LXP -1 Owner’s Manual. 1. Installing the LXP Specifications. The following specifications are subject to change without notice. Frequency Response. View and Download LEXICON LXP-1 owner’s manual online. Multi-effect processing module. LXP-1 Recording Equipment pdf manual download. Lexicon LXP-1 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Lexicon LXP-1 Owner’s Manual, Manual.

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R2 and C4 provide this power up Reset delay. If not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, it may cause interference to radio communications. Use a soft, lint-free cloth slightly dampened with warm water and a mild detergent to clean the exterior surfaces of the unit. Avoid using abrasive materials such as steel wool or metal polish. C Control Knob Input Level: Swap all right and left channel audio ledicon sind repeat manuall 1.

OluF capacitor is connected across the AC input to reduce noise spikes kanual the line voltage input. It produces a fast C4 discharge time for Reset enable and goes to a high impedence state producing the R-C delay on Reset disable. It converts 16 Bit data latched into it from the Lexichip into an analog voltage level see Data to Voltage chart below. The circuit board slides out of the box with the front panel attached.

This short is disconnected when plugs are connected to both outputs allowing for the full stereo effect to be utilized. If noiseispresentonbothwetanddry signalscheckthesupplyrails and trace the audio signal through the analog circuitry.

Measure output level on right channel output. It has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A computing device pursuant to Subpart J, Part 15 of FCC Rules, which are designed to provide reasonable protection manula such interference when operated in a commercial environment.


This is the heartbeat interrupt for the software operating system. A full description and timing diagram of DAC control leexicon is explained in the Lexichip section of this manual. Trace this input pulse out from U3 pin 15 to the U1 inverter pin 8 and 9. Verify that all screws and rear panel jacks are secure. Word Clock pin 59 is used as a clock reference by the LXP IUF C59 4 O.

Turning the knob clockwise will increment the position number by one. Probing the crystal lead furthest away from the LEXICHIP can cause the oscillator to fail and the unit will then require a power down and power up to restart.

Audio terminator plug to left channel output un — nun Performance Verification Lexicon Dry unprocessed Frequency Response, cont’d. Faulty DRAM can cause data errors in the effects processing circuitry. If diagnostics cannot be selected and executed proj? Voltage requirements are printed on the power pack.

Ql, which is driven by U1 pin 6 output, is the R-C delay circuit driver. Audio input cable from Low EHstortion Oscillator output to right channel input 2. IUF C43 4 O. Set Level Meter to measure right channel output as the 0 dB reference.

Set Level Meter to measure the right channel output as the 0 dB manuql.

Position “0” refers to a 6 o’clock knob position. IUF C47 4 0.

If the two differ, a failure will result, indicating that a RAM storage failure may have occurred. Every nine clock pulses, RCO pin 15 will go high in order to force an interrupt routine on the Z80 processor. Occasional oscillations and noise appear on output, even while sitting idle, and disappear when a new program is selected.

LEXICON LXP-1 SM Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

Many of these programs will identify specific hardware failures within the unit and will be referred to in this section. Check all power rails with a scope or multimeter. If the two knobs are set to the same position, the test result will indicate success, and vice-versa. Sweep from 20 Hz to 20kHz.


A Control Knob Input Level: Parts List 7.

LEXICON LXP-1 Owner’s Manual

Check for loose ICs, damaged jacks and controls, overheated or burnt parts and damaged PC board traces. However, you should observe the same reasonable precautions that apply to any piece of audio equipment: If the test does not succeed when repeated, there may be a RAM hardware malfunc- tion. This manuzl storage mmanual C41 or 52 depending on the channel being output to the DAC output level. Checks the MIDI serial port transmit and receive functions. If the selected test is successful, the red MEM LED located on the far right side of the front panel will flash at a rate of approximately 6 Hz.

The user control varies the wiper position of R39 in order manuall control the percentage of Wet processed and Dry unprocessed signals on LXP-1 outputs.

Under normal conditions the LXP-1 requires minimal maintenance. Schematics and Assembly Drawings.

Full text of “Lexicon: lexicon lxp 1 sm”

This test takes approximately 5 seconds and the results will be displayed immediately upon completion. When selected, both red LEDs ldxicon blink in unison at a rate of approximately 2 Hz until the next test selection is made. This insures that the Z80 is the last device enabled and that all other devices will be in an active known state after Z80 Reset is removed.

Checks the interrupt timing by comparing it to coded timing loops. First, however, it is coupled into U32, lexicoj 15kHz low pass filter.