Langkawi Island, Malaysia, tourism development, tourism area life cycle launched the Langkawi Tourism Blueprint, which aims to position the island. Langkawi Island always recorded the positive growth and the next development will continues in more intensive phase after Langkawi. Tourism Blueprint. Challenges. Current Scenario. Achievements. Langkawi Tourism Blueprint Accolades. Benchmarking. Langkawi. Tourism. Sustainable.

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Starting from the first year of Langkawi Tourism Blueprint implementation, various efforts and initiatives has been taken by the leading agencies. And having a tourism plan is undoubtedly the right move as it gets all stakeholders headed in the same direction. Based on that average expenditure, it can be concluded that the total expenditure for bblueprint tourists until third quarter of stood at RM3.

Malaysia’s Langkawi Tourism Blueprint: What’s Missing?

If a tight and narrow land ownership structure is indeed hourism case it does mean a less spontaneous and moderate pace of resort development taking place. Jul 6, 0 All the achievement is the result of close cooperation between the tourism industry player, people of Langkawi and all the agencies under the Blueprint. A total of 14 initiatives have been implemented with three main focus consists of enabler, infrastructure and products.

In the mind of global travelers the distance between Phuket and Langkawi is negligible. All this initiatives, has proven to be effective as the outcome already surpassed the intended target.

Langkawi sets sights on million tourist arrivals: Travel Weekly Asia

Abdul Razak on 8 December For example, Phuket is located along the same coastline km north of Langkawi. He said an investment of RM5 billion was necessary during the period of implementation of the blueprint, and that 52 per cent of the funding would be generated by the private sector. December 9,Friday at 7: This is one of the deciding factors that gets little mention in tourism destination development. Launching the blueprint, which incorporates the implementation of a development programme, at a hotel here, Najib said Langkawi must brand itself strongly, particularly in terms of its spectacular natural assets.


The limited number of recent new projects points to this as a possible conclusion. Please leave this field empty. A recent study conducted by Universiti Sains Malaysia showed that the average spending for tourists whose staying for 3 to 4 nights in Langkawi, there is an increase of RM1, for domestic tourist and RM3, for international tourists. Langkawi does in fact have a lot to offer.

On a purely speculative basis my sense is that the waterfront land in Langkawi is held in few hands and a blueprinnt of that land is zoned as indigenous reserve land. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Nov 2, 0 This email address is being protected from spambots. Najib also said he hoped that the Langkawi Development Authority Lada would immediately address the threat of erosion at Cenang because it was a popular beach for tourists.

Keep up the good work.

Langkawi has an excellent chance of becoming one of the regions top islands particularly now that Bali is faced with planning and environmental challenges and Phuket arrivals hitting the ceiling with airport constraints. He said he was convinced that the Langkawi Tourism Blueprint would make the legendary resort island as popular as the Seychelles, Mauritius, Bali, Hawaii and Maldives.

Not just in marketing aspects but more so in destination development. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yesterday launched a tourism plan of action designed to make Langkawi as renowned as some of the world-famous islands. How does Langkawi position itself against an immediate neighbor with so much pulling power?

Langkawi Development Authority – BACKGROUND

Oct 5, 0 Langkawi Tourism Blueprint consist of 88 initiatives with an allocation of RM, However, after having read through the document it appears to be a little too introspective.

You can download the document below or from the LADA website. At least three projects have been recently announced — Teluk Datai by Destination Resort Holdings, a unit of Malaysian sovereign wealth fund Khazanah and Tradewinds, a publicly listed Malaysian hotel owner. If a country can be anchored by a capital city should a resort island not have a vibrant resort town?


The initiatives in Pantai Cenang to improve environment management and waterfront re-development are great.

Tuesday, 01 January But can you see that unless the existing land ownership structure is broad based it will not encourage outside participation which provides the destination with variety and options? The numbers has proven that the initiatives taken is providing better outcome to Langkawi tourism industry. But in order to capture a larger slice of this market, will Langkawi adopt a more comprehensive view of tourism development that also considers the regional competitive environment as well as an appreciation of how a vibrant resort town fits into the larger tourism picture?

How diverse is the ownership beach front land in Langkawi? But conversely, it can happen very quickly as well if there is concerted interest and leadership in developing the destination.

More world-class facilities for Langkawi under second tourism blueprint: Najib

Oct 20, 0 Tuesday, January 1, This Blueprint is the best comprehensive plan outlining the various initiatives to further propel Langkawi to achieve the goal of being among the 10 best islands and eco-tourism destination in He said the government would allocate RM million, as provided for in Budgetto undertake the development outlined in the blueprint.

If potential development land, is either monopolized by one entity or by a few tight hands — government or large corporate entity — with no tourism development interest, quick destination development will not happen. This is a key point the blueprint does not address.

He said the beach would be given a facelift through a holistic redevelopment incorporating a commercial zone to make it the ideal place for recreational activities for families and tourists. Contact us to advertise. What do you think of this story? Asia Coastal Tourism Destination Development thedevelopmentadvisor.