In this post, we explore no non-sense techniques for how to use a kubotan in a real situation of self defense. Watch and practice basic kubotan techniques. Drill down the the fundamentals in this post and then build up other advanced techniques using. Official Kubotan Techniques [Takayuki Kubota] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Self defense is serious business, and sometimes even the.

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How to Use a Kubotan Keychain Stick and Self-Defence Spike

This is very essential in self defense situations. Hammer Grip — Just like it sounds you hold the Kubaton like you would a hammer. Once you got the basic understanding keep drilling the following kubotan fighting techniques until you can do them instinctively. If this happens it can be used against you by your attacker. For example they are usually used by teechniques or law enforcement personnel to control and constrain a person.

Kubptan Kubotan Techniques Most untrained people assume the kubotan is simply used to strike an attacker in a vital target areabut in reality it performs many other functions and applications in self defense. The price of doing business in the streets. You can find more details on our Kubotan training pages where we tcehniques training methods and gears. More or less all of them can be used the same way with some differences as needed by the technique.

Kubotan Self Defense keychain

It can even result in immediate loss of consciousness. Write a Review Effective kubotan moves! Some prefer the slightly thicker design over the finger grip version.

The stance that you will be able to use when using the kubotan is going to be dependent on where your attacker techniqus. Areas to Target The good news is a Kubotan can hurt anywhere you use it, however, knowing kubota key areas to target will make a big difference. Product Descriptions Kubotan Self-Defense Kubotan s are outstanding weapons that can possibly save your life in a self defense situation.


If you would like to learn more, see my kubotan DVD.

Basic Kubotan techniques

How to choose yours? The good news is, tehniques have an instructional kubotan DVD specifically devoted to teaching you how to use the kubotan in variety of real world self defense situations. Kubotan is a very versatile tool for its shape and solidness. Best of all, it’s very inexpensive and can be purchased easily.

The kubotan has many different uses and applications; it can be used for control,joint locking, trapping and striking against soft tissue and bony targets and nerve pressure points. Most street attacks are violent and you will have to learn to use your weapon combatively to finish at attack by applying the needed force. Good instruction on how to use it and usable to carry for anyone who desire to protect themselves.

I am truly a CFA products convert after watching this video. It also pointed out the safety during exercise. Other areas to look for will be areas that will force the attacker to take technique mind of attacking you for a moment. In this kubotan DVD program, you will learn:.

Sammy’s approach to instruction is both helpful and inspirational. When used properly, kubotans are particularly effective by giving you a tremendous advantage against a stronger or more powerful attacker. No nonsense instruction This excellent DVD gives a clear look at the practical “real world” uses and comprehensive training drills for Kubotans. Failing it is one of the worst things you can do in a self defense situation. Kubotan Self-Defense Kubotan s are outstanding weapons that can possibly save ,ubotan life in a self defense situation.

After watching this DVD and train with it, my pocket is now a little heavier and my life safer. In this kubotan DVD program, you will learn: It’s just a fact that you have to accept.


Kubotan Self-Defense DVD

Stances to Use with a Kubotan The stance that you will be able to use when using techniqus kubotan is going to be dependent on where your attacker is. Kubtoan only does it work on streets but also a ground fight. The technique taught in this dvd is simple and very easy to apply.

As a matter of fact, there are a broad range of effecive techniques that can be used with just a minimal amount of training. Kubotans are often used as self-defence weapons these days, and so really anyone who feels like they need something extra to protect themselves can use one.

It is worth noting that while we will be talking about the kubotan here in terms of self-defence, the way it was created was not necessarily as a defensive weapon, but as an offensive weapon, meant to render a person non-compliant to become compliant buy applying force to key pressure points.

This is my 4th order from CFA. Tactical Tools Daily Deals.

The Kubotan has small grooves along the shaft so that you can grip easier. Knowing how to properly hold and techhiques this weapon can be a great way to fight or scare off attackers.

It can be used creatively in many daily life tasks and not just as an effective self defense tool. A Kubotan does not need to be used on a pressure point to be effective. Kubotan Self Defense Learn how to use Kubotan for self techniqies.

It’s hard to find quality instruction for this weapon.