MAJJHIMA NIKĀYA III 2. 9. Kāyagatāsatisuttaṃ () Mindfulness established in the Body. I heard thus. At one time the Blessed One lived in the monastery. A Study of the Kayagatasati Sutta and Related Texts Concerning Buddhist Meditation Practice By Meas Savoeun (Sumedho) A Thesis Submitted in Partial. A new series on Kayagatasati Sutta during One Day Retreats was started at Nissaranavanaya monastery by Ven. Panadure Chandaratana.

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Haw Rai,p. It comes from nowhere and goes nowhere and is borne by the mind. In the same manner the bhikkhu abides reflecting this body, up from the sole, down from the hair on the top and surrounded by the skin as full of various impurities. The exalted mind as exalted mind, These wrong evil mental factors and evil deeds go together with the life-continua of kayagatasahi, although they become great brahma beings in the brahma worlds, they are still the puthujjanas worldings.

Translated for SuttaCentral by Sujato Bhikkhu.

Kayagatasati Sutta

It will start to play. Maggdmagga-ndnadassana-visuddhi Purity of vision in discerning the path and not-path; 6. Hence, the following are going to be explored and clearly explained in a way of the meditation practices as follows: It is said that, developed mindfulness is the eyewitness of those higher knowledges. The five Hindrances nivarana: Furthermore, as a result they will be loved and respected by others in society because they will not hann others and also not pollute the society where they and others are living together.

In a general sense, vipassand practice can be used as one of aspects of mental development – two types of Buddhist meditation – it is useful for us to live an every daily life through developing mindfulness and awareness of objects as they really arise.


Kayagatasati Sutta – English

One with dosa-carita apparently illustrates with jealousy, pride, slander, envy, grudge, stubbornness, etc. This research methodology will be divided into four stages as follows: There are no two nails together.


These two items related not only to wholesome kwyagatasati unwholesome actions and thoughts in our present lives, but to the distinguished characters and predisposition of sentient beings as well remained in the previous existence. They depend on citta for their arising and they influence on citta. Or sitting knows, I sit. Mya Mon Yadanar Publication,p.

Or suppose they were to see a corpse thrown in a charnel ground being devoured by crows, hawks, vultures, herons, dogs, tigers, leopards, jackals, and many kinds of little creatures. With respect to an equal balance and hannonization of the next mental factors of indriya, viz. The light device, and These instances are said to be equal to one moment of the consciousness or conscious moment cittakkhanawhich covers over the three short instants – arising, existing and dissolving – of the citta called cittakkhana.

Sankhdrakkhandha Group of mental formations; it consists of 50 cetasikas other than vedand and sannd.

Then one continuously develops the next step, that is to say, the knowledge of desire for the escape muncitu-kamyatd- ndna. These realities of ndma and rupa will be explained better according to the five aggregates: In the same way, a mendicant examines their own body, whatever its placement or posture, according to the elements: Therefore, their realities will be realized only after developing vipassand- ndna insight knowledge step by step according to its stages respectively until one attains the ultimate truth of Nibbana.

For a better understanding of practice, these can pave the way both for higher levels of mental attainment and for getting rid of intolerable misery or unbearable problems of life depending on right or wrong chosen purposes.

Of course, one can discern clearly in terms of analyzing the body into various aspects as saying that: The unconcentrated mind as unconcentrated mind, The mind affected by delusion as mind affected by delusion, 40 6. One thingO monks, if developed and cultivated, leads to great benefit.


Like a deep pond without inlets from the east, west, north or south, is filled up with cool water springing from the bottom. This is katagatasati the right concentration.

All human beings are endowed with different disposition and different dutta of the life – habits, actions, or ever from the previous deeds kammas – which have been appearantly identified in their own characteristics lakkhanaand which zutta parallel to pair of the carita.

I firmly believe that all teachers who wish to teach in the Theravada tradition should be: Such a person with moha-carita and vitakka-carita lives a daily life in the way of hesitation, useless babbles, much imaginations or doubtfulness and hard to do the wholesome deeds.

The distracted mind as distracted mind, 9. The air that pervades through the limbs angamahgdnusdrino vdtd 32 2.

Kayagatasati Sutta | Damsara

The mind affected by hate as mind affected by hate, 4. That is the reason why it should be studied thoroughly and in detail to find out the correct way to deal with sutha in order to get a better understanding in appropriate application based on the kdyagatdsati practice.

For instance, the fourth jhdna now includes upekkhd and sati, rather than simply an absence of piti and sukha.

Whatever kind of perception there is The five aggregates should be examined and explored in brief for how to analyze the personal experience through two poles of teaching. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The characteristic of suffering is the mode of being continuously oppressed by rise and fall.

Mya Mon Yadanar Publication, kyaagatasati, pp. These are as follows: