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For unemployed receiving benefits or entitled to receive benefits: Historical data year indicates year of data collection The father has to inform the employer and certify the conditions that entitle him to paternity leave, namely death or grave sickness, or abandonment by the mother.

Circolare numero 28 del One hundred and twenty days. The leave must be initiated during the first three months of the effective arrival of the child in the family. It is considered discriminatory any act or behaviors which produces a prejudice, even indirect, discriminating against workers on the grounds of sex.

Financing of benefits State. The benefit is payable for 2 weeks in the case of miscarriage.

The municipal offices will withhold up to the requests 117700 previous presentation of a residence permit or EC long resident of the residence permit 11770 family members of EU or Italian citizen or permanent residence card for family members of citizens of the Union or provided by the Lwi Legislative Decree no. Parents unemployed or suspended; Domestic workers; Homeworkers.

These categories of people enjoy because of the principle of equal treatment in all areas of competence of the European treaties, including the social assistance Article Please note that due to the INPS Circular No 35th of March 9,even those that are pending release of a residence permit or EC long resident of the residence permit for family members of EU citizens or Italian, may submit an application for approval of the maternity allowance.

le Code of Equal opportunities Decree Law No. Adjustment 117770 maternity benefit for telecommunication enterprises. The amounts of the maternity allowance for each child born or adopted child or given any pre-adoption in foster care: If the birth takes place before the expected date, the period of insurable employment requirement, shall be reduced accordingly.

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The additional 60 days which companies may provide are paid by the employer, who can deduct the costs from its taxes.

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Dangerous or unhealthy work General It is forbidden assigning female workers to transport and lifting of weight, dangerous work, exhausting and unhealthy work. If the child is between 3 and 8 years old the parental leave does not include any cash benefit. After the third year of age of the child with several disability, the working mother or pei working father have alternatively the right to 3 paid days-off each month to look after the child severally disabled.

Scope Regarding subordinate workers: This 5 month period of leave is compulsory.

Nursing mothers are entitled to breastfeeding breaks, divided into two minutes breaks until the child is 6 months of eli or after this age limit if justified on medical grounds.

The child is under 8 years of age. The maternity allowance is paid directly by the employer who is reimbursed by the Social Security Institute. The allowance is paid directly by the employer who is reimbursed by the Social Security Institute. It is not prohibited neither for pregnant workers nor for nursing mothers. Maternity leave may be extended on medical grounds arising out of pregnancy, in this case the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Le will have to issue the extension upon submission of a medical certificate.

In the case of custody, compensation is due for up to 3 months within 5 months from the date of ruling. All female workers are entitled to maternity benefits who are employed in the private sector including domestic servants, some categories of casual workers, elected civil servants and the self-employed.

This 117700 applies to recruitment, allocation of duties, wage, training, promotion and termination of employment. Both parents qualify for parental leave, notwithstanding the working situation of the partner. These rests may be taken cumulatively with regular parental leave or leave for sickness of a child. Maternity leave may start within the 28 days before the expected date of birth according to medical certification.

Cash benefits sickness, maternity and tuberculosis. Dismissal is prohibited during pregnancy, where this has been medically certified, during maternity leave and until the child is one year old. The leave may be received, and also partially fractionated prior to entry into Italy of the child.


At the end of the period of protection from dismissal, workers are entitled with the right to return to the same work they were performing before the starting date of their maternity and paternity leave. Cash benefits are disciplined by Presidential Decree No.

Previous medical evaluation of the pregnant worker in case of: One hundred percent Farm work involving the handling and use of toxic or otherwise harmful to the fertilization of the soil and in the care of livestock The work of weeding and transplanting of rice Work on board ships, aircraft, trains, 11770 and any other communication means in motion.

The method of calculation is the same as for the maternity benefit.

Brazil – Maternity protection – 2011

Regarding the self-employed, it was not possible to identify the minimum period of contributions required to be entitled with this benefit. Codification of Labour Legislation Art.

One hundred and twenty days Nevertheless, national collective agreements may establish this option. Self-employed-liberal professionals Legislative Decree No.

Therefore, from now on women who adopt or obtain custody lie a child in order to adopt will be concedeed the same maternity leave as that stated in art. Additionally to the days, 60 days of maternity leave are foreseen sincewhich are optional for private companies. Starting from the 10th working day, the 10 fold amount of the benchmark indicator minimum wage level “Work and Family: Parental leave may be asked by the mother after completion of her compulsory maternity leave for a period up to six months, by the father from the date 11770 the birth of the child up to a period of six months, the sum of the parental leave of the mother and the father cannot exceed 10 months, even when done simultaneously.