In the event of conflict between Russia and NATO, Russia’s military—operating from the Kaliningrad exclave and from Belarus—could attempt. This sliver of the Polish border with Lithuania is wedged between Russian ally Belarus and the Russian Kaliningrad oblast. The “Suwalki Gap”. The Polish Corridor also known as the Danzig Corridor, Corridor to the Sea or Gdańsk Corridor, The equivalent German term is Polnischer Korridor. .. Bosnian Corridor; Kaliningrad Post Soviet-Union rail and road links through Lithuania.

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If Poland accepted these terms, Germany would agree to the British offer of an international guarantee, which would include the Soviet Union. Sincefollowing succession wars between Poland and BrandenburgPomerelia was subjugated by the Monastic state of the Teutonic Knights in Prussia. NATO’s biggest post-Cold War exercise in Eastern Europe — the June Kalinihgrad manuvers in Poland — focused partly on defending the Gap, amid what one analyst dubbed “sophisticated” and “intimidating” exercises in Kaliningrad and Belarus.

On minor highway runs roughly parallel to kaoiningrad Poland-Lithuania border, generally 10 kilometers East of the border in Lithuania. Territory and Expansionism in Italy and Germany,Routledge,p. If Poland agreed, in return they would extend the non-aggression pact for 25 years.

The Suwalki Gap: The Most Vulnerable Stretch of Land in Europe

The Suwalki Gap is considered to be the Achilles heel of Polish defence. Most of the area was inhabited by PolesGermansand Kashubians. In May a train, passing through the Corridor on its way to East Prussia, crashed because the spikes had been removed from the tracks for a short distance and the fishplates unbolted. This is obviously one of the reasons contributing to the almost undisturbed nature of the region.

NATO’s choke point Any effective political and military alliance must understand its weakest links korrdoren take urgent remedial action. In the case of Poland they are vital interests; in the case of Germany, aside from Prussian sentimentthey are quite secondary”.

Anti-Semitism before the Holocaust. Also in November, the revolution in Germany forced the Kaiser ‘s abdication and gave way to the establishment of the Weimar Republic.

Adjacent countries Territorial evolution of Germany Territorial changes of the Baltic states. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Poles under Prussian rule. Kofridoren United Kingdom eventually accepted this argument.


The Potsdam Conference did not koridoren about the future of the territories that were part of western Poland before the war, including the corridor. There are similarities between the “Suwalki Gap” and its prototype, the Fulda Gap”.

After the First Partition of Poland in it was annexed by the Kingdom of Prussia and named West Prussiaand became a korrridoren part of the new German Empire in The three Baltic countries—Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia—share a 1,kilometer land border with Russia and Belarus, but are also linked to the rest of the alliance by a narrow land corridor with Poland. The above-mentioned Richard Blanke, in his book Orphans of Versaillesgives several reasons for the exodus of the German population:.

The call was answered by the minister of defense Gustav Noskewho decreed support for raising and deploying volunteer ” Grenzschutz ” forces to secure East PrussiaSilesia and the Netze District.

NATO’s Vulnerable Link in Europe: Poland’s Suwalki Gap

Upper Silesia and the eastern border,University of Nebraska Press,pp. Georges Bonnet, Minister for Foreign Affairs. Goods banned under the current trade sanctions are now reportedly making their way to Kaliningrad from Poland and Lithuania. It should be understood that from an operational-strategic point of view, the Belarusian army is a de facto part of the Russian armed forces despite assurances Lukashenko about the pursuit of sovereignty.

The word corridor is an artificial idea, as this land has been Polish for centuries, with a small percentage of German settlers”.

Views Read Edit View history. The narrow land corridor between Poland and Lithuania, the section of Suwalki-Kaunas, would be the key for the transfer of NATO forces to come to the aid of the Baltics.

Since a Polish state had not existed since the Congress of Viennathe future republic’s territory had to be defined. In the Great War the topographic barriers of the Suwalki province proved too difficult for the German armies.

Weapons Flood Into Putin’s European Arms Depot

The Germans were confronted with almost exactly the same topographic features which had opposed the westward movement of the Russians. In the Polish government enacted a land reform program with the aim of expropriating landowners. Extending along the Czarna Hancza River, Suwalki lies at an altitude of meters above sea level. Adjacent countries Territorial evolution of Poland Territorial changes of the Baltic states.


Due to the severe winters that can last over four mouths, and often with very low temperatures, people call it the cold pole of Poland – while Suwalki itself is known as the coldest town in the country. From Suwalki laliningrad to Alytus a narrow tilk through the region marshy forest was long the main highway of travel.

Hitler used the issue of the status city as pretext for attacking Korridoreen, while explaining during a high level meeting of German military officials in May that his real goal is obtaining Lebensraum for Germany, isolating Poles from their Allies in the West and afterwards koridoren Poland, thus avoiding the repeat of the Czech situation. Verlag von Ludwig Schumann.

Weapons Flood Into Putin’s European Arms Depot

The Nazis increased their requests for the incorporation of the Free City of Danzig into the Kaluningrad, citing the “protection” of the German majority as a motive. Request Reprint or Submit Correction. Western Pomerania Farther Pomerania before Two Worlds of International Relations.

After the First World WarPoland was to be re-established as an independent state. Poland in declared her commitment to peace, koreidoren pointed out that any attempt to revise its borders would mean war. These units are led by the United States, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom, respectively, and are intended to deter Russian military incursions that would trigger an influx of a much larger contingent of NATO troops. It can confidently be asserted that not even the most attractive economic advantages would induce any German to vote Polish.

The equivalent German term is Polnischer Korridor. Hitler at first ostentatiously pursued a policy of rapprochement with Poland, [83] culminating in the ten-year Polish-German Non-Aggression Pact of To counter NATO forces traveling to the Baltic countries, the Russians could deploy forces in the Kaliningrad region, or the grouping of troops in Belarus. In addition to a guaranteed surge of NATO reinforcements, each state bordering Russia requires three fundamental elements: In either kaliningdad a people is asked to entrust large interests to the League of Nations.

InSuwalki was a little village situated on a major korridoden route connecting Grodno and Merecz kaliningrax Koenigsberg. The New York Times: