The Khaksar Movement was a paramilitary organization, which was introduced by Allama Inayatullah Mashriqi in a chaotic situation of the. Allama Inayatullah Khan Mashriqi founded the Khaksar Movement, aiming to advance the condition of the masses irrespective of any faith, sect. Khaksar Movement in British India. K likes. “Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Untouchables, Christians of the Frontier Province have witnessed with their own.. .

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He incorporated them into a second treatise, Isharatand this movemetn as the foundation for the Khaksar movement, [4] which Roy Jackson has described as being ” Retrieved 20 January All Khaksars carried a bailcha spade as a sign of unity and strength.

Non-Mainstream Religion in Persianate Societies. The Khaksar Movement-What was its reality? By using kyaksar site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Khaksar Movement was a fanatical political and social movement of British India. The Session called upon the Government forthwith to appoint an independent and impartial committee of inquiry with instructions to make complete investigation and inquiry in the whole affair, and make their report as soon as possible.

Khaksar Movement in British India.

See Terms of Use for details. The Khaksars mocement ‘humble persons’ used to wear Khaki colored light brown uniforms and carry spades all the time. The Khaksar Movement was a paramilitary organization, which was introduced by Allama Inayatullah Mashriqi in a chaotic situation of the political atmosphere of India.

Inwhen Pakistan was finally made the Khaksars Movement closed down for some time. My suffering almost to the point of death that I had to face at the hands of the political tyrants, has not gone in vain and I am happy that truth and righteousness have at last won a battle like of which has, perhaps seldom happened in the history of the defeat of evil.

While the two-nation theory certainly had its share of supporters, what seems to have been overlooked by many is that there was a tremendous amount of opposition to the division of India.

Retrieved from ” https: It is said that in the session in which the Pakistan Resolution was passed by the Muslim League, a condolence resolution was also presented. His offer was not accepted. History of Pakistan timeline: It was assumed to be a social-reformist movement, which had to deal with the objectives set by its founder.


It contains descriptive information on the secret and private correspondence of the Secretary of State for India, Viceroy of India, Provincial Governors, and other high officials. The organization of khakzar movement was such that Allama Mashriqi was Khaksar-i-Azam the biggest khaksar with an advisory council but Allama could overrule any advice.

It wanted to then come to power and set up a secular and real Islamic state, in India. Views Read Edit View history.

Khaksar movement’s declared objectives of unity of India regardless of religion eventually came in conflict with All India Muslim League ‘s and Muhammad Ali Jinnah ‘s objectives of Two-nation theory based on the religions of Hindus and Muslims of British India. This was called the ‘Khaksar massacre of ‘.

Yet they could neither suppress the Khaksar Movement nor the spirit of freedom which Al-Islah had infused throughout the nation.

Khaksar Movement in British India. Research Papers –

Help Center Find new research papers in: Over time, this view has been endorsed by many writers, including those in the West, and indeed become virtually synonymous with a universal truth. Nasim Yousaf, a grandson of Allama Mashraqi, is a historian and scholar; his exhaustive research focuses on Mashraqi and the Khaksar Tehreek. Home Events Prehistoric — The Year — — — — — — — — — — — Present Personalities Prehistoric — The Year — — — — — — — — — — — Present Videos Prehistoric — The Year — — — — — — — — Present Jinnah Glimpses Contributed By People.

He was entitled to remove any member from the organization while there was no way to remove him. Authority and the Islamic State. But it did not succeed.

Abstract The partition of British India has come to be viewed as inevitable.

The Khaksar Movement – Lahore | Rediscovering City History

The Khaksar movement Urdu: The Disowned Genius, pagePublisher: Click here to sign up. The final show of Khaksar was against Muslim League council session in June at Imperial Hotel Delhi to occupy the floor and to use force to reject the partition plan.

A closer re-examination of the facts, however, reveals a complex picture of the partition episode. There are different opinions about the Khaksar Movement and its followers called ‘Khaksars’. The organization needed dedicated and selfless people as the founder rejected all those who wanted to join party for their vested interests. Allama Mashriqi recognized the poor handling of affairs by the Pakistani Government in East Pakistan from onwards and foretold of the breakup of Pakistan in Mashriqi’s Birth to ” Extracts from his research have been published on the web sites dedicated to Allama Mashriqi and Dr.


Abstract Historically, the liberation of British India in has been primarily credited to the All-India Muslim League and the Indian National Congress, who were involved in the negotiations for partition with the British In other words, the movement founder Allama Mashriqi was mainly shaping the policy guidelines.

This work includes important dates, events, press statements, information on court proceedings, photos, and more. The flag of the Khaksars is a modified Ottoman symbol; a crescent moon and a star on a red background.

The people of Bengal played a vital role in movemet creation of Pakistan. The focal point of the movement was social reforms but it actively participated in politics and the leaders came in working alliance with Muslim League, as League was the only organization, which Khaksars were liable to join.

Khaksar Movement

It is widely believed today that there was no other practical khaisar for the nation of Muslims and Hindus, but to divide the country. Causes of Indian Mutiny of Article in Harvard Asia Quarterly: The party workers were required to bear their own expenses, and kha,sar time for work of social welfare of the community.

History of the Khaksar Movement in India, — Due to the movement’s rigid manifesto and strict policies to adhere to their own ideology, it often came into conflict with the ruling British government. On 14 MarchAllama Mashriqi again addressed a camp of Khaksars at Lahore to further clarify the fourteen points that became the foundation of the movement. The movement attracted many Indian Muslims before the partition movdment after the division it lost its sympathizers due to the failure of party program and its ideology.