A Caress of Twilight (Meredith Gentry, Book 2) [Laurell K. Hamilton] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “I am Princess Meredith, heir to a. I am Princess Meredith, heir to a throne—if I can stay alive long enough to claim it .” After eluding relentless assassination attempts. I am Princess Meredith, heir to a throne-if I can stay alive long enough to claim it. My cousin, Prince Cel, is determined to see that I don’t. As long as we both live.

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As with the Anita Blake series, the story stops to update the reader on what everyone is wearing. You submitted the following rating and review. Refresh and try again. She wants us to see it through the eyes of the fae, who lack all the cultural taboos that humans seem to possess.

Hamilton falls in love with the accusation “. I don’t usually like books about the fey as the ones I’ve read in the past have been so disappointing but this series has totally changed my mind, it’s just really fun, easy reading urban fantasy.

They had stripped themselves of everything too awful for them to be permitted to stay in the United States, and from it had been formed the Nameless. Instead he threw the book across the room and then, remembering the principles of academic rigour, asked a couple of congenital experts on matters penile if such a weapon might be of any practicable use other than being waved around proudly to impress the rest of the guys in the locker room.

I get why so many people don’t like it and find it strange and odd, why they don’t like the character and what and how she does stuff. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

But, the bad side is how detailed inconsequential things laurelk be written. It begins to become clear that Taranis is also planning something as various social secretaries insist upon Merry attending first the Yule Ball and then a feast in her honour. What can I say besides that Laurell K. Some of these plots get — well, settled is too organized a word — dealt with or dismissed by the end of the book.


I am not the sharpest tool in the shed; I’ve been called “gullible” and “dense” before. The only problems are getting used aa all the descriptions and dealing with the ongoing “discussions” of everything!

Nicca is one of the guard, but soft.

A Caress Of Twilight : Urban Fantasy (Merry Gentry 2)

And that’s just the day job When I read the first book, I was a little overwhelmed cares all the faerie politics, and I wasn’t sure if Hhamilton wanted to continue with the series. My cousin, Prince Cel, is determined to see that I don’t. Laurell K Hamilton Publisher: After eluding relentless assassination attempts by Prince Cel, her cousin and rival for the Faerie crown, Meredith Gentry, Los Angeles private eye, has a whole new set of problems.

But the intrigue get OK, I’m hooked. A Kiss of Shadows. View all 3 comments. But, having a filler-book at book number two is kind of a problem for me. There are maybe three sex scenes in this book–maybe.

We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. So Meredith is having sex with all sorts of people. Well, this book certainly sucked me in and I don’t have a clue when it happened. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. Within fantasy, one strikes that point frequently when reading some of Anne Rice’s early, pseudonymous, overtly erotic novels, such as her Sleeping Twilightt sadomasochistic cycle; one runs smack into it as into a brick wall in the works of John Norman; and one encounters it again here.

But the intrigue gets interesting in book 2, as the lead character, Meredith Gentry, gets more power and becomes even more politically savvy. This one did have a bit too much description about the glamour of the sidhe, or just lengthy descriptions of clothes, etc. What the human police don’t realize is that the killer is hunting the fey as well. Not that this will stop me from picking up the next one when it comes out. Csress was like with too much characters, emotions were left out.

A Caress of Twilight (Merry Gentry, #2) by Laurell K. Hamilton

A fear too many of the guard have. That she chose the Unseelie instead of the Seelie, showing us the more positive side of the Da Second in the Meredith Gentry erotic urban fantasy series revolving around a half-fae princess and her harem in Los Angeles.


I do not like Merry. Rhys still has issues with Goblins, and Galen, while cute, would be nothing more than a boy toy. A Kiss of Shadowsthe first book, was good and definitely picked up after the first half but this book was good from the beginning.

It is almost certainly, as noted, a misleading sense, but that doesn’t make the reading experience any more pleasurable: Nothing is said to the police, however, as the only known person to work such a spell was a sidhe and, if it were discovered, that fact could result in all sidhe being banished from the country.

Of course, that gets boring, so the second reason they tend to fall apart is that they keep hamilyon the ante for the same game.

A Caress of Twilight by Laurell K. Hamilton – Review | | BookPage

As one of two possible heirs to the Unseelie throne, the other being twillght nasty cousin, Prince Cel, Meredith must produce her own child and then, by faery tradition, marry her partner. Her son, Prince Celthe Prince of Old Blood, is more likely to be executed for his beyond psychopathic crimes while her niece, Merry, is only a half-blood.

In primis, le viene proposto per lavoro, di incontrare una Shide della corte Seelie esiliata, una vecchia star del cinema, in secondo luogo, suo zio Taranis inizia a chiedere di lei, a volerla vedere a tutti i costi.

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Collection But the job with Maeve takes a backseat.

Not even six inches in circumference. Paperbackpages. And I feel she has more respect for her clients and people around her, which in turn makes me respect her more. Maeve asks Merry to perform a fertility rite that will permit her to have a child by her dying human husband.