Siva Panchakshari Stotram · Sri Ramana Maharshi Upadesa Saram Kanakadhara Stotram (English) · Kanakadhara Stavam (Telugu) · Siva Mahimna Stotram. Sri Kanakadhara Stotram MP3 Song by K. S. Chithra from the Sanskrit movie Sri Lakshmi Stotramala. Download Sri Kanakadhara Stotram song on Kanakadhara Stotram is a hymn. It is called Kanakadhara because when Adi Sankara recited it, the Goddess Lakshmi created a shower of golden fruit.

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Kanakadhāra Stotram

Dhiggasthibhi kanaka kumbha mukha vasrushta,Sarvahini vimala charu jalaapluthangim,Prathar namami jagathaam janani masesha,Lokadhinatha grahini mamrithabhi puthreem. Sankara told the Goddess that she is the only one who is capable of changing the fate of someone by erasing or changing the writings of the future made by Lord Brahma.

She searched hard and found one small fruit of gooseberry amlawhich she gave to Sankara the boy. He was moved after seeing the plight of the woman and sang 21 hymns praising Goddess Lakshmi. One should chant this hymn on Fridays and full moon days in the morning and the evening.

One day, as a young boy, he was begging for alms to prepare his lunch and he went to the house of a very poor Brahmin lady to seek alms. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Upcoming Events Mon Home Slideshows Kanakadhara Stotra: Advance Benefits and Power Angam hare pulaka bhooshanamasrayanthi,Bhringanga neva mukulabharanam thamalam,Angikrithakhila vibhuthirapanga leela,Mangalyadasthu mama mangala devathaya.


The house this happened still exisits in Kaladi. After brahmopadesa, as is usual during those times, he was asked to beg alms for his lunch. Meaning- To her devotees and those who are great,Grants she a place in heaven which is difficult to attain,Just by a glance of her compassion filled eyes,Let her sparkling eyes which are like the fully stotra lotus,Fall on me and grant me all my desires.

Kanakadhara Stotra : Meaning, Advance Benefits and Power

Sthuvanthi ye sthuthibhirameeranwaham, Thrayeemayim thribhuvanamatharam ramam, Gunadhika guruthara bhagya bhagina, Bhavanthi the bhuvi budha bhavithasayo. Volunteer for a Better India: The Kanakadhara Stotram is a powerful hymn that pleases Goddess Lakshmi and eliminates poverty, showering blessings, happiness, wealth and abundance on the practitioner. Evening Puja December 31 7: To help everyone learn this new text, we are providing the words, along with recordings of each of the 21 verses.

Once familiar with the pronunciation, you can listen to the chanted version of the verse and become familiar with chanting it.

stotraam Sankara does not distinguish between the three Goddesses of Hinduism. References [ edit ] Kanakadhara Storamtranslated by P. Longest Lunar Eclipse of Century: It is called Kanakadhara because when Adi Sankara recited it, the Goddess Lakshmi created a shower of golden fruit. Sign In to earn Badges.

She hesitantly offered it to Sankara. He asked the Goddess to grant riches to the poor woman. Why is Ravana worshipped?

You can print out the text of Sri Kanakadhara Stotramand then listen to the word-by-word pronunciation of each verse. During Navaratri, this stotram will be chanted each day during the morning homas. Meaning- Salutations to her who is daughter of Bhrigu,Salutations syotram her lives on the holy chest of Vishnu,Salutations to Goddess Lakshmi who lives in a lotus,And saluations to her who is the consort of Damodhara.


Origin [ edit ] The hymn was written stogram the 8th century CE by Adi Sankara, a revered Hindu philosopher and theologian. Even today it is believed that poverty would be banished by singing this hymn.


Adi Sankara was possibly one of the great saints of his time. Thai Pongal January 14, 8: Times Point Know more. Sampath karaani sakalendriya nandanani,Samrajya dhana vibhavani saroruhakshi,Twad vandanani dhuritha haranodhythani,Mamev matharanisam kalayanthu manye.

Hindu texts Hymns Adi Shankara.

stitram The Goddess first refused to do so because the lady had not done any work for charity in her previous birth and it is not possible to change one’s fate. Meaning- Salutations to her who has the golden lotus as seat,Salutations to her who is the leader of the universe,Salutations to her who showers mercy on devas,And salutations to the consort of Him who has the bow called Saranga.

Pradosha Puja January 3, 6: These 21 stanzas became sacred and popular as Kanakadhara Stotram sung for the welfare of anybody suffering because of the past karma and suffering from poverty: Namosthu Kanthyai kamalekshanayai,Namosthu bhoothyai bhuvanaprasoothyai,Namosthu devadhibhir archithayai,Namosthu nandhathmaja vallabhayai.