Les Troyens (Hector Berlioz): Synopsis, Libretto, Highlights, MIDI, Noten, Sheet Music. Hector Berlioz’ Les Troyens counts among the biggest pieces of music Berlioz’s libretto is drawn from Books I, II and IV of Virgil’s Aeneid. , English, French, Book edition: Les Troyens: opera in five acts / by Hector Troyens. Libretto. Published. [New York]: G. Schirmer, []. Distributed.

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I giardini di Didone in riva in mare. When he tries to answer Didon’s reproaches with explanations about his duty, she curses him and his gods. Gloire de la Patrie! Cassandre watches, helpless, crying out that rroyens city is doomed.

Wedekind’s play, and Lulu at the movies. Ascagne arrive conduit par un chef troyen. They see oes large wooden horse left by the Greeks, which they presume to be an offering to Pallas Athene.

Melodramma tragico in three acts. When he tries to answer Didon’s reproaches with explanations about his duty, she curses him and his gods.


One group of women admits to fear of death, and Cassandre dismisses them from her sight. The first and second parts, in Berlioz’s revised versions of three and five acts, were sung on two successive evenings, 6 and 7 December, in German at Karlsruhe see Roles.

Opera Lively – Les Troyens Libretto in English

He then orders his comrades to prepare to sail that morning, before sunrise. Proceedings of the Royal Musical Associationlibtetto Session: Paulo Esper, director and producer. He sings a hymn to the goddess Ceres, but even that Didon finds not to her taste.

A ce nom mon effroi Redouble! As the Greeks burst in Cassandre and the women kill themselves. Dido Legendary character — Drama. For example, Meyerbeer libretyo 12 performances. Berlioz’s Les Troyens ” January Kevin Puts, opera composer. Click here for information on the New Berlioz Edition. Les hurlements des Grecs?

Opera Today

Ascagne enters, presents the saved treasure of Troy, and relates the Trojans’ story. Views Read Edit View history. Salvatore Sciarrino, contemporary composer.

Cast from the libretto, p. He leaves Ascagne in Didon’s protection as he prepares to lead the Carthaginians into battle. Walsh troyenss Cairns ; Holoman ; or Macdonald An African forest The pantomime of the royal hunt and storm, with the word Italy punctuating the tumult.


On voit passer des chasseurs tyriens, conduisant des chiens en laisse.

At the climax of the storm, nymphs with dishevelled hair run to-and-fro over the rocks, gesticulating wildly. Martin Smolka, opera composer. Unheeded by her, Ascagne playfully removes her former husband’s ring from her finger. En un dernier naufrage, Ah!

Il faut partir avant le lever du soleil! Open to the public. L’Almanacco di Gherardo Casaglia in Italian. Toujours leur foule augmente. Il porterait un homme sur les flots. David Cairns described the work as “an opera of visionary beauty and splendor, compelling in its epic sweep, fascinating in the variety of its musical invention Synopsis and Librerto Structure.

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