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Sample your inner sound. But it is usually one year. Three stereo effect processors are available for simultaneous use.

Input Audio In phone jack: Three stereo effects can be chained together for radical sound warping. Primarily, It introduces a new “Play Level” function that can add 12dB to the playback level of an individual sample.

Now revitalized with up-to-the-minute patterns and massive SD data storage, these versatile music makers are now better than ever.

Korg ESX1SD Electribe SX Production Station Sampler

A full set of instruction is included as. Nine parts are set up to play as “one-shot” samples, or Drum Parts. Operating System Version 1. Besides, the basic functions as Eletcribe vacuum tube VALVE FORCE circuitry, delivering analog warmth or menacing bite Three stereo effects that can be chained together for radical sound warping Crisp filters and speedy-smooth timbral modulation Built-in step sequencer, delivering intuitive song production Motion Sequence function, to capture and replay sound-tweaking knob movements Powerful arpeggiator, ribbon controller and slider, for generating inspired phrases Auto BPM Detection, which sets the tempo based on any external audio source.


Number of Parts 16 total; 2 synth parts, 9 drum parts, 1 drum accent part, 2 stretch part, 1 slice part, 1 audio in part. Polyphony – 16 voices. Warranty for new products.

Korg ElecTribe SX (ESX-1) | Vintage Synth Explorer

A variety of editing functions capable of freely editing sampled phrases etc. Data can be quickly saved and loaded via SmartMedia cards.

Motion Sequence function captures electeibe replays sound-tweaking knob movements. Multitimbral – 16 total; 2 synth parts, 9 drum parts, 1 drum accent part, 2 stretch part, 1 slice part, 1 audio in part. In a regular setting, this system is set as the master.

Also shop in Also shop in. Keyboard – 16 soft pads. As more and more musicians adopted the Electribes as part of their audio arsenal, Korg teamed up with cutting-edge creative artists from around the world to deliver fresh beats, patterns and even Electribe SX ESX-1 samples.

Filter – 4 types synth part: The samples it ships with are excellent, but the ability to load your own samples and make its sounds your own open up far more unique and almost limitless possibilities for your music.

The tube gain knob adjusts the level of the output signal passing through the vacuum tubes, creating dynamic sounds with the distinctive tonal quality that only tubes deliver.

Digital outputs include A and B busses, bringing the total number of busses to You can combine patterns, add mute data and knob movements to create up to 64 songs, the ESX-1 ships with 3 demo songs. The ESX-1 is a fantastic dance production machine best suited for live performances.


Manual Download the complete owner’s manual esc-1 Korg here. A generous seconds of memory at A variation of the Band Pass Filter which also has a parallel dry path mixed into the signal.

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Maximum patterns, Maximum 20, event recording. Powered with Korg’s Valve Force circuitry and eleectribe real built-in vacuum tubes, this discontinued model is nevertheless a powerful piece of gear. The ESX-1 ships with preloaded samples covering a wide variety of styles. Once sliced, individual samples can be muted to generate new grooves. Songs – 64 songs 3 preloadMaximum patterns, Maximum 20, event recording.

The ESX-1 SD offers powerful editing features to provide the freedom to sample and modify sounds in realtime.

Using the last step function, you can easily adjust to any odd meter. Easy and intuitive to use, flexible, fun and inspiring.

Korg ESX1SD Electribe SX Production Station Sampler | eBay

Warranty for used products. Up to patterns can be created and stored to the internal memory. Korg electribe elect live sampler ESX