iv KURDISH GRAMMAR Some years of study and residence among the Kurds of various parts of ICurdistan —Kurmanji Kurdish— A Reference Grammar with. This site is designed to teach Kurmanji Kurdish in small bite-sized Learning grammar, one way or another, is a necessary element of learning language. Kurmanji Kurdish, Lesson 4 10 Grammar / Rêziman 4 (continued) Some common prepositions and circumpositions with examples are the following: ba/nik/cem.

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Find the sentence of each verb and fill in the blanks paying attention to the form of the verbs. I have a sister. Negative, transitive and intransitive verbs: Two students are meeting in the school canteen. We have chosen the second one here, which is more commonly used in the south of the Kurmanji speech area, particularly in North Iraq around Zakho and Dohuk.

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We are in the middle of this mountainous region lit. After washing my face lit.

I, too, sometimes write poetry. Qehwe ya min e.

Grammar of Kurmanji or Kurdish Language

I did not read the poems. Two interrelated trends can be distinguished, a the enrichment of the lexical stock through the […]. That day I had slept more or less nine hours. I go to school by bicycle. We are drinking water av.


If you go to bazaar, you can find very cheap things. The simple present tense The simple present tense is grwmmar for all actions performed in the present, whether continuous or regularly recurring. By the end of this lesson you will be able to: Yes, I am a Kurd, and you?

Give me that book. The neighbourhood of her house is green and there are trees around lit. Grammwr usual way of referring to a verb is by its infinitive, which is based on the past stem of the verb. His friends asked him: Recall that in Kurdish, each verb has two stems.

Sorani personal pronouns have three persons and both singular and plural form. The origins of Kurdish. What is your job? The present perfect tense of transitive verbs in Kurmanji works exactly in the same way as it is with their simple past tense forms, except for the personal endings. The other wolves were curious, saying: History of Kurdish language: Comparatives and Superlatives Read kyrdish grammar section below before doing these exercises.


Naz is telling the others a piece of news, and she also makes an offer to the others: At the same time you will get to know how to express past habits.

There is everything in it: The first two sentences are already done and the words that you will need to change are shown in grammaar.

Note that in the below examples the verb is conjugated according to the same object nan so regardless of the different subjects the verb is in the same form. The half-dead wolf said: Click here to sign up. Yek ji van dersan edebiyat e. The infinitive is the form that a verb is listed under in the dictionary. Does not KAL think that combined letters will make the learning process more complicated?