Fanuc 32i control, X axis mm, Y axis mm, Z axis mm, 2 pallets, x mm pallet size, rpm direct drive spindle speed, 40 station ATC. KIWA KH Horizontal Machining Centers for sale by Meridian Machinery, Inc. – Used – Excellent – Wisconsin, United States – # KIWA KH Horizontal Machining Centers for sale by RAB Industries, Inc. – Used – Excellent – Michigan, United States – #

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Home Metal – machine tools Milling – cnc horizontal milling machines. We did not have allot of issues, just quirky and slow compared to others horizontals. So let’s break this down shall we? Has anyone have any good luck with these or have one?

He sold his company and the company brought everything but the horizontal. How is your Makino FMS doing btw? I don’t think a similarly equipped Makino A51 setup would even break It seem like a decent deal since its basically brand new. If I didn’t know the guy personality I would be worried. Certainly, you can automate 5-axis machines more and more these days, but again, it depends on the part design and quantities.

But it does make sense since a horizontal will always be able to put more parts on a tombstone vs 5 axis. Originally Posted by Orange Vise. Something doesn’t add up. Holding parts per pallet negates the benefit of using the 5 axis.



More Information Wondering which machine will make the biggest impact on your business? The 5 axis is great for lower quantity runs. Horizontal Machining Centers HMCs are milling machines that feature horizontally oriented spindles that rely on rotary cutters to remove metal from a workpiece. Click picture to enlarge Images. Plus the job I’ve got lined up I’m really thinking about what Mega arms just got with 2 robodrills with a robot. The machine is has 6 pallet, tools,reinshaw probe and laser, 1, psi through coolant etc etc.

Already activated and prices not showing? Results 1 to 20 of Yup, I was lame Other issue was chip control, you couldn’t get them out fast enough and had to dig them out every 4 hours. I really think I need to try it soon. Not checking isn’t a option I agree, its batshit crazy. If you do get it, are you able to get the machine set up properly? I came up on a deal from a guy who sold his company.

Kiwa Horizontal Machining Center Model KH-45

I understand what your saying but size won’t be a issue if you get the right size machine and fixturing for your parts. Thermo Former-Double Ender 2. Even at that it seems a bit steep. Well I guess what do you concern low volume.

I don’t think I could find a machine this well equipped for sale right now at this price area. Enter your email address to receive monthly updates when the best machine deals enter the market.

I think why they pay so much for it was because they did a turn key that toke 9 months to program 2 parts. We don’t even have 3 phase where we’re at now. Horizontal Machining Centers Kiwa Horizontal Machining Centers HMCs are milling machines that feature horizontally oriented spindles that rely on rotary cutters to remove metal from a workpiece.


Sorry my friend, you need somebody to tell you what it is and what it is not–with your actively considering this deal.

Yes, I’ll be there Monday, late morning. This is a production machine Like I’ve said before you would know better then I would.

You would think not, but with the damn NC4 laser in the matts, it wont work. I feel a shop needs to have one of each so that is the goal! It all adds up. Thank GOD we rented it and didn’t buy it. So it’s not really the “same” program. Plenty of machines out there in good condition for a buck k. But I did pick up a job that they keep 7 verticals 10 hours 5 days a week busy that we weren’t suppose to start till we move in 2 months.

I went today to look it over and kia very clean and everything seem to be just fine on it. Damn funny, and I will take my lumps Last Jump to page: We’re here to help.