Any deviation to this regulation to be noticed to the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” by the contractor or consultant. These. Regulations for the Installation of Electrical Wiring – Kahramaa. Views . Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation – Kahramaa · qa. L O D = Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation . KAHRAMAA hereby certifies that the WORK under the said CONTRACT has been.

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Lay out regulations, standards and codes of practices fegulation pertain to provision of electricity and rehulation supplies to various buildings and establishments as well as review of their implementations. Upon arrival and departure from Qatar, you will be compensated for the air freight of households items an amount in cash equivalent to Kg for employee, Kg for his wife and 20 kg per eligible child up to four children substantiated by receipts to assist you towards the costs of unaccompanied air freight and other related expenses in accordance with the original receipts.

These units are as follows: Any Application has to be contained the following requirements: Study permit applications small additions and Permit. Developing and updating a database for electricity projects. The President shall issue a decision to determine the competencies of Presidents’ Office and Directors’ Offices of Affairs. Detail data of all Fuel System Equipments 6. Monitoring the commitment to the laws, regulations and decisions relating to the Corporation’s activity.

Working on restoring electrical power in cases of sudden failure, in cooperation with the concerned administrative units.

Reducing water loss and using the latest equipment to detect leakage. Certification of completion of construction after the completion of the special requirements. Programming, saving, retrieving and developing the information systems and data necessary for the Corporation’s activities.

As for water conservation, the guidelines suggest provision of taps with less water flow, usage of strainers degulation filters on taps to reduce speed of water flow in public places, efficient flushing systems and alternate power line for water supply.


Preparing vouchers and all other financial transactions. The Minister may at any time request the Corporation to submit reports or information on its technical, financial and administrative condition or on any aspect relating to its activities. This page location is: The Corporation shall be comprised of administrative units illustrated in the organisational chart accompanying this Resolution.

Providing necessary plans and information related to permits, and coordinating with the relevant sister depts. Installing and monitoring water meters and conducting periodic maintenance. Receiving customer complaints in the event of a sudden cut in the water supply, in coordination with the concerned administrative units.

KAHRAMAA implements first electricity substation for Q-Rail

Monitoring substances and elements that affect water quality in its resources and electricak its storage and delivery in coordination with the concerned administrative units and the relevant bodies, providing technical support and monitoring, and contributing to the development of a water laboratory.

Setting the technical specifications and standards required to be available in the equipment, machinery, supplies and operating requirements.

Adopting the Corporation’s plans and project programmes and monitor their implementation. The violation committee to decide matters relating to violations of building permits. Planning the optimal economic operation of the networks and buying power from power plants for the short term, and preparing programmes for loading the production units through local and regional networks.

The PWA is responsible for all public foul sewerage, surface water and ground water drainage systems in the State of Qatar. Arranging travel, hospitality and accommodation for the Corporation’s guests and visiting delegates, in coordination with the concerned administrative units.

Coordination and actions on all site activities. Preparing basic studies to set an integrated and developed educational programme for awareness and rationalisation in the consumption of electricity and water. Monitoring the application of occupational safety and health rules and reducing the risks to the Corporation’s electricity and water facilities, staff and contractors.


Road and Drainage Networks Design Dept: Endeavouring to the proper use of resources through adopting the principle of profitability institutions in operation.

Job Listings

Specifying water standards, specifications and geographical information systems. The Department of Cooling Services shall be specialised in the following: The Department of Operation and Control shall be specialised in transporting and distributing the water safely and effectively to all subscribers, in particular the following: The depth of first Inspection Chamber should be 0.

Providing fire and safety services for the protection of the Corporation’s property. Should candidates be short-listed for interview, then an offer of employment may be made based on the generic terms outlined below: Preparing necessary reports on the efficiency and effectiveness of international cooperation with regional and international organisations, associations and authorities with respect to the Corporation’s activities.

The Department of Public Relations and Communication shall be specialised in the following: Determining electrical projects and conducting economic feasibility studies thereon.

New water, electricity rules for fresh projects in Qatar – Qatar News Doha

Developing comprehensive programmes in all fields related to cooling services. Determining the needs of elecctrical Corporation’s functions and employees, in coordination with the various administrative units. Identifying areas of cooling services in the State, according to the various priorities and economic feasibility of such services, in coordination with the competent bodies. Producing, delivering, distributing and selling electricity and water, and organising the processes thereof.

Proposing selling prices of electricity and water.

Supervising the implementation of the water emergency plan. This can help save money, while also preserving natural resources and safety of environment. The Department of Water Projects shall be specialised in the following: Proposing tariff imposed on subscribers with cooling services. Proposing policies for cooling services.