Irish crime novelist Ken Bruen tells Bob Flynn how he exorcised his The Guards, then subverts the premise with his protagonist-narrator. A woman makes an unlikely choice by asking Jack Taylor to investigate the apparent suicide of her teenage daughter in Galway. Jack is ex. Ken Bruen (born ) is an Irish writer of hard-boiled and noir crime fiction. Bruen’s works include the well-received White Trilogy and The Guards. In

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Jack Taylor gegen Benedictus Ken Bruen. The novel has virtually no inner tension. What a great book; what a great author. Aug 10, Nick rated it it was amazing Shelves: He has very good pacing, and his books are very short, which accentuates this – so despite being in places tired and pretentious guardd inauthentic this novel is uncomfortably un-Irish on occasionit’s still a cracking read.

In The Spotlight: Ken Bruen’s The Guards | Confessions of a Mystery Novelist

I have read about four of his books in this series and enjoyed them all. I’ve still got the day job, and the travel bug.

And she wants Jack to sober up long enough to prove her right. It was published within a year of his return, and he resumed teaching at a school for marginalized children. I didn’t know I had it.


Ken Bruen – Wikipedia

There are plenty of fictional sleuths who read crime fiction. Jack’s voice, the overall pacing and short chapters full of snappy dialogue made this a fast read at one sitting and left me feeling I wouldn’t mind more, despite this being that dark and cynical blend you find in hard-boiled fiction that usually leaves me cold. Call that a recommendation, if you want.

And in this novel, where very few people turn out to be what they seem, those friendships matter.

Often when I finish the first book of a series, I think to myself that maybe someday I’ll read more. Don’t let the pag A good book. Mar 08, Brueb rated it did not like it.

Down the mean streets of Galway

We see his failures in his dealings with his family, with women, with friends and neighbours and in his distrust of all authority, whether church or state.

Well, he actually spends most of his time soaking up booze but he still tries to help people when he can. Dozens of creamy Guinness lined in ths.

There’s a self-destruct button in me. I’d love to hear it. An ocean of drink and a small chaser of plot. Don’t let the pages fool you. Other books in the series. Beaumont, or Lawrence Block’s Matthew Scudder.


But there’s a wit and humor in the narrator that somehow made that darkness bearable. Most important of all, I was cheap. Bruen The McDead, etc.

Jack Taylor is the only PI in Ireland. There are no private eyes in Ireland.

His constant ability to made bad from good makes for an enthralling read. What I knew from mine was if I drank, chaos reigned. At 17, he auditioned for Rada, and was offered a place – but “my family started asking if I was queer, and I didn’t have the bottle to go. But he does investigate and manages, after a stint in the drunk tank, to find out that other guarxs have also ‘committed suicide’ in similar circumstances.

Added by 4 of our members. For these reasons Tye Bruen may be one of the most successful unsuccessful crime writers going. It’s sparse, flippant and brooding; all positives when it comes to crime noir.