: Geisha, 25th Anniversary Edition, Updated Edition ( ): Liza Dalby: Books. In this classic best seller, Liza Dalby, the first non-Japanese ever to have trained as a geisha, offers an insider’s look at the exclusive world of female. Geisha are exotic even in their homeland. At the same time, geisha are the most Japanese of Japanese. In this book, Liza Dalby examines these intriguing.

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You live in Berkeley. Sep geisah, Ann rated it really liked it. Dalby explains that the geisha society did not develop until at least years later, and that a court lady-in-waiting such as Murasaki would not have had the temperament to be a geisha because Murasaki was reserved, whereas geisha are expected to be outgoing. Her first book, Geishawas based on her early research.

It’s hard to come away from the book with the same mindset you entered it with from either a Japanese or Western perspective, if Dalby’s explanation of the geisha as a somewhat mysterious phenomenon in Japan itself is true. Jan 05, Ashley rated it it was amazing. She really investigated the life of a Geisha and made it so readable.

Liza Dalby

Dalby does a great job of blending Japanese Like most other readers I’m guessingI’d read Memoirs of a Geisha before I ever heard of this book. It also gives an explaination about the fact that people from West Europe, America often treat geishas grisha exclusive prostitutes, which is very untrue.

I loved the book Memoirs of a Geisha as a fictional account and it was my first introduction to the Geisha lifestyle. Undeniably, geisha is a subject that has been greatly misconceived by the American culture since World War II.

We visited Dably often during our 31 Months dably, and Liza’a insight helped inform our experience. A married American man going to geisha clubs or whatever.

Does anybody go to cocktail parties? A Novel of Karma and Chaoswas published inin which she returns to writing fiction.

To view it, click here.

I’ve read several books on the subject. Many in Japan believe that after the world ends, the Buddha of the Future will appear geosha bring about a new age of enlightenment.


Sometimes it almost seems like she is prejudiced toward Westerners It has aspects of her time as a geisha, but it wasn’t too autobiographical. Every detail is written about and it is definately one of the best books i’ve read about concerning geisha – and it was even written by a non-Japanese. This is a really interesting book written by an American anthropologist who went to Japan and actually become a geisha.

Liza Dalby – Wikipedia

I like this much, much more than Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geishabut ti’s still a bit problematic. A facinating read by Liza Dalby, the only foreigner to have dalbyy become a geisha. I would definitely recommend this book as a reference tool for anyone writing a historical novel set in Japan, and it a definite must read for anyone interested in Asian Studies, Geiaha Studies, or Anthropology.

Refresh and try again.

Japanese culture I liked the author’s approach to the culture and the people who agreed to help her learn more about the profession. She presents the history of the geisha community and explores the context geeisha which geisha traditionally were in the forefront of fashion, which for the modern geisha is no longer true. Geisha are free in many ways that the average Japanese woman is not. Some could argue that this diminishes the scholarly liaz, but it is easy to see how well it serves to draw the reader into the world of geisha.

As it was written in the s some of the information is a little bit dated but I think it stands the test of time as geishq great book to introduce someone to the subject.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Dalby still frequently returns to Japan for talks and engagements, but says that her home is now America. It forcussed mainly on geisha arts and customs itself – without being too historical. Many today still believe that they are merely glorified prostitutes; a subject that Liza thoroughly addresses in her book with pictures and descriptions of practices between the two. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find veisha books for kids, photography lovers and more.

On the other hand geisha can be with who they please and are not usually tied down by geishz commitments or geieha. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.


Biography portal United States portal Japan portal. Many women dressed as geisha are, Dalby warns, in fact just targeting tourists, and have had little or no formal training. In it, Dalby examines the history and many aspects of geisha life such as dress, ritual practice, initiation, shamisen playing and dalbt geisha parties.

With its fascinating story of characters caught up in a world they themselves don’t understand, Hidden Buddhas may well be Liza Dalby’s best work yet.

I also feel that having had children, that takes the sharp edges off and you either learn to be flexible or you crack.

The story was simple and charming, although it finished quite abruptly and I found myself wanting it to continue. At the same time, geisha are the most Japanese of Japanese. May 30, Cherese rated it really liked it. During the s they made the transition from fashion innovator to curator of tradition, and in so doing, geisha assured themselves a continuing role in modern society. Highly recommend if you are at all interested in this subject. It sounds like you want to move on from this but you are an expert on this subject.

Geisha by Liza Dalby

Dalby, an anthropologist by nature as well as trade, has a knack for being able to translate emotion into recognizable speech and get it all down on paper in an easy-to-understand form. Review Text “A loving, beautifully designed tribute to one of Japan’s most tantalising traditions Liza Dalby apparently became a geisha for a few months in aboutfor her anthropology grad work.

Her new preface considers the geisha today as a vestige of tradition as Japan heads into the 21st century.

It was gelsha that she, as a foreign woman, was allowed to train to become a Geisha for her research. The film of Memoirs of a Geisha received mixed reviews: