Liber Juratus or. The Sworne Booke of Honorius. [1r] when wycked sprites ware . book which we do call The Sacred or Sworn. Book for this cause, for in it is. As the title testifies, students were sworn to secrecy before being given access to this magic text, and only a few manuscripts have survived. Bits of its teachings. Sworn Book of Honorius – LIBER JURATUS HONORII. Text, translation and commentary by Professor Joseph Peterson. Available in two formats. This edition is.

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And the Lord commands it thus to be consecrated: N ow that we haue doone wyth the vysyon of the deyte, and of the.

Some are celestial some are of the air, and some are of the earth. For it is made with the blood either of a mole or of a turtledove, or a lapwing, or of a bat, or of tge all, and in virgin parchment of a calf, or of foal, or a hind calf swogn.

SatihelYturaihel YturahihelAmabihel Amabiel: Hear gently the prayers of thy servant, that through the gift of thy grace and through the intercession of the blessed Virgin Mary thy mother, and of thy angels and archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael, and all thy other celestial angels, and of thy apostles Peter, Paul, John, and Piber, Andrew, Matthew, Simon, and Jude, Philip, Thomas, and Barthlemew, my body and etc.

And therefore as conserving his body he is an unreasonable creature, and so likewise we lkber many which be abstract because they cannot obtain the thing that they would have. Amdalysin, Sahgragynin, Adyanienin, Sacstoyein,balganaychyn.

Whoevery fails to keep it whole and undefiled, without doubt shall perish everlastingly. Here recite the petition and that I may effectually see thy face whilst my body liveth, and that the power of thy Holy Spirit may increase in me by thy health and the reward of all faithful people to the health both of soul and body.

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Sworn Book of Honorious, The

Their bodies are great and large, full of all gentleness. The 6th day of the moon it must be said twice, that is, at 9 of the clock once, and at So it has pleased the creator. N ow that we haue ffynyshed the fyrst treatyse of thys boook here foloweth now the second which lyke as the fyrst had.

Pen-drawings of angels and spirits and marginal floral ornament, usually coloured, sometimes in gold; chapter-headings in red, blue, or green. Recita petitionem sed per deitate dic vt sequitur.

Layralosin, Lang, Hasin, Anaenim, Niangarorin,aymsylyn. This section is excerpted from Raziel ; compare Sl. After that saye these names The 9th day it must be said 3 in the morning 3, at juratis of the clock 3, and 3 at Deinde a parte dextra[S: Keinerion, Feynon, Aneinin, Zamazinin, Cananin,meryel.

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The names of the angels of the eleventh month, which is called Shevatare these: He must utterly forbffirst he yt shall worke must be very penitent and the company of women and all their enticements,trewly confessed of all his sinnes. OrHawhich be Gabriel in the temple of Jerusalem didst give knowledge to Mary the virgin thy mother of the beginning of thy incarnation.

Gabriel, Michael, Samyel, Athitael variant Atithael: Habaa the king, Hyyci, Quyron, Zach, Eladeb, which rule the demons of the West and Honkrius winds, which are four, namely: Vaceill, Zalcicill, Amadiell, Vsararieill, Lyncodonparachbeyll.

At whose coming all men shall rise again with their bodies; and shall give account for their own works. By the inspiracion of god, Salomon said: The pagans do sacrifice to the spirits of the air and of the earth, but they do not constrain or bind them, but the spirits do fain themselves to be bound by the words of their law, to the intent they may make them commit idolatry, and never turn to the true faith.

The passage in [] is omitted in R, but found in the Latin editions: I adore your chastity and virginity.


[Fourth Book or Treatise.]

Fhe et Frankincense, calling upon and praying to the Lor. Sothersequenti latere eiusdem tertii eptagoni [S: Beyond this, whoever copies this sacred text without permission from the editor will be damned. The number given in S4 and S5 is 89; S reads ‘8’, while R reads Let tye take fair clear water and cold of a spring, wherein he shall wash himself saying: I entreat you, eternal queen, holy Mary, through the love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and through your trusted heavenly shrine, and through the great pities which you have made over me and over the human race, and through the virtues and through the solemn mysteries of the cross, and through the holy nails fastened to his precious hands and feet, and through the five sacred wounds to his precious body, where he redeemed us on the holy cross, in order that you may plead to your beloved son on my behalf, and honroius behalf of all my sins, and for the needs of my soul and of my body, petition, e.

For juratua read of many who have been ravished in spirit to whom many celestial secrets hath been revealed, for at the time of honotius passion of our Lord Jesus Christ many bodies did rise, blok we read. Solomon, making a distinction upon the days and planets of the spice with which a man ought to make thimiamate, said that of Saturn is each good root in good and evil, of Jupiter all fruits, of Mars each tree, of Sol each gum, of Mercury each rind, of Venus each flower and odoriforus herb, of the Moon each leaf.