LEI 10882 DE 2004 PDF

Departamento de Física, Universidade de Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal, CICECO, Universidade de Aveiro, Publication Date (Web): September 4, .. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (29), .. Lei Zhang, Linlin Fu, Xingxing Yang, Zuoling Fu, Xiangdong Qi, Zhijian Wu. Chem., , (26), pp – Qian Zhou, Kendall Fitzgerald, Paul D. Boyle and Wesley A. Henderson Shu Li, Zhen Cao, Yuxing Peng, Lei Liu, Yonglong Wang, Shu Wang, Ji-Qiang Wang, Tianying Yan, Xue-Ping Gao, De- Ying Song and Pan-Wen .. Journal of Fluorine Chemistry , Nature Communications volume 7, Article number: () | Download Citation . (d) Data sets cover a range of detector types, including Area Welberry, T. Diffuse X-Ray Scattering and Models of Disorder OUP Oxford () . . Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai , China. Ming Lei.

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Here we report the 2. Nanoscale tomography reveals the deactivation of automotive copper-exchanged zeolite catalysts Schmidt J. Structural basis for suppression of a host antiviral response by influenza A virus. We were not able to generate a recombinant virus expressing an NS1B protein with a KA mutation, which has the weakest RNA binding activity in the FP assay Figure 2c,dsuggesting that this mutation renders the virus even more attenuated.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. A deliberate approach to screening for initial crystallization conditions of biological macromolecules.

Unexpected RNA-binding site in the NS1B Protein from Influenza B Virus not present in NS1A

Mao carried out sample preparation, crystallization, and biophysical studies. The publisher’s final edited version of this article is available at 1882. Please note that during the production process errors may be discovered which could affect the content, and all legal disclaimers that apply to the journal pertain. Confinement Effects for Lithium Borohydride: Author manuscript; available in PMC Sep 6. From these measurements we conclude that homodimer formation of the NS1B CTD, while potentially important in cooperative binding to large RNA substrates in vivois not required for binding these short RNA substrates.


Table 1 Data collection and refinement statistics.

Panel d also shows an orientation rotated by deg, revealing no significant CSPs on the opposite side of the molecule. For all FP-binding assays, fluorescence intensity FI and FP were measured after 50 minutes of incubation at room temperature to ensure equilibrium measurements. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article.

Robotic cloning and protein production platform of the 20044 Structural Genomics Consortium. X-ray structures of NS1 effector domain mutants. The molecular orientations in panels abcand d-left are the same. We showed that this is not the case.

These biophysical studies demonstrate that the NS1B CTD has a weak propensity to form a homodimeric structure with the same interface observed in the X-ray crystal structure. This is a PDF file of an unedited manuscript that has been accepted for publication.

While dimerization mediated by the CTD of NS1B is not required for binding small RNA substrates, our observation that virus replication is attenuated fold by a dimer-disrupting RA mutation suggests that dimerization of full-length NS1B mediated by its CTD may none-the-less contribute to the efficiency of viral replication.


Unexpected RNA-binding site in the NS1B Protein from Influenza B Virus not present in NS1A

A somewhat larger residue N-terminal segment of NS1B binds the interferon-induced antiviral human ISG15 protein, and the structure of this complex has been determined Guan et al. Sequence-specific resonance assignments and chemical shift perturbation lwi were carried out using standard methods, outlined in Supplemental Information.

Supplementary Material Click here to view. Abstract Influenza viruses cause a highly contagious respiratory disease in humans.

The host binding partners of the NS1B protein of influenza B viruses are less well studied. J Stuct Funct Genomics. Sum rule distortions in fluorescence-yield x-ray magnetic circular dichroism Liu B. All data were obtained on a Bruker MHz spectrometer at K.

Weckhuysen, in Zeolites in Catalysis: This result highlights differences in the replication strategies of influenza A and B viruses. Acknowledgments We thank Drs. Zeolite molecular accessibility and host—guest interactions studied by adsorption of organic probes of tunable size Hendriks F.

Group publications Manufacture of highly loaded silica-supported cobalt Fischer — Tropsch catalysts from a metal organic framework Sun X.