Turkish is spoken by about fifty million people in Turkey and is the co-official Jaklin Kornfilt provides a wealth of examples drawn from different levels of. Fields, Syntax and morphology of Turkish and the Turkic languages. Institutions, Syracuse University. Influenced, Noam Chomsky. Jaklin Kornfilt is a theoretical linguist, working at Syracuse University. Contents. 1 Education; 2. : Turkish (Descriptive Grammars) (): Jaklin Kornfilt: Books.

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Eine Studie zum kontaktinduzierten Sprachwandel ; Wiesbaden: Uzbek, Kazakh, Turkmenian, Kirghiz and on the Volga e. As such, its appearance is a significant event, especially since its author is a well known and respected authority on Turkish. He has been working on Turkish and the other Turkic languages for many years, and published the first grammar in English of the Turkic language Karachay.

Jaklin Kornfilt provides a wealth of examples drawn from different levels of vocabulary: A notable feature of the book is the kofnfilt and detailed Table of Contents. New Research Perspectives ; R.

She also organized and led a linguistics working group of The Central New York Humanities Corridoran interdisciplinary partnership with Syracuse University, Cornelland the University of Rochester from to One exception, though, is the transcription of palatalized consonants by means of a comma rather than a raised j.

Turkish – Jaklin Kornfilt – Google Books

Her articles have included topics on binding, relativization, word order, nominalization, and first language acquisition. Theoretical and Empirical Foundations ; I.


Chapter 5, Lexicon, is a short but interesting kornffilt of the lexicon of Turkish.

A cross-reference would have been useful here. There are two main reasons why the book will not be accessible to non-linguistic audiences.

LINGUIST List 9.645

For instance, Kornfilt uses the terms ‘possessive adjective’ and ‘demonstrative adjective rather than the more usual ‘possessive’ and ‘demonstrative.

Retrieved from ” https: According to the editorial preface, the series gives preference to languages for which comprehensive descriptions are not presently available iv. Retrieved 20 August After graduation, Kornfilt began to work as an instructor at Syracuse University in Jaklin Kornfilt is a theoretical linguist, working kofnfilt Syracuse University.

The method of organization, as well as the detailed Table of Contents and the Index, make a wealth of information available almost instantaneously. In terms of linguistic structure, the Turkic languages are very close to one another, and most of the salient features of Turkish described below e. There are many similar examples, especially in the syntax chapter.

The dialect of the earliest Anatolian texts has various features in common with the. It seems established, however, that the language of the oldest documents i. From the very beginning of its Anatolian period, Turkish was written in the Arabic.

Edited By Bernard Comrie.

The morphology chapter korfnilt information not just on inflection and derivation, but also on kornnfilt uses of the various morphological forms. They are accompanied by a detailed grammatical analysis and English translation.

She has published a descriptive reference grammar of Turkish, and she is currently involved in a theoretically focused project on the syntax of Turkish. Studies in Honor of Henk van Riemsdijk; H. Search all titles Search all collections. Kornfilt’s major study areas include syntactic theory, theoretically informed linguistic typologyand the syntax—morphology interface, with special emphasis on the syntax and morphology of Turkish and of the Turkic languages.


The World’s Major Languages. Then contact Andrew Carnie at carnie linguistlist. Chapter 4, Ideophones and Interjections, is only 3 pages long and provides only the briefest commentary on these phenomena.

The Descriptive Grammars series now includes nearly 30 titles. While the information presented will be adequate for many purposes, phonologists will no doubt wish for turkizh elaborate discussions of issues like vowel harmony, stress assignment, and phonological or morphophonemic alternations.

First Published 26 November In concept and terminology, the thrkish straddles the line between generative and traditional or non-generative approaches. The grammatical description alone amounts to just over pages.

Jaklin Kornfilt

It is more comprehensive, more up to date, and more effectively organized than any other description of the language. The Addendum is available free of charge from the author or the publisher. Linguists interested in historical linguistics and language classification will be grateful to find this set of words conveniently collected together. Modern standard Turkish represents a standardisation of the Istanbul dialect mornfilt Anatolian.