La Historia Me Absolvera (Spanish Edition) [Fidel Castro] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. La historia me absolverá: edición anotada. [Fidel – Castro] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Publication Date: ) Texto del discurso de. Fidel Castro, la historia me absolverá (Best Seller (Debolsillo)) (Spanish Edition) [Claudia Furiati] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Having.

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Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price? They were visibly embarrassed. The utilities monopoly is no better; they extend lines as far as it is profitable and beyond that point they don’t care if people have to live in darkness for the rest of their lives.

Though sentenced to terms of up to 15 years for their roles in the attack, all of the rebels were released after an amnesty granted by Fulgencio Batista in In Oriente you can still breathe the air of that glorious epic. The Latin maxim Cedant arma togae has certainly not been fulfilled on a single occasion during this trial. It was known that Barriguilla had plundered and murdered, that he was a millionaire, that he owned in Havana a good many apartment houses, countless stock in foreign companies, fabulous accounts in American banks, that he agreed to divorce settlements to the tune of eighteen million pesos, that he was a frequent guest in the most lavishly expensive hotels for Yankee tycoons.

I asked them, ‘Who is so worried about my health? It is well-known in Cuban history that assassination of prisoners was fatally linked with Batista’s name. Bayamo was attacked precisely to locate our advance forces along the Cauto River.

Is it that they lack any legal, moral or political basis on which to put forth a serious formulation of the question? Retrieved from ” https: And when he himself did want to drench the Republic in blood, when he wanted to smother in terror and torture the just rebellion of Cuba’s youth, who were not willing to be his slaves, then he contrived still more fantastic lies.


In other words, that using tanks and soldiers to take over the presidential palace, the national treasury, and the other government offices, and aiming guns at the heart of the people, entitles them to govern the people! The very day the Courts opened, the criminal occupied the seat of honor in the midst of our august and venerable patriarchs of justice. Some even attacked the Spaniards with their bare fists, without machetes, without even knives. Maceo was deeply moved. The rest, 18 men, with what arms and ammunition were left, followed me into the mountains.

I should like to know who else raised his voice on that occasion to protest against all this injustice done to the soldiers.


We have fomented a rebellion against one single power, an illegal one, which has usurped and merged into a single whole both the Legislative and Executive Powers of the nation, and so has destroyed the entire system that was specifically safeguarded by the Code now under our analysis. These surely are soldiers who honor their uniform; these, surely, are men!

And must there not be a high degree of corruption in the courts of law when these courts imprison citizens who try to rid the country of so much infamy? The Army suffered three times as laa casualties as we did.

In this respect, however, the State is most helpful – in providing early death for the people.

History Will Absolve Me

With these three projects and reforms, the problem of unemployment would automatically disappear and the task of improving public health and fighting against disease would become much less difficult. Did they want to know, perhaps, beforehand, the methods we would use in order to reduce to dust the incredible fabric of lies they had woven around the Moncada Barracks events?

There is a limit to tolerance! On March 3rd, I supplied the Courts with data, photographs, films and other proof denouncing this state of affairs. Followed by another battalion of volunteers from Marianao, and a company of troops from the Public Order Corps, who were led by Hiatoria Calvo, Pizarro’s squad of 50 men marched on Guatao The first time you were unable to punish the guilty; now you will be compelled to punish the innocent.

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And I say as well that if the Army serves the Republic, defends the nation, respects the people and protects the citizenry then it is only fair that the soldier should earn at least a hundred pesos a month. The meager material means at our disposal was all that prevented absollvera success.

However, he was not permitted to carry out his task.

Those soldiers testified before the Court, and without exception they all acknowledged that we treated them with absolute respect, that we didn’t even subject them to one scoffing remark. He was not content with the treachery of January,the crimes of March, and the forty million dollar fortune that crowned his first regime.

That is something we will never forget.

La Historia Me Absolvera () – IMDb

The whole long process of identification through the National Identification Bureau was a huge farce, and there are families hkstoria waiting for word of their sons’ fate. Where are our wounded?

When you try a defendant for robbery, Honorable Judges, do you ask him how long he has been unemployed? You will answer that on the former occasion the Courts failed to act because force prevented them from doing so. In this way, the curriculum and the teaching system can be easily improved. The bullets imbedded in the walls were encrusted with singed bits of skin, brains and human hair, the grisly reminders of rifle shots fired full in the face. This was an incredible situation, Honorable Judges: