The execute command is used to evaluate a string as if it were a Vimscript . Responsible Coding. So far we’ve covered a bunch of Vim commands that let. Functional Programming. We’re going to take a short break now to talk about a.

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Run the following commands: It returns a copy of the list that contains only the elements of the original where the result of calling the function on it is “truthy”. What happens when you set it to a different number?

I actually did them! Now put your cursor somewhere in your text and type “ap.

We’ve now defined a function that will tell us if the textwidth setting is “too wide” in the current buffer because 80 characters is, of course, the correct width for anything but HTML. Reversed takes a list and returns a eay list with the elements reversed. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

This lets you programmatically read and modify the current search pattern, which can be very useful at times. Learn Vimscript the Vimsfript Way is a book for users of the Vim editor who want to learn how to customize Vim. Add the following to your file: Vim displays [[2, 1], [4, 3]]which is the result of applying Reversed to every element in the list.


Functional Programming

Finally we’ll create the counterpart to Filtered: Colin Jones rated it it was amazing Mar 26, For the next third of the book we’re going to look at Vimscript as a programming language. Append returns a new list with the given value appended to the end of the old one.

Just what I needed to get over the comprehension hurdle when reading and modifying plugins. I read it, did most of the exercises, contributed to someone else’s plugin and wrote one of my own different from the one you build in the book. We just set the contents of that register, so Vim pastes hello!

You don’t need to use call in this case, you can just name the function.

A few weeks later and after 5 years of using vim full time I switched to emacs. Just-in-time learning is awesome!

Vitaly rated it really liked it Nov 11, Jul 16, Santino Maguire rated it really liked it. Immutable Data Structures Unfortunately Vim doesn’t have any immutable collections like Clojure’s vectors and maps built-in, but by creating some helper functions we can fake it to some degree. One person found this helpful. If you’re not at that point yet you should go through the vimtutor program, use Vim exclusively for a month or two, and come back when you’ve got Vim burned into your fingers.


Okay, let’s define a function for tge this time.

Learn Vimscript the Hard Way by Steve Losh

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. In this case we use the built-in len function, so it filters out all the elements whose length is zero.

Showing of 1 reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Vikscript folding markers with headings to each section.

Learn Vimscript the Hard Way

You’ll need to use your own judgement about when this style of programming creates unacceptably bad performance. Besides teaching the Vimscript basics harv gotchas!

Once bufname is evaluated Vim builds the string “rightbelow vsplit bar. Up to this point we’ve covered single commands.

Ethan rated it it was amazing May 30, Would you like to tell us about a lower price?