Hacia el abolicionismo y el minimalismo. LA CUESTIÓN CRIMINAL FUE ESCRITA POR: a) Ávila Santamaría. b)Zazzali. c) Zaffaroni. La Cuestion Criminal: ZAFFARONI EUGENIO RAUL: Books – ZAFFARONI La Cuestión Criminal – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online.

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Do not fear for your grandchildren. Nor is it prepared to approve its own destruction in advance.


El catolico pregunton pdf: At the bottom of this antagonism lies the profound contempt with which Chinese communism views the western world, particularly anything European. White Book on the change of government in Chile, Crmiinal Septembergeneral secretariat of the government. However, shortly after it is implanted, it must be overthrown.

When barely a month later, the following l8th of May–Armed Forces Day–four humble soldiers fell riddled with bullets, killed by seditious hate, the military organizations and all their members felt galvanized by the irrevocable determination of putting an end to the terrorist bands which for years had been decimating the people of Artigas and besmirching their purest traditions.

That was the reason the working class and every true revolutionary had the duty to defend and struggle for the USSR, even “before his own country: Abadie Aicardi, Oscar N. Meanwhile the enemy advances more and more.

La Cuestión Criminal by Leslie Santillán M on Prezi

The world revolutionary process progresses impetuously. In a U.

The direct involvement of Cuba in Latin American subversion reached all the activities in each American country, and in particular, the life of the young people, a sector of special interest to communism. They occupied a part of the building, tore out the telephones and destroyed documents and furniture, causing considerable damage.

They trained the Naga and Mizo rebels of northeast India and are the driving force behind theNaga hillsmen, who through terror and pillage assail the entire western Bengal region. It is the “testimony” of these visitors, when they return to their countries, which the well-mounted propaganda machinery of communism exploits cleverly, pointing out the “marvels” of the “socialist experiment” and the emergence of the “new man,” chamber music of Marxist literature on the vague project of the “collective creation” of the human being of the future: Since the time of Lenin, and on repeated occasions, Soviet theoreticians have been calculating that the end of the transitory “peaceful coexistence” phase and the final victory of communism will come with the installation of a world communist state.

This is not a figure of rhetoric, but a tactical line expressly considered and systematically applied by international communism. Searches for bombs are now routine operations.


Fundamentals of Structural Engineering Jerome J. Lenin, “Toward the Seizure of Power. The revolutionary theoreticians of the entire world are still asking themselves today how the Uruguayan insurrection could be overcome so easily in when in that era it was already a double power with a military apparatus of several thousand combatants, a clandestine organization of 10, members, and a strategic-political leadership that had aroused admiration because of the audacity and precision of its terrorist activities.

It indoctrinates native technicians. The first lot included 25 children, with the record for “youngest member” being set by a girl of 5, whose opinions on the war in Vietnam and other matters of international note were published in the pages of the daily newspaper GRANMA.

They accuse us of 17 preaching the revolutionary overthrow of established governments, and in effect believe that all oligarchic governments of gorillas with or without uniform, servants of imperialism and accomplices in its crimes, must be swept out by the revolutionary struggle of the people. To give the impression that it is the people themselves who do the agitating, communism applies refined techniques of mobilization of the multitude aimed at leading it to a calculated climate of disorder, riot, protest or rebellion, placing it at the service of its plans of subversion.

The death of Stalin was used to create the mirage of an impossible peaceful coexistence and it led to the postponement of NATO armament programs and reductions in the military budgets of its members, and so forth. At the head of everything having to do with the Tupamaros was the Cuban who was a member of the Cuban Intelligence Service, known as ‘Veitias,’ whom Ruffo said was a bureaucrat who had not fought in the mountains to win power As far as the real role of the communist “front” organizations previously mentioned is concerned, and the role of many others which will be mentioned at the proper time, it is important to establish this concept.

However, freedom is well worth this sacrifice. If indeed a look is taken at the very essence of communism, at the scientific, philosophical or moral foundation on which it rests, it is seen that the most important Marxist discovery was that matter is the exclusive and excluding fact of the entire system of nature.

We believe that in this continent, in all, or in almost all countries, the struggle will assume the most violent forms. It is thus that a cycle of terrorist actions and repressive actions tends to upset the political situation, creating a more fertile field for radical solutions among large sectors of the population. Maximum results are achieved through it, employing it in conjunction with violent means: Lenin explained, when the opposition complained, that he had no intention of respecting the treaty and that he was only “exchanging space for time,” as it turned out.


In the second of the aforementioned books are collected the basic philosophical principles of Soviet ideology and its historical and dialectic materialism; and in the first, the overthrow of all the existing governments in noncommunist countries is openly proclaimed and a detailed explanation of the means and procedures for attaining this end is given. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

The entire complex of rights and safeguards of the demo-liberal society is used by the communists to organize and promote struggle, discontent, dissatisfactions and resentments that make man potentially a revolutionary.

This is how a Latin American extremist describes this double and basic material and ideological influence: Jules Regis Debray, the Castro communist theoretician of French origin, who was the author among other things, of the book “Revolution Within the Revolution? Our first and most important step is to introduce maximum chaos into the culture of the enemy. As can be seen, the whole was an integral plan, within the framework of which continental subversion was to function.

That initial support of a genuinely popular base is the explanation for the success of Castro, who not having a large army, a political party, the unions, the peasants or the middle-class businessmen supporting him, had behind him only the support of a couple of hundred supporters recruited from among the middle class and the students. A tremendously powerful revolutionary movement is developing near the main bastion of capitalism: And to the rest of the countries of the continent and other latitudes, that in the pain undergone by Uruguay they will know of its sorrows and doubts, and through the sad truth documented in this book, they will remember that because of the intercontinental and universal nature of the aggression, the misfortune that saddened the Oriental Republic of Uruguay could perhaps strike their borders or try to bloody its own once more in a tomorrow that no one wants or expects, but which it would be imprudent to treat lightly.

The Cuban experience brought into challenge the “reformist” or “evolutional” solutions of an electoral nature for the seizure of power, dismissing them in favor of the use of “other higher forms of struggle,” of which armed struggle came to be the formula par excellence.