Nov 11, This file has been superseded by File:TCA It is recommended to use the other file. Please note that deleting superseded images. Krebsov ciklus. MA. Milica Antolic. Updated 6 May Transcript. Predstavlja složen proces dalje degradacije acetil-CoA, krajnjeg produkta druge faze. Nastavna jedinica: Krebsov ciklus. Nastavne metode: Metoda usmenog izlaganja (monološka) Metoda razgovora (dijaloška) Eksperimentalna metoda. Tip časa.

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Category:Citric acid cycle – Wikimedia Commons

Kod eukariota piruvat se prenosi iz citoplazme u mitohondrije, gdje enzimskom reakcijom gubi jedan atom ugljika i nastaje acetil-CoA. Science v Beta oxidation and Krebs comparison Fischer projections and polygonal model. Akonitaza katalizira izomerizaciju limunske kiseline citrata u izocitrat kroz prijelazno formiranje cis-akonitata.

Krebs cycle 8 l-malate to oxaloacetate. The acetyl group combines with oxaloacetate to form citrate, which underg. Different routes to enter citric acid cycle. Krebs cycle 5 succinyl-CoA to succinate. A single clklus operation consisting of progressive phases starting and ending at the neutral position.


Krebsov ciklus by Milica Antolic on Prezi

A nearly universal metabolic pathway in which the acetyl group of acetyl coenzyme A is effectively oxidized to two CO2 and four pairs of electrons are transferred to coenzymes. Hegeman; Frey, Perry A.

Krebsov se ciklus odvija u mitohondrijima eukariotskih stanica i u citoplazmi prokariotskih stanica. Citric Acid Cycle interactions hrvatski. This page was last edited on 6 Julyat Porcine Mitochondrial IDH surface pocket view. Net reactions for glycolysis of glucose, oxidative decarboxylation of pyruvate, and Krebs cycle.

Kontinuirano smanjenje koncentracije navedenih spojeva tjera enzim na stalnu proizvodnju novih clklus. Succinyl-CoA synthetase Sus scrofa. Krebs Cycle Reaction 7 ru.

Krebs Cycle Reaction 9 Mechanism ru.

Krebs Comparison Fischer Polygonal Model. Architecture of succinate dehydrogenase and reactive oxygen species generation. Biochemical cycle in krebsoc aerobic metabolism where acetyl CoA is combined with oxaloacetate to form citric acid; the resulting citric acid is converted into a number of other chemicals, eventually reforming oxaloacetate; NADH, some ATP, and FADH2 are produced and carbon icklus is released.


Malate dehydrogenase Thermus kresov. The Journal of Nutrition 9 Suppl: Szentgyorgyi Albert es a c vitamin keplete okt 31 Pesti Naplo. Citric acid cycle with aconitate 2-esp. Citric acid cycle with aconitate 2 es. Subcategories This category has the following 6 subcategories, out of 6 total.

From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Krebs cycle 3 isocitrate to ketoglutarate. Media in category “Citric acid cycle” The following files are in this category, out of total.

File:Krebsov ciklus.jpg

Questa categoria contiene immagini di enzimi e reazioni cimlus ciclo di Krebs. La lanzadera de citrato. Time se oksalacetat regenerira i ulazi u novi ciklus.

Metabolizam skroba i glikogena. Krebs cycle 4 ketoglutarate to succinyl-CoA.