Mr. Martin-Bittman — whose original name was Ladislav Bittman — joined the Czech intelligence service out of university in as tensions. One of the most important Czechoslovak Cold War defectors, Ladislav Bittman, died in his atelier in Rockport, Massachusetts, on Tuesday night. Ladislav Bittman has helped us understand an important dimension of Soviet behavior. Now that we are aware of this significant element, the evi- dence more .

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Most members of the American Communist party were uneducated recent immigrants with no access to classified information and no productive contacts with the American working class.

Lawrence Martin-Bittman – Wikipedia

Bkttman mobs besieged American offices in Djakarta, anti-American hysteria raged throughout the country, and US influence was eradicated. Disinformation can be of political, economic, military 1 or even scien- tific nature. This development marked the beginning of a new era of secret games and intrigues against the non-Communist world. Operation Thomas Mann was approaching its finish when I arrived in Brazil.

Now the past had suddenly become a merciless threat. Under ldaislav Soviet supervision, the Czechoslovak disinformation depart- ment during the next few years designed hundreds of games against the United States, improved old deception techniques, and developed new ones. The value of such information bittmqn proved in Hungary in and in Czechoslovakia in An article published by Time magazine on February 6,analyzed the comparative strength and weaknesses of Soviet and American intelligence operations and listed KGB, Czechoslovak, and Polish organizations among the ten major services in the world.

You give up everything in your life: Felfe was arrested in and sentenced to fourteen years in prison. Through skillful diplomatic maneuvering and the help of local Communist parties and secret agents, many of whom were recruited among governmental officials and military and state security operatives, the Soviets gradually changed the political system of all Central and East European countries they had helped to liberate, with the exception of Austria and Yugoslavia.

This organization used public address systems and dropped leaflets and newspapers across battlelines to convince German soldiers that they should surrender, and over a radio station called Free Germany, statements and commentaries by prominent German military officers captured by the Soviets labeled Hitler a war criminal and suggested that German soldiers should refuse to fight.


Learn more about Amazon Prime. After the military takeover of the country, several high- ranking officers defected to the West and almost brought the service to a standstill. His espionage services spanned more than seventeen years and caused serious damage to U. He wrote a few books in the s and s about his career and the role of disinformation in Soviet propaganda operations see below. With their colorful vitality, Prague, Gloucester and Rockport are the major sources of his artistic interest and inspiration.

A look at the news and events shaping the day ahead, delivered every weekday. During this period I got involved in many operations against the so-called outside enemies of socialism.

The CIA people did their ladislva well and accomplished a great deal.

Famous Cold War spy Ladislav Bittman dies aged 87

Infollowing a heart attack which left him unable to teach, Lawrence bittnan from his position at Boston University and settled down in his home in New England to pursue his hobby of art. Dobrynin’s cable also stated that Dr. The Soviet intelligence school in Moscow represents another form of con- trol, Beginning in the early s, candidates for posts in the satellite espio- nage bureaucracy have been sent for two-year later one-year courses of training at this mecca of espionage science.

Nevertheless, prudent students who sift the information provided by defectors and cross-check it against the testimony and memoirs of statesmen, diplomats, journalists, information from historical archives, captured documents, the trials of convicted secret agents and other sources, cannot fail to deepen their understanding of con- temporary Soviet strategy.

The Watergate affair and the subsequent investigation of American security agencies further demoralized the ranks of the Washington bureauc- racy and introduced the latest period of Soviet penetration. And historic Soviet agricultural problems would make food and grain imports from the West a top priority.

Lawrence Martin-Bittman, who spread disinformation as a spy before teaching at BU, dies at 87

The Polish commercial fleet and large ethnic communities in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and France insure even further opportunities lwdislav the Polish service. Inhe was sentenced to a prison term of fifteen years in East Berlin, and when Bonn offered Communist Germany 80, deutsche marks for him inhe was released and sent home.


A former Czechoslovak intelligence officer describes the structure and activities of the Soviet-controlled agency in the Prague that disseminates anti-American propaganda. Originally an admirer and supporter of Trotsky, Soble was recruited in and instructed to penetrate Trotsky’s inner circle.

The cam- paign seemed to reach its zenith on June 22,when the Village Bittmn of New York published a lengthy article accusing Kosinski of two unforgivable sins: Bittman charming conversationalist, Bogomolov easily mixed with a crowd of Western politicians, journalists, or artists and attracted their attention because of his intelligent and witty remarks rather than his official label as a Soviet representative.

Many decisions of serious consequences for the defense of Western Europe and the United States were based on deliber- ately distorted information by Soviet intelligence experts. They use all available propa- ganda to mobilize so-called progressive forces around the world against the danger of a nuclear war, and at the same time repeat the most outrageous lie that Soviet troops are either invited in or are only temporarily stationed in the invaded country.

American hopes that detente would ultimately lead to Sovi et recognito n o f huinaiinghts and restrictions on expansionism i n. In Western Europe, Portugal emerged as the key Soviet target country. Even the United States with its modern, politically alert and technologically superior counterintelligence is vulnerable.

Living conditions in Brazil may not be of the best, but it is encourag- ing indeed to know that because of loyalty and the realization that you are contributing a vital if not glamorous service to your country you stick to the job.

Americans find it difficult to play tough and preach detente at the same time. No part of this publication may be reproduced bithman, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means: Shortly after his recruitment, he was assigned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow and continued supplying the U.

The lwdislav, dedicated officers who helped the Communist party to usurp and maintain power for nearly forty years are retiring. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.