This Pin was discovered by manjunath. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Poomse Keumgang Keumgang, meaning diamond, is symbolized Tae Kwon Do Black Belt Poomsae (Taekwondo Poomsae series Book 3).

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A man on the Earth represents the struggle of humanity. Turtle Press Turtle Press is a leading producer of books and videos for martial arts students and instructors as well as law enforcement personnel and those interested in self-defense and personal protection. Poomse Taebaek Taebaek bright mountain is the name given to Mt. The Choon-bi sogi requires a concentration kehmgang force in the lower abdomen, the source of all strength, much like the land is the source of strength for all life.

The line of movements symbolizes the origin and transformation of the plain.

Keumgang | Taekwondo Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

These are the qualities stressed in the Keumgang poomsae. I was already familiar with the general meaning of those two Poomsae, but not in such detail.

And of course the way to develop speed is through thorough knowledge and practice of the basics, which is what Taebaek is keumhang about. Cheon Kwon means Heavens Greatness or the origin of all being. The thing that distinguishes a 4th Dan from a 3rd Dan is or should be the depth of knowledge with regard to the basics, as well as speed.

When a 3rd Dan has acquired these qualities, then he or she is ready for 4th Dan promotion. It teaches that a point, pookse line or a keumgahg ends up at one. The movement line of Koryo represents the Chinese character for seonbae or seonbi, which means a learned man or a man of virtue in Korean. Han Soo means water which is the source of sustenance and growth for all life.

For the 6th Dan. The line poomsr movements symbolizes the Buddhist mark which means a state of perfect selflessness where origin, substance and service come into congruity. For the 7th Dan. The line of movement symbolizes a man standing on the Earth preparing to spring up toward the heaven. The first three yudanja poomsae are centered around the body or the physical development of a student.


Apr 11, 2.

Taekwondo Black Belt Form 2 – Keumgang

The pioneers were wise men who knew what they were doing, because they themselves went through the very process that they describe for us in the poomsae. Similarly, Koguryo or Koryo in North Korea is distinguished by its great natural beauty, abundance of raw materials for building i.

Poomse Jitae Jitae means keumganf man standing on the Earth looking at the sky. The symbolism of the mountains in the first three yudanja poomsae has extra meaning in that it marks the climb of a martial artist’s journey up through the physical levels of poomes art. Your user name or email address: Its infinite nature signifies change, creation and completion.

Additionally, these three groups can be associated with Koguryo, Paekjae and Shilla, the original Three Kingdoms. Keumgang on the Korean peninsula, which is regarded as the center of national spirit, and the ‘Keumgang Yoksa’ Keumgang warrior as named by Buddha, who represents a mightest warrior, keumgamg the background denominating this poomsae. Poomse Koryo Poomse Koryo symbolizes seonbae which means a learned man, who is characterized by a strong martial spirit as well as a righteous spirit.

For the 2nd dan. The word sipjin is derived from the principle of longevity which maintains there are ten creatures of long life: It is these qualities that differentiate a 3rd Dan from lower ranks, and once these qualities are achieved, then the 2nd Dan is ready for promotion to 3rd Kdumgang.

Here are the explanations of Keumgang and Taebaek, in case you’re still looking for them. Mount Baekdoo is the loftiest and grandest poimse in Korea. Poomse Sipjin The word sipjin is derived keumtang the principle of longevity which maintains there are ten creatures of long life: This goes with the original philosophy of developing technique or form first in Koryo and the guep level poomsethen power in Keumgang before speed in Taebaek. Dec 7, Messages: The nature of water, characterized by unbreakability and flexibility, is the basis for this poomse.


The line ieumgang movements symbolizes the Poomde character for a word meaning the bridge between heaven and Earth. Nov 7, Messages: Thank you a lot for the information. Keumgang, meaning diamond, is symbolized by hardness. The choonbi-sugi ready stance is tongmilgi which promotes concentration by placing the hands between the upper and lower abdomen, the center of ki in the body.

Mount Baekdoo is regarded as the symbol of Korea. May 14, 7.

Log in or Sign up. The line of movements symbolizes a man descending to Earth poomde the heavens, being empowered by the heavens and attaining oneness between the Earthly world body and the heavenly world mind.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Pyongwon means a plain or a vast field of land. Poomse Pyongwon Pyongwon means a plain or a vast field of land.

The Meaning of Keumgang and Taebaek Poomsae

Han Soo symbolizes the birth of a life, growth, strength, weakness, harmony, magnanimity, and adaptability through life. The movements are characterized by circular arm movements, symbolizing the greatness and inclusiveness of the Cheon Kwon concept. I didn’t even know the Yudanja Poomsae were divided in groups and that they even posed meaning while grouped.

Paektu, keumgsng mountain from which Tangun, the founder of the Korean people, ruled the country. As may be understood, Poomse ‘Taebaek’ has it basic principles of movement from the word Taebaek with the meaning of light and being looked upon as sacred by the Korean people. Discussion in ‘ Tae-Kwon-Do ‘ started by puunuiJan 19,