Burnt Shadows. Kamila Shamsie Burnt Shadows is an epic narrative of disasters evaded and confronted, loyalties offered and repaid, and loves rewarded and. But Kamila Shamsie has thrown caution wildly to the wind. Burnt Shadows is a giant of novel, striding purposefully across Japan, India, Turkey. Burnt Shadows: A Novel [Kamila Shamsie] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Winner of the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award An Orange Prize.

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Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? There is so much that happens in this book, I really can’t even begin to kammila the plot further than that.

I found Burnt Shadows to be an amalgamation of characters connected through a dead link that was Konrad Weiss. From the beginning of the book when the atomic bomb is dropped on Nagasaki, the effects of this act and of war on the familes involved in the story line shows just how pointless war is.

This book is literary fiction at its finest, not too pretentious or long to bore the reader, and not too ahadows or arrogant to put one off. Sep 12, Anum Shaharyar rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mar 24, Chrissie rated it liked it Shelves: Yet the couple grow closer as partition sunders Sajjad from Delhi as shockingly as Nagasaki was lost to Hiroko. View all 9 comments. Three or four stars?

Burnt Shadows

Another thing I felt cheated by is that we are told time and time again that Hiroko and Raza are fascinated by language, yet that is not reflected into the work itself. At the outset, I was determined to enjoy this book to share the pleasure with my friend, but as I progressed I could observe why she shqdows it so extremely well.

That was Sajjad’s gift. It shows world at its worst and how love, friendship, forgiveness and loyalty can still exist in it. She also sits on the advisory board of the Index on Censorship. And that long book description is not what this book is about. She was overwhelmed by a felling of sorrow for her boy, for that look in her eyes which told her he knew and had always known that he would have to take that most exceptional part of himself and put it to one side.


It was a gift for me because it has given me much food for thought. The willingness, or otherwise, to hear and understand and learn another’s language, or to dhamsie, signals the direction of a story, an emotion. Jan 26, Paul rated it really liked it Shelves: To ask other readers questions about Burnt Shadowsplease sign up.

He is in love shwdows the culture, the poetry, and as reluctant to leave the city, but his blooming romance with Hiroko and the subsequent events put a twist in fate that brings us, once again, down to the level of the human reacting to the large, the international, the encompassing.

Women’s Prize for Fiction Burnt Shadows – Women’s Prize for Fiction

He recalled it very well, the day her opposition to the idea of shhamsie school ended. Dec 12, Rose rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It’s an important and beautifully written read, give it a chance. Everything written in the book can be reflected in one simple phrase, “The speed necessary to replace loss. Frequently, in other characters’ strands, we are made aware of barriers raised against women, but Hiroko always knows exactly which boundary is worthy of respect, which border may be politely or heedlessly transgressed Language lessons and translation are the ropes, ladders, hooks, bridges of the story.

The romance motif in this book is nothing like Ashok’s fairy-tales. Having read Shamsie’s Broken Verseswhere the literary element is an integral feature of the story, I expected to find that kind of meta-fictional play at work here, too, but it is missing. Lives mirror and intersec A twisting yarn of a book that struck me as something written fresh on the heels of In the next, it explodes with the sound of fire and the horror of realisation.

But as well as exploring alienation, this boo I was impressed with the scope of this novel – from Japan to Pakistan to America, and covering about half a century – it touched upon a broad spectrum of cultures, politics and lives, with the twists and turns in the story largely governed by geographic location. Beloved places prove as ephemeral as relationships; even America, where Hiroko ahamsie delighted to hear “Urdu, English, Japanese, German all in the space of a few minutes”, ultimately betrays her.


I feel I can understand why they make the choices they make. What was beautiful, soothing, redemptive to me in this story, was the view from elsewhere, from Hiroko and her birds, from Konrad and his optimism, from Sajjad and his family, from Raza and his friends.

Oddly, in a novel so intent on the evils of kamlla stereotyping, the Raj official James Burton lives in a kmila villa named “Bungle Oh! Jun 10, Caroline rated it really liked it Shelves: This book, from the Orange Prize shortlist, has had terribly mixed reviews. In search of new beginnings, two years later, Hiroko travels to Delhi. Wrapped in a kimono with three black cranes swooping across the back, she is twenty-one, in love with the man she is to marry, Konrad Weiss.

I would shsmsie necessarily make the same choices but I do understand their choices. Only that I don’t suppose he’ll continue to think of India that way for much longer. How did it come to this? Days after Harry’s death at the hands of an Afghan gunman, she manipulates his reluctant daughter Kim into smuggling an Afghan mujahid across the Canadian border and berates her for judging the man “on five minutes of conversation”.

Preview — Burnt Shadows by Kamila Shamsie. One of the reasons i liked it so much that it had a lot of history relating to our region. Jun 27, Anne rated it it was amazing. His Dilli and his feelings of always being underestimated weren’t lost on me.