I believe the PPSMI would be one of the factor that would attract Malaysia .. langsung dan tidak berfikiran strategik utk kebaikan anak bangsa. PPSMI or the usage of English to teach Maths and Science was . sedikit sebanyak KEBAIKAN dan KEBURUKAN tentang PPSMI atau. Setelah PPSMI ‘kononnya’ dimansuhkan dan akan dilaksanakan pada ppsmi lebih banyak membawa mudarat daripada kebaikan. kajian.

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PIBG represents the the parents and teachers of the said school, whom are elected year in year out. We all know a lost cause when we see one.

China catching up fast on computer technology but is still way behind the Americans. Adakah puak2 berjanggut putih dan bermata ceme sebelah yg mengepalai GMP tu boleh menjamin masa depan anak2 ini? Idea sebegini amat ganjil kerana ia tidak menyentuh langsung kebaikna menterjemah buku-buku, artikel-artikel jurnal dan bahan-bahan lain yang berbahasa Inggeris ke dalam bahasa Melayu.

If we need Malaysia to move forward then bundle education polices and hand them over to the education commission. Untuk mendapatkan atau menggunakan teknologi itu kita kena tahu bahasa pengantaranya. Baru boleh duduk sama rendah, berdiri sama tinggi. I have no respect for the so-called Pejuang Bahasa, for they allowed themselves to be taken for a ride by the Perosak Rakyat PR.

In fact, whenever the topic PPSMI creeps into a discussion, seldom you will get everyone agreeing to a point. Kawan-kawan saya dari kampung-kampung dan estet-estet handal menangani pembelajaran dalam Bahasa Inggeris walaupun sebelum itu hanya berupya berutur dalam Bahasa Melayu sahaja. The approach should still be creative and interactive but no songs and games.


PPSMI – Wikipedia

As a conclusion, I would like to state that I dont see any considerable benefit in using mandarin as the language of teaching mathematics. Kita boleh anggapkan golongan ppsml sebagai bahan ujian. Look at national schools. But what is unclear is whether this will cover vernacular schools as well. Not to mention how much we are missing on their beautiful literature and way of looking at things.

No exams at this level. We know the patents filing from East Asia country is now leading the world, do they know English? Vernacular school should be closed and integrated into National School.

It is clear, therefore, that the use of languages other than BM in our universities is neither illegal nor against national policy. Obviously I am very appreciative towards any kebaikab be it positive of negative.

Ahli Parlimen Kota Belud P Wo la wei, you have not quoted any authority on what you said and as they stand, they are only opinions. English is spoken practically all over the world. That the Japanese are jittery of the Fukushima radiation leaks is no argument to stop our nuclear power plant programme. I will copy this comment for our paper, buli ka? Students of other grades are not affected, and continued to study Mathematics and Science in the mother tongue.

No matter what the reasoning or rationale, the bare fact truth is that political expediency will always prevail. It is somewhat middle approach to shore up the decline kebaiksn the language. Have you thought about other sayings before putting out the Chinese kenaikan



Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Teachers should also have lessons out of classroom to teach the environment. It is hopeful because he says examinations and not UPSR PPSMI, for eg, should be under their purview. Bahagian A – 1 soalan: Would you think it appropriate if so? We must keep up kebikan the advancement in science and technology. Dear JMD, The vernacular schools are here to stay for sometime yet.

Sebab itu jangan terburu-buru. I want to do something like an opinion poll here.

Dasar 60 Sains : 40 Sastera by WONG YINYONG on Prezi

Mate, all that I see there as kebaikzn advantage with mandarin is in doing lightning manual calculation. Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan hanya menyebabkan berlakunya ketidakseimbangan pendidikan negara. Thank you for your comment, Aku. Continue with the dual language option.

First and foremost, I would like to thank YOU for all the kind compliments and words of wisdom I received in the previous article. Akin to that midget that shout De plane, De plane.

Secret societies, thugs and gangsters also came from south China.