Lora Leigh (born ) is a New York Times bestselling author of erotic romance novels. Leigh is most highly noted for The Breeds series and won the RT. Primal [Lora Leigh, Michelle Rowen, Jory Strong, Ava Gray] on # 1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh returns to her sensual world of the Breeds in an all-new novella that explores Primal Kiss was a good read. The only story I have read out of this anthology is LL’s Primal Kiss. The story is about Kita and Creed with a lot of Cassie thrown in. I did not.

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My hopes were dashed. Cassie appears at his hotel room in Window Rock, Arizona and proceeds to have sex with him. Declan is a dhampyr and kills rogue vampires. It is my favorite out of this anthology. Eventually, she quit her father’s office. The first primwl, by Michelle Rowan, could not standalone without the previous book, Nightshade.

Mated Pairs | Lora Leigh’s Breeds Series Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Juneau is concerned that her attraction to Silas is due to the stress they were under so returns home once they are rescued from Ecuador. If you have read previous Jory Strong books, then this one might flow quite well for you.


Has had many lovers, pdimal human and Breed number and names unknownleith willing and into rough sex. Primal Kiss by Lora Leigh was exactly like all of her other novels and novellas belonging in the Breed series. Cousin of Megan Fields-Arness. The Ava Gray novella was a standalone, although part of her Skin series I think.

The Breed Next Door. Brerds some psychic talent through her Navajo lineage to enter other people’s dreams, but it’s not well-practiced. At one time, provided funding to anti-Breed groups, including the Genetics Council. Ivan Vilanov – Human. His killer turned out to be Ranger, who had been the one to hire Morales and other Cerves cartel members to assassinate Cheslea Martinez-Maverick. Jason – A Feline Breed exact type unknown.

But Gray included some very interesting tidbits here and there. Previously lived in Chicago, Illinois.

Mated Pairs

Biological grandfather of Styx Mackenzie. One of Anya Corbin-Delgado’s best friends and bodyguards. They form an unlikely bond.

Instead, she seemed to accept him. Kindle Edition I have had this sitting on my Kindle for quite a while, and I am not sure why I haven’t read it before now, but I am glad I finally did. This is the first Breeds book I have read.


Primal Kiss (Breeds, #23) by Lora Leigh in Primal anthology | Elaine Reads . . . constantly!

Daughter of Raymond Martinez deceased. A Council scientist, but not cruel or abusive; she refused to conduct experiments on the Breeds she created. He is honorable, however, and devoted to his mate. After Holden was killed, Harlen began working with the Genetics Council.

Their first night in Window Rock, they met a man named Terran Martinez, the Navajo Nation’s President, who took them to his home and offered them vegetable soup and milk, as it was clear the three hadn’t eaten in days. Biological brother of Tanner Reynolds.

Declan glared at him without speaking, and I gripped the window ledge, worried that there would be a fight between them. It’s actually an interesting little story in which Gray has managed to cram a ton of information about this world. Anyway, for those who’ve waited to find that gorgeous Creed finally get mated, this is the story!