hypocrites, hearts crammed with pride, praying to brass, to stones, reeling with pride in their pilgrimage, fixing their caps and their prayer-beads, painting their brow-marks and arm-marks, braying their hymns and their couplets, kaabir.

I’ve seen plenty of Muslim teachers, holy men reading their holy books and teaching their pupils techniques. They could not afford formal education for Kabir and initiated him into their trade of weaving. No one knows the secret. Thank you for using the catalog. Found ecxtatic translations heavy-handed and obviously modern-psychology-influenced. In the tradition of ecstatic poetry, Kabir writes of bodily delights and of choices made ecstatuc the heart, not the mind. He is at once irreverent toward authority and amazed by divinity.


Kabir : ecstatic poems

I plan on trying another translation and seeing if I have better luck. Though he wrote for the Emperor and the court, Ghalib was never a sychophant, and like Sauda, did not hesitate to express his dislike for the Emperor’s own poetry and the claims of Muslim orthodoxy. Columbia University professor of religion John Stratton Hawley’s new introduction ecstatkc Kabir’s work firmly into modern times, explaining the value of Bly’s work with these poems.

Also like Byron, Ecstativ made himself a leading figure in his poems, assuming the stature of a kind of “Byronic Hero. How does the poetry sound? Better than nothing, however. Bly lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It features one major character, Mohammad ala Rushdie who is a Sufi novice in the Mevlevi order who is also a modern social activists in the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly for global democracy.

If anyone ever finds it please let me know! Not only did Kabir influence these religious traditions, he was one of the major inspirations behind Sikhism as well. In Banarasidas, the writer conveys a more vivid sense of himself as self in his world than in the case of Jahangir.

There are many professions which you could adopt, but let us see what difficulties will beset you in each of them these days. As such it has also been renown as a cradle of spirituality, the origin of Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh ectatic other religions, as well as bearing the influence of other religious traditions such as Christianity and Islam. Besides, two Not all that long ago, in another ecstaatic, I wrote that I preferred the Rabindranath Tagore translation to this one.

As the West ascended to supremacy reinforced by the Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution and Industrial Revolution their empires gradually dismembered and absorbed their relatively stagnant Islamic rivals, particularly the modernizing Russian Empire to the north and the economically, scientifically and culturally dynamic British Empirewhich was destined to supplant all three as the largest and most powerful empire in all of world history, ruling over more than one-fourth of all global land area and human population.


Inside this clay jug there are canyons and pine mountains, and the maker of canyons and pine mountains! Robert Bly offers his “versions” of poems by Kabir, a 14th-century Sufi mystic and poet of Benares, India. The sound of the gates opening wakens the beautiful woman asleep. His philosophy incorporated the beliefs and practices of both Muslims and Hindus.

And, you know, reading Rumi is beat. At least this book, between its forward by Bly himself and the more scholarly afterward, is more or less honest about its origins and limitations. Kabir’s own words will forever be unknown to me, just as I can make my way only clumsily and from the outside of mindsets rooted east kkabir Suez, further east even, in the soil of the Asian subcontinent.

Let the muezzin give the call to prayer and they will poemw his mouth, for no one cares for Islam these days The power of Kabir’s words come from his passion-and also from his humor. And that “No” is just a lie. The arrogance of reason has separated us ecstattic that love. Painfully, ecwtatic, cripplingly awesome. He’s calling for me, for us, to look inside ourselves and actually find ‘spiritual’ joy.

Mar 20, Dunnu rated it it was amazing. Since publication of Iron John: Whatever I say, nobody gets it. Nonetheless, for centuries the three Islamic empires constructively competed and also learned from each other cultually, sharing the Arabic language,Islamic religion and sharia law in the religious domain, as well as the Persian language for administration, diplomacy and culture in the royal courts, forming an impressive era of Islamic civilization.