Continued from part 2. Mabuni’s teachings and research. Mabuni wrote down his beliefs and philosophies about Karate in four significant books: ‘Karate-jutsu’. KUNSHI no KEN ‘ (The Noble Discipline). KENWA MABUNI () was born in Shuri, the 17th generation descendant of one of the bravest warriors of. (摩文仁 賢和 Mabuni Kenwa, 14 November – 23 May ) was one of the first karateka to teach karate on mainland Japan and is credited as developing.

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Uiteindelijk begonnen zijn grote inspanningen zich te lonen door de stichting van de Dai Nihon Karatedo Kai in While teaching his students and explaining the basic differences between schools Itosu and Higaonna, Kenwa Mabuni paid the most attention to Kata.

Because it really is an experience just to see it. Hanashiro was ook een Shuri-te expert, terwijl Kyoda dezelfde Naha-te achtergrond had als Miyagi.

Rond deze tijd werd de toekomst van Shito-ryu karate gewaarborgd door vele overlevende leerlingen, waarvan het merendeel afkomstig van de oostkust van Japan in het Kanto-district. Journal of Asian Martial Arts. There were no public training dojos, so Kenwa tried to popularize Karate-do within police departments and Buddhist temples. Have a flow, a flexible mind, because you may need to change everything in an instant.

Japans karateka Okinawaans karateka.

“Yo Ryu Bi” – A Philosophy of Mabuni Kenwa

Classical Kata of Okinawan Karate. To do this, I have used a Japanese dictionary, to look up the individual signs kanji. Completing the required military service after graduating from high school, Kenwa Mabuni eventually became a policeman. Onder zijn vele leerlingen bevonden ook zijn twee zonen, Kenei Mabuni en Kenzo Mabuni. The Japanese government’s martial arts sanctioning organization, the Dai Nippon Butoku-Kai, began to mmabuni the different groups applying for membership be more specific in the description of their Karate systems, and pressured them to name their systems.


Om Shito-ryu aan de aandacht van het publiek te brengen, gaf meester Mabuni vele demonstraties, waar hij stenen en planken doorbrak om de kracht van het karate jabuni laten zien. Karate-do was sometimes used during usual fights, which contradicted to its ideology and reputation. Practical use, Application, Making use of. Meester Kenwa Mabuni gaf ook gratis les bij verscheidene politiebureaus over heel West-Japan.

“Yo Ryu Bi” – A Philosophy of Mabuni Kenwa

He met Jigoro Kano, the founder of modern Judo, who arrived in Okinawa to open a new judo dojo. In it was included in the school program as a separate subject, which meant the official recognition of Karate-do.

Nadat hij zijn verplichte militaire dienstplicht voltooid had na afgestudeerd te zijn van middelbare school, werd Kenwa Mabuni politieman van beroep. Tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog verloren vele jonge karateka’s hun levens, zo ook van de Shito-ryu-groep. The trick when trying to understand a koto-waza Japanese proverb is that the meaning always is more than the sum of its parts. After the war, many of the previously established Shito Ryu Karate clubs in the universities and colleges began to re-open.

During Novemberdue to the colossal efforts of Master Manzo Iwata an eastern Headquarters was finally established while, similtaneously, the western Headquarters was being re-established by Master Kenwa Mabuni’s first born son, Master Kenei Mabuni Higaonna Sensei was a expert from the Naha region of Okinawa.


From that day forward, he never missed a day of training until he was approximately 20 years old. As a police officer, he taught local law enforcement officers and at the behest of his teacher Itosu, began instruction in the various grammar schools in Shuri and Naha.

In verhuisde Mabuni permanent naar Osaka.

You need imagination, understanding of the background, language, maybe the environment and culture, and sometimes much more. But you know better.

Books by Kenwa Mabuni – Karate Do

All masters had varying techniques but the main teaching method was the same – practical trainings. He also studied the ancient art of Ryokan Budo.

This completes the technique, making it…. As mabyni child, Kenwa Mabuni wanted so very much to be like his great ancestors, but, unfortunately he was very sickly and weak. In an effort to popularise mxbuni in mainland Japan, Mabuni made several trips to Tokyo in and Inaangemoedigd door meester Itosu om zijn kennis van de vechtkunst te vergroten en op advies van zijn beste vriend Chojun Miyagi, begon Kenwa Mabuni les te nemen van meester Kanryo Higaonna van Naha.

AroundItosu Sensei introduced Karate into the Okinawan public school system.

Kenwa Mabuni

kenww Mabuni sensei demonstrating Nipaipo kata in France. It was also during this time, Marchthat Grandmaster Mabuni Kenwa first established a dojo in Osaka naming it Youshukan.

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