Lalita-Sahasranama-Bhasya was com- posed in Samvatsara Bra, i.e., nearly two . 1 INTRODUCTION TO BHASKARARAYA’S COMMENTARY 1. He who. Bhaskararaya belonged to Maharashtra; but he traveled throughout the country. His Bhasya on the Lalita-sahasranama was composed in A.D. Get this from a library! Lalita sahasranama, with Bhaskararaya’s commentary,. [R Anantakrishna Sastry; Bhāskararāya Dīkshita Bhāratī.;].

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The next S’fltra says: Because, a great giver herself, hers must necessarily be above that of the one who receives. Or Visa poison ; ga, to go ; i. During that period, I had to translate the Bhasya into English for the use bhasararaya the late Dr.

He died at Madhyarjuna lwlita that place. Kumarl is meant here as a newly born baby, because Kundalini, is described here with the sound of hissing crying when she has just risen from the Muladhara. There were also a multitude of Devas, a multi- tude of men, and a multitude of Siddhae ; and Devi Lalita allowed herself to be seen by them all.

Amazon Sahasrannama Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. S’ricakra is the highest point to which Yoga practices can lead. Killing that, the glazing the strong desire of the man who is stained by dnavarnala.

Thus the subtle form of the noose is the Mantra formed by combining Ra, Ha, and?

What more should be said! These great and typical Brahmans have incarnated themselves to help those less advanced in spirituality. Gana the city formed of eight things PuryaHtaka, consisting of 1 five Karmenderiyas, 2 five Jnanendriyas, 8 four Commentaty, etc.

During that period, I had to translate the Bhasya into English for the use of the late Dr.


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Our ancient rsis have attached more importance to the passages of the Puranas than those of the Vedas where the Puranas were treated as part of them and not as separate literature see Br.

This means the rejection commejtary the theory of those, who say all is ideal and momentary Ksanikavijnanavada. The Svacchandasamgraha says, ” The Susumna has a thousand petalled lotus, at the top as well as at the bottom Kiri- cakra and Geyachakra are examples of other sorts.

Having entered into the substance of reality, the laliita of consciousness and bliss, and thus being entirely filled, he becomes that reality itself. Yoga-S’astras also refer to these means of attaining the knowledge of Self.

Lalita – Sahasranama with Bhaskararaya’s Commentary ( edition) | Open Library

By what name is it denoted? There are many prayers like the present one, composed by Vasanl and others ; then, why this one? Whether he worships me in Sahasranakaor not, whether he performs the Japa, of Pancadasa or not.

Where the chariot Cakraraja was, Geyacakra was also there, and where the Geya chariot stood, there the Kiricakra was also seen. It helps the free circulation of blood and is good for the lungs. The gradations among the Gurus can only be learned through the instructions of a Guru. She is of a pleasant countenance and her red feet rest on a vase decked with precious stones.

Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Rosy-effulgence — as prescribed for the morning con- templation in the Nyasas, viz. Therefore recite al- ways this prayer and thus increase my gladness. O Rama ; impure inclination is termed ‘ attach- ment ‘ sanga.

This cannot be the reason, for the Guru himself imparts to the pupil fitness to receive knowledge. The next stage is Samadhi where Devi is realised in one’s own self. Appearing in the manipura. The two feet of the Guru of two dif- ferent colours, red and white. About a hundred of the commentaries with the text have been secured and deposited in the libraries assisted by me.


We do not know whether this Vidyaranya Muni is the same person who commented upon the Vedas under the name of Sayana. Tripurasundarl whose chariot is that important Cakra, viz. The Parasurama-kalpa-sutras on which the whole Tantra works are based are printed in the Gaekwad Oriental series.

She is in each case the fruit Phala to be obtained by these three classes according to their desires. She is the protector of the secrets of the family. Mula root, this bhaskararyaa the fifteen syllabled mantra, Pancadas’I, it is the root of the four objects of human desires Purusdrthas: Thus the forms are endless.

The answer is, amongst all other names by which, the great men of old and the virtuous — the devotees of Devi — praised Her and attained their ends and fulfilled their desired objects, these names, Devi declared to be endowed with power, and capable of conferring boons ; and they devotees themselves blessed them names ; such names alone are commentary and arranged into a thousand. The Daityas sprung into existence from the missile called Sarvasurastra, which was aimed by Bhandasura, were, Somaka, Havana.