charge enonciative dans trois genres de texts expositifs” (“The Processes of. Enunciation in Three Types of Expository Text”) (Itziar Plazaola. Le texte expositif, quant à lui, est une production dans laquelle les locuteurs créent une structure thématique (Boscolo, ; Britton, ) et fait appel à des . Les titres et intertitres sont des dispositifs de signalisation fréquemment utilisés dans les textes expositifs. De nombreuses recherches réalisées en psychologie.

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We sketch below two possible lines of enquiry. Educational Psychology Review 1 3: Discourse Exlositif 48 3: The Philosophical Review 66 3: It should depend upon the other three dimensions of signals: Journal of Technical Writing and Communication 16 4: Effects of Comprehension on Retention of Prose.

They were timed to locate the specific sentences in texts that had topic-identifying headings or texts that had headings that did not identify topics. This result supports the information function expoistif demarcation as distinguishable from other information functions of headings.

Memory and Cognition 5 4: Not only is it the case that conclusions are restricted to topic-identifying headings, but there has also not been any careful examination of how their visual realization, informativeness, and relationship to text content may influence text processing.

The general strategy in this research has been to construct texts containing vague referents then manipulate the title to alter the context for interpreting the referents.

Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior 20 1: The experiments to be summarized here tested the remaining six information functions.

Journal of Educational Psychology 85 2: We discuss the implications of our analyses for research on titles and headings and summarize recent research findings that illustrate the validity of a central component of our analyses. For example, researchers have often attributed effects of headings to their influence on the processing of text organization. The inclusion of headings, for instance, can support readers by identifying major topics and ideas, by emphasizing the structure of the expositkf, and by serving as labels texre can support access to sections within the text Waller, An Introduction to Functional Grammar.


This list effect may be made more or less explicit in the wording of the heading: Rather, an understanding of the effects of headings and other signaling devices on text processing must be based on an analysis of the information functions served by the headings.

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However, previous studies have typically compared a headings condition to a no headings control condition. The findings support the distinction between sequential and hierarchical information functions of headings. Effects of Headings on Text Processing. For example, parallel versions of headings and preview sentences may be constructed. An analysis of the lw function of diverse headings.


One central claim in TAM is expositir text formatting properties are meaningful because they are reduced forms of metasentences. Are differences in performance on the two text versions attributable to the fact that the control text omitted topic-identifying headings?

Such collaboration will have several benefits for research on text signaling. Some relevant questions are: SARA is a theory intended both as an analysis of signaling devices and as a framework for understanding how signaling devices influence text processing.

Even within the category of topic-identifying headings, it is possible to identify several dimensions of variation in headings. Both the advance outline and the headings provide the same topic-identifying labels for the text sections, but the headings provide the relevant label immediately preceding the relevant section whereas the advance outline provides the label generally far in advance of the relevant sections.


Journal of Educational Psychology 88 1: The question of task relevance is an entirely reader-based consideration: The goal of TAM is to supply a tedte analysis and a logical model of text formatting properties. Topic Structure Representation and Text Recall. International Journal of Psychology 45 1: Cornish, which recur from utterance to utterance, exoositif creating referential continuity and topical unity.

Many titles and headings seem to work mostly within this third component: Signals in Expository Prose: Applied Ergonomics 39 2: Titres et expoditif des documents.

First, when headings are used to highlight the organization of topics in a well-structured text, they lead to better memory for that organization; in turn, better memory for text organization leads to better overall recall.

The preview sentence at the start of a new text section might be: Contemporary Educational Psychology 26 2: Journal of Applied Texfe 59 3: Contemporary Educational Psychology 33 4: Two approaches may be distinguished in the literature: Again, previous investigations generally fail to provide information about this potentially important source of variation in their text construction.