Undercover Sex Signals: A Pickup Guide For Guys by Leil Lowndes is a great book on nonverbal signals women send to show broadcast their. Undercover Sex Signals: A Pickup Guide For Guys reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of Leil Lowndes’s advice. UNDERCOVER SEX SIGNALS (U.S.S.). Neil Strauss, author of “The Game,” says “One of the classic guides in the seduction community–men treasure their.

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Second, I firmly believe that you should never give a woman exactly what she wants.

Undercover Sex Signals: A Pickup Guide for Guys

John rated it really liked it Dec 12, Nice book I thought this book to be generally good. As a result I did not approach when I clearly should have.

USS tells you precisely what it means when she. Clarified a lot of things for me when Undercovre was a younger man. Originally posted on The Venusian Arts Forum.

The Best Books of Undercover Sex Signals in my opinion is an excellent resource when used in conjunction with other methods. This book has certainly helped plug a undercovfr of gaps.

Now, this isn’t set in stone, you can raise your status and change her mind by doing and saying things to convince her that she was wrong, and you can definitely kill her desires with one false move. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Discover what to read next. Age 32 Posts 4. Why All the B. It’s a simple book to read yet very very descriptive. Your eyes will be open to a whole world of sexual energy that women everywhere are putting off all the time.


An obvious cash-in by Lowndes she seems to be writing books on a treadmill who really has no business giving guys advice on how to meet and attract women. As I have told others before, when you break everything down, the laws of attraction are the same, routines and tricks we do are merely vessels in order to reach your ultimate goal. If you say hi to a girl, and she walks past and scratches her back so that her shirt lifts up a little and you can see her fancy french cut thong straps, that was totally intentional this is an example that my wing and I saw a couple of days ago.

I have read several books on this topic so far.

Undercover Sex Signals (U.S.S.) | Leil Lowndes

Joe Mccail rated it really liked it Dec 04, Ease of Implementation Is it practical? May 04, Chris rated it it was ok Shelves: A professional narrator might have overcome these inhibitors, but Lowndes’s tone evokes the sxe enthusiasm often encountered with salespeople. A Citadel Press paperback. What a load of rubbish this book was.

I’d recommend it as both a first purchase for someone outside the PUA community, or as a resource for those in the community. The Turnabout Using My U. Reviewed by Sun Slayer June 26, Don’t have a title yet but A classic guide in the community. She describes how to tell if a girl is attracted to you by looking at her from across the room, plus work out if she’s into you when you finally go approach her. Sgnals still think this is a useful and important book and fills a pretty big hole from what I’ve dex in this genre of pickup, dating, and attraction books but it isn’t the be-all, end-all book I thought initially.


Jul 18, B. Well, I came back here to re-write my review. If you look at her, and then she moves so that her dress strap falls down her shoulder, you know that was for you!

The book reads as if written by a 15 year old girl in lala land. Click uhdercover to send your review! Be the first to ask a question about Undercover Sex Signals. When you first walk into a room you know exactly the first girls who would be more receptive to you. And the list goes on. See policy of product website Hide Details.

Undercover Sex Signals: A Guide For Guys by Leil Lowndes

Lists with This Book. She describes each in detail, gives the psychological reasoning behind them, signalls provides photographs. Originally posted on the Attraction Forums.